A Million Little Things: Every Cast Member's Net Worth

There is always a lot of excitement when it comes to new TV shows that are both interesting and cast great actors. Although there have only been two seasons of A Million Little Things up until now, fans have been very pleased with how the show is going and how well the actors are playing their roles.

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We gathered up a list of how much money each of the cast in A Million Little Things has. Keep reading to find out the net worth of these ten cast members!

10 David Giuntoli

The young actor is known for a variety of roles, even though he is quite young in the industry. Although he is mainly known for having the lead role in Grimm, in which he played Nick Burkhardt, the new TV series everyone is raging about at the moment is A million little things in which he plays Eddie Saville.

The Italian descent actor has quite an impressive net worth, coming close to $3 million, and it is expected to grow significantly as his fame does too. We can not wait to see how he will develop throughout season two of the show and the fans are looking forward to his next projects.

9 Romany Malco

Moving on to another relevant character in the show, Romany Malco is worth $4 million. The American actor and music producer has appeared in multiple productions, some of them being The Good Wife, Baby Mama and Born to Death.

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The SAG Award nominee and two times winner of the NAACP Image Awards has a lot of experience when it comes to music, rapping, screenwriting, as well as a television producer. He is building up a small fortune, especially due to the fact that he is now playing one of the main roles in A million little things and is heavily involved in other businesses.

8 Tristan Byron

Although still very young, you would not expect to be talking about a child's net worth. Well, it has been previously proven by other stars that are still quite young, that it is not impossible, but rather frequent in Hollywood. It is the same when it comes to Tristan Byron. Although he is only 10 years old, he had roles in shows like in Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy and Two and A Half Man.

His net worth is undisclosed, but whatever it is, we are sure that for now his parents and agent are managing all of his revenue but if he keeps doing the great job he has so far, until his adult years, he will for sure build up a fortune.

7 Allison Miller

The 34-year-old American actress was born in Rome, Italy and got into the film industry only in 2006 as Teen Tracy in the series General Hospital. Before being an important cast member in A million little things she had a role in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Moreover, she has had quite a fruitful career as she has been trained in tap and jazz and she knows how to modern dance. Maggie Bloom, the character she is playing right now in A Million Little Things has offered her a lot of coverage as well as revenue. She is estimated to be worth $5 million and it is only growing, year after year.

6 Christina Ochoa

The Spanish actress comes from a famous family, with her great uncle being a Nobel Prize winner and daughter of a sculptor, Victor Ochoa, she comes from a family of artists and has been involved in art since she was young, first as a hobby and then as a career.

Although it is not exactly known what is her net worth or how much money she makes every month, it is estimated to be around $300,000, as she has been involved in plenty of acting gigs and she has investments that bring her revenue. We are looking forward to an official statement regarding her revenue.

5 Lizzy Greene

Discovered only in 2013,Lizzy is currently as the peak of her career as she has moved from the "teen" sector, as she played roles for Nickelodeon in the show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky&Dawn to series that have more of a serious approach, such as A Million Little Things, where she plays Sophie Dixon.

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The 16-year-old actress has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million as of the current year and it is estimated that in no more than a couple of years she will become one successful actress that will play in many famous projects.

4 Grace Park

You probably remember the Canadian actress from the famous series Hawaii Five-O as well as many other movies and TV series. She has been famous for a long time now and she is known for her amazing acting skills and professional approach when it comes to business.

That is why her net worth is $10 million and it is estimated that thanks to new projects, such as A Million Little Things, she would become even more popular than she is at the moment, which will make her even more valuable and of course, rich.

3 James Roday

The American actor had his debut in his 90's so it is only fair to admit that he is a famous figure in the American culture. Not only is he a great actor, but also a screenwriter and has a net worth of $3 million, the same as his colleague, Grace Parl.

The 43-year-old talent is also a television producer and a television director. He has launched a theater company in Los Angeles, which brings him a significant amount of revenue.

2 Stéphanie Szostak

She is a French actress (and got the name Szostak after she married her Polish husband) that has been a part of big projects, such as Iron Man 3 and The Devil Wears Prada.

She's been on the "stage" for nearly two decades now and has had a fruitful career that offered her the right circumstances of building up to $850,000 net worth as of the current year. We are looking forward to seeing what else is she preparing for her fans in the next year and for her character development in A Million Little Things!

1 Christina Moses

Christina Moses is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Before being a part of A Million Little Things, she played in movies such as Containment, Without You or Starship: Rising as well as the famous drama series The Originals.

So it is only fair for her to be at the peak of her success both professionally and financially. Although she has been in the eye of the public for a long time, being a young actress she became more famous in the past years, due to the multiple projects she got involved in.

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