10 Most Expensive Shows By Amazon

Gone are the days when we rented VHS, CDs, and DVDs. Sometimes, we even waited for a week or more if a popular movie was unavailable due to the number of people renting it. Gone also are the days we checked movie lists on cable TV and set a reminder for when it would be aired. If we are not available on that day and time then better luck next month… if we are lucky enough.

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Now, we can watch shows at our own time and pace with various competing video streaming services. They invest in what they think will bring them profits. Here are some of the most expensive investments so far, the top 10 most expensive shows on Amazon.

10 The Tick (2018)

There are certain qualifications for an individual to be considered a hero. In this series by Amazon, a powerless accountant with a mental health problem is searching for proof that his city is owned by a treacherous villain who everyone believes to be dead. He meets a blue superhero along the way who shares his adventure of proving the conspiracy.

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This show is a smartly done superhero satire. As expected from superhero shows that are most expensive, this one is not an exception at all. It is $5 million dollars per half hour of the episode and that was too much for Amazon to swallow and the show was canceled.

9 Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018)

Tom Clancy has been a household name since we were young. If it’s a Tom Clancy movie then it is sure to be a good one. Jack Ryan is a marine turned CIA analyst who stumbled upon dubious bank transfers. His suspicions led him to a deadly journey across Europe and the Middle East with a terrorist planning to attack the US. Many fans of the books were not thrilled upon learning that John Krasinski will be playing the iconic character. Krasinski is best known for his role in the sitcom The Office but were surprised by his performance. The pilot episode was not that impressive according to some reviews. But it eventually picked up the pace and the viewers’ interest along the way.

8 Mozart in the Jungle (2015) Season 2

Golden Globe Winner and Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal is the show’s main character. It’s a whimsical comedy-drama series about a New York symphony orchestra adapted from Blair Tindall’s memoir about sex and drugs among classical musicians of the 1980s and 1990s. The second season is the most expensive because of its star-studded cameos. This included Gustavo Dudamel from Venezuela, who is currently the conductor of Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Emanuel Ax, a Grammy-awarded pianist, Joshua Bell, one of the most successful violinists in the 20th century, and Lang Lang, a pianist from China who has performed with superior orchestras in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

7 Bosch (2015) Season 2

Here is another novel adaptation from another household name, Michael Connelly. Bosch is a very successful Amazon series. Titus Welliver plays Harry Bosch, a homicide detective of the LAPD who in the first season, proved his innocence in a trial for shooting a serial murder suspect. In season 2, he discovers another side of the police department during his journey. The plot of season 2 is full of danger exposing collusion and corruption in Las Vegas. Amazon has continued Bosch until season 5. Season 6 is set to be released in 2020.

6 The Grand Tour (2017)

Those who love cars love this show. The show is all about cars, dads and dad humor! Featuring Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May, originally from the BBCs popular series Top Gear, this series is about friendship among three gentlemen as they venture into the world and do extraordinary things together like going on a customary voyage around Italy, testing expensive cars, generally getting in trouble and having fun. What makes the show expensive are two things, cars, and tours.

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They use high-end cars and travel around the world which includes Dubai, California, Scotland, Nashville, and Johannesburg to name a few.

5 Good Girls Revolt (2016)

Being their dream project, Amazon shelled out $81 million dollars for Good Girls Revolt which generated only $1.6 million from US viewership. It is Amazon’s biggest flop to date. The series is all about a retro drama detailing discrimination against women researchers in newsroom set in 1969. Their brave stance to be recognized fairly stitched up major changes in their lives which affected their marriages and careers. There will be no season 2 for this series since it was canceled just 2 months after it was premiered. The show starred Genevieve Angelson, Erin Darke, and Anna Camp.

4 Goliath (2016)

When an incredible lawyer, Billy McBride, played by Golden Globe winner, Billy Bob Thornton, was just about to give up on his career, investing time more on bars than in a courtroom, he faced the greatest challenge of his career. He reluctantly consents to seek a claim against the powerful law firm he helped create. Billy and his team face danger while uncovering the truth about the mighty Goliath. Thornton was believed to have settled for the series with an initial payment of $50 million. Goliath is the most binge-watched series. It had the highest completion rate in 10 days. A third season will be premiered on October 4, 2019.

3 Sneaky Pete (2017)

A con man, played by Emmy nominee, Giovanni Ribisi, pretended to be his prison cellmate, Pete, to get away from a gangster, played by Bryan Cranston, and to cover up his past. He introduces himself as Pete to Pete’s family giving him an experience of family life. At the same time, he ends up being dragged into another dangerous journey, more dangerous than what he is running from in the first place. Sneaky Pete was canceled after 3 seasons. The third season saw the set move to California from New York on a Golden State tax credit of $9.2 million.

2 The Man in the High Castle (2015)

This is an adaptation from the award-winning novel of Philip K. Dick. The executive producers were Blade Runner’s Ridley Scott and The X-Files’ Frank Spotnitz. The series is of an alternate world where the Allied Powers in WWII lost. Japan and Germany rule the United States. A young woman finds films that appear to show an alternate ending to the war and she sets out to find where it came from. The series stars Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, and Luke Kleintank. The Man in the High Castle is the most-watched Amazon Original, with over 26 million in viewership. Its last season premiered on February 2019.

1 Lord of the Rings (upcoming series)

Estimated $20 million per episode

Amazon would like to have their own Game of Thrones. They announced a prequel series of Lord of the Rings in 2017. It will be set in year 3,441, the second age of Middle Earth. Amazon is willing to pay $250 million for the franchise rights. They have paid $750 million for the five-season series. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Juan Antonio Bayona was signed for the first 2 episodes. The budget is estimated to have an ambitious amount of more than $1 billion dollars. Amazon is targeting a premiere in 2021 and will start shooting for the series in 2020.

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