The Net Worth Of The Cast Of Arrested Development, Ranked

With 84 episodes and five seasons, Arrested Development was able to become one of the most popular television shows of the last decade, with its dry humor and family-orientated storyline, the show became a quick hit amongst fans.

With episodes not lasting too long, but always providing laughs, the show was easy to watch yet equally gripping with its continued story that was also packed full of heart and emotions.

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The reason it worked so well was that the main cast was fairly small knit, but thankfully the cast of actors and actresses were fantastic, and in this article, we will rank them in terms of net worth.

10 Jessica Walker (Net Worth: $4 Million)

Unlike the vast majority of the Bluth family, Jessica Walker's character, Lucille Bluth does have some brains about her, and certainly knows what she is doing, even though she is quite sly about what she does.

Lucille plays her children against each other knowingly, plotting to always get people to do various things for her, even though at her core she is very family orientated and loves them all, the dual personalities are a lot of fun.

Away from the show, Walker has earned a net worth of $4 million through shows such as The Love Boat, Three's a Crowd, Trapper John, and many more, although Arrested Development remains her stand out role.

9 Alia Shawkat (Net Worth: $4 Million)

Alia Shawkat was part of Arrested Development at a young age and she quickly showed the talent that she has as an actress with some incredible performances on the show, providing some of the funniest moments throughout.

Alia delivered some incredibly dry humor in this show as Maeby Fünke, often being neglected by her own parents, Maeby was left to her own devices throughout much of the series.

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Arrested Development played a key role in her career, earning a net worth of $4 million with the popular comedy show being the main part of that.

8 Tony Hale (Net Worth: $9 Million)

Tony Hale really does play the total idiot to perfection, with his character, Buster Bluth having no real sense of what he is doing from the start of the show to the finish, with Buster going through the wringer at times.

While everyone on the show provides comedy, it is Buster who brings the slapstick style laughs to the show, doing some truly ridiculous things throughout the show, but always with the family at the heart of his ideas.

Away from Arrested Development, Hale's biggest role came working with Pixar as he is a cast member in Toy Story 4 where he voices a new character, Forky, helping to develop his $9 million net worth.

7 David Cross (Net Worth: $12 Million)

While David Cross' character, Tobias Fünke may not be born into the family, instead he chose to marry into it, but he certainly fits in perfectly with the way the whole family behaves and acts.

Tobias attempts to become an actor on the show, going as far as to become a stand-in for the Blue Man Group, with Tobias being one of the funniest characters on the entire show.

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His entire career has been spent primarily in the comedy world, helping to grow his $12 million net worth through that, with his sketch comedy, Mr Show being one of his other prominent roles.

6 Will Arnett (Net Worth: $12 Million)

Will Arnett plays the role of George Oscar "Gob" Bluth II in Arrested Development, a show which, interestingly, he had to be convinced to go and even audition for, even though it would go on to be a significant role for him.

Arnett's character, much like many of the family, is a fairly dumb adult who dreams of being a magician, although many of his plans and tricks end up going disastrously wrong, creating some hilarious moments for the show.

Apart from his fantastic performances in the Bluth family home, Arnett earned his $12 million net worth through roles in movies such as The Millers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Office.

5 Jeffrey Tambor (Net Worth: $16 Million)

One of the best comedic actors in Hollywood, Jeffrey Tambor is the head of the Bluth company when Arrested Development begins, however it is through his character, George Bluth, that the entire premise of the show begins.

Being arrested for his practices, George Bluth is quickly taken to prison where some incredible scenes take place, and Tambor actually pulls double duty on the show having a second role, playing George's brother, Oscar Bluth as well.

Outside of the television show Tambor has also appeared in the likes of Hellboy, The Hangover, and The Larry Sanders Show, growing a net worth of $16 million in the process.

4 Portia de Rossi (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Portia de Rossi plays George Bluth's only daughter, Lindsay Bluth, who is married (despite the fact she wishes she wasn't) to Tobias, with the pair having a complicated relationship at best.

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Portia's character doesn't like to work, and is extremely lazy in nature, often conflicting with members of her family because of it, but that doesn't mean she is mean natured by any stretch of the imagination.

de Rossi also happens to be the partner of the popular talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, making their family income incredible high when you put de Rossi's $20 million net worth along with Ellen's value.

3 Michael Cera (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Arrested Development was a real launching platform for Michael Cera, and it is unlikely he would have imagined having a $20 million net worth when he first started working on the hit comedy show.

Michael Cera plays George Michael on the show, who is romantically interested in his own cousin, spending much of the show conflicted, with his other major story being in regards to his relationship with his father.

Since becoming a hit on the show, Cera's career has gone on to new heights, appearing in the likes of Superbad, This Is The End, and Gloria Bell, amongst much more.

2 Henry Winkler (Net Worth: $30 Million)

Arrested Development has plenty of guest stars who appear throughout the show, but the one who makes the most appearances happens to be legendary actor, Henry Winkler, who works as the family lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn.

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On the show, Winkler's character really has no right to be involved in the practice of law, as he really doesn't do a great job, yet the family is always forced to stick with him each time they need someone.

In reality, Winkley is a legend in the acting world, earning a net worth of $30 million throughout his career, being most famously known for his role in Happy Days.

1 Jason Bateman (Net Worth: $30 Million)

While Jason Bateman may have gone on to become one of the biggest comedy actors in Hollywood, landing major roles in hit movies alongside A-Listers, it was through Arrested Development where he really burst onto the scene.

Bateman is the main character in the hit show where he is the family member who is forced to try and keep the business afloat as he is forced to deal with the ridiculous situations his family puts him in.

Since the show, Bateman has built his career, with a net worth of $30 million thanks to roles in Game Night, Zootopia, and Identity Theif as well as his own show, Ozark.

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