30 Things That Don't Make Sense About The Arrowverse

Arguably, watching these movies or series is usually more intense and exciting compared to other genres out there, because superheroes as well as the villains, can literally do anything. These films and series have created universes where beings can fly, others can pass through solid walls, others can control your mind, and others can literally destroy half the universe with the snap of their fingers.

Even though at the back of our minds we know that all these heroes and their abilities are nothing but fiction, that does not prevent us from getting emotional with them. Some of us get so angry when they make decisions we're not proud of, though we also rejoice when they take down their enemies. There's just a way we can't wait for every new movie or episode to come out so we can watch them fight the bad guys and get into relationships with the right girls.

However, there comes a time in every fan's life when he or she has to admit that a lot of what he or she watches on TV makes no sense. It gets so embarrassing when your favorite shows disappoint you so many times you even feel as if you'll never tell your friends that you still watch the show.

The Arrowverse used to be one of the best superhero universes on TV, but over the years so much has changed. Here are 30 things that don’t make sense about the Arrowverse. We only hope the producers will look into these issues.

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30 What Happened To Laurel In Earth-Two?

Via: memorydelta.wikia.com

In Earth One, Laurel’s character used to transform into a heroic superhero known as Black Canary, who was taken out at some point. The same character was brought back as Laurel in Earth-Two, but Unlike her previous heroic role in Earth One, Earth-Two's Laurel is a villain who goes to great lengths to get what she wants.

She was also featured on an episode on The Flash where she brought in substantial amounts of getter, a deposit of reactive material. These days, her character is that of a criminal and we're at a point where we don't even know whether she is supposed to be a hero or a villain.

29 Anatoly’s Flip-Flopping

Via: arrow.wikia.com

In Arrow, Anatoly first appeared as Oliver’s friend from back in the days he used to be in Russia. The two had a falling out and Anatoly got into so much trouble he was kicked out of Russia. Anatoly’s mission in the better part of season six was to seek revenge and make money. He even became friends with criminals in order for him to achieve his mission.

When Anatoly realized he was working with a criminal who lacked honor, he quickly switched roles and started helping Team Arrow. This doesn't make any sense because he had spent so much time plotting his revenge against Oliver for him to change sides and start helping him out on just a whiff.

28 S.T.A.R Labs Prisons

Via: arrow.wikia.com

In The Flash, when Barry caught any meta-human criminals he kept them in a specially designed prison inside the S.T.A.R Labs. The criminal detention was clearly a violation of these meta-humans' rights but Barry and his team knew that they were too dangerous to be locked up in normal prisons.

While the prisons were an isolation system which served as a punishment to the villains, we never got to learn how the meta-humans are fed or even their bathroom situation. Creating the prison was borderline crazy and wanting to keep the villains away was not entirely wrong, but locking them up in that cruel system wasn't right either.

27 Oliver Handed Diggle His Role

Via: comic-books-in-the-media.wikia.com

When the FBI wanted to prove whether Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow or not, they launched an investigation. Oliver handed over his operations to Diggle to avoid being caught. Also, since he felt as if he couldn't juggle being a father and a vigilante at the same time, giving up his vigilante identity seemed like a good idea.

However, the strange bit is that Diggle had a son as well and handing over his vigilante role to someone who was in the same situation as he was in was very hypocritical. Although Oliver trusted Diggle, his decision was rather selfish; he started a mission that he himself couldn't finish. He took advantage of Diggle’s loyalty to him without thinking it through.

26 The Arrowverse Has Too Many Speedsters

Via: youtube.com

In the DC comics, The Flash fights all kinds of villains, criminals, meta-humans, and people with all kinds of powers, and more often than not, he wins his battles. However, as much as he is still one of the fastest heroes we've ever seen on the series, he has met villains and even other heroes who have a good chance of beating him on a race.

The show has introduced several other villains who have received their super speeds in ways that are very different from how Barry received his. Seeing a lot of these characters over and over makes the show a bit monotonous and pointless. We need to see him battle against many other villains with different powers.

25 Arrow's Mask Is Useless

Via: fanboysinc.Com

In season one of Arrow; Green Arrow’s identity was always disguised with paint over his eyes. Since he knew some people would be able to identify him, he stuck to the shadows and was always looking away and never faced people up close. According to the show, this kept his identity a secret.

But when they changed his disguise to a mask that covered the same portion of his face that the paint did, he stopped hiding in the shadows as if people wouldn't be able to recognize him. But the truth is anyone can tell Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Even now on the show, the list of people who know about the Arrow's identity is ridiculously long.

24 Time Travel Does Not Make Sense

Via: itsalltherage.Com

At the beginning of The Flash series, the time travel concept had a set of rules. Time was pliable but also had forces to keep it in check. It was always protected and if anything were to change in the past, the future would also be affected. However, in the current seasons, they seem to be conveniently forgetting their own rules.

In the Legends of Tomorrow series, the Legends also have trouble keeping a consistent storyline on time travel and they're always messing with the space-time continuum. It seems like at every turn the rules on time travel change and viewers are expected to go along with this.

23 Interesting Causes Of Superhero Wounds

Via: pinterest.co.uk

Over the years, superheroes have been known to cover up the causes of wounds inflicted during fights in ‘believable’ ways. For example, Batman, who has already mastered this skill, hides his injuries behind the ski trips he allegedly takes or says he got them from playing polo.

Green Arrow who is usually on a motorbike when going for missions is always telling doctors his bruises, usually, knife wounds and gunshots, are as a result of being in a motorcycle accident. This excuse isn't so believable to the viewers; maybe it would work for just bruises or broken bones but not for knife and gunshot wounds. The show needs to get a little more creative.

22 Why Is It That The Flash Always Needs Help To Defeat Enemies?

via: twitter.com

The Flash, whose real name is Barry Allen can move at an amazing speed. He can create tornadoes and digest information at an incredibly fast pace but when it comes to fighting villains and meta-humans he cannot seem to be able to do it on his own. He is always seeking advice from his team on how to win every fight.

This dependent need on Cisco or the S.T.A.R laboratory team seems to contradict his superhero character. In the show, we have seen that he cannot even defeat the most basic villains without help from his team. The creators of the show appear to be downplaying the characters abilities.

21 Supergirl Has A Bulletproof Outfit

Via: geektyrant.com

Kara Danvers, who is Supergirl in the Arrowverse television series Supergirl, is a superhero who appears to have a bulletproof outfit. Her outfit never gets damaged when she is fighting villains, regardless of the explosions or the different types of energies villains send her way. This makes no sense since her costume is made of normal fabric.

Her cape was made in Krypton but the rest of her outfit is manmade, which is a little weird seeing as how it is literally indestructible. Superman’s outfit is bulletproof because he was sent to earth with the fabric for his outfit and since it's an alien fabric, we won't ask too many questions there.

20 The Legends Of Tomorrow Always Mess Everything Up

Via: quirkybyte.com

The Legends of Tomorrow, despite their name, don't always appear to be legends in the show. They typically start off by messing missions up and then eventually become heroes by saving the day. They have been fixing their messes for the better part of season three.

As much as it is entertaining to watch them try and fix their mistakes, it is not logical to call them heroes when they really have no clue what they are doing half the time. The show is aware of their incompetence which they cover up with sarcasm and jokes but it is still astonishing that the characters are even allowed to travel through time.

19 Superman Is Always A No Show

Via: screenrant.com

All the other Arrowverse shows have created their plot story outside superman, except Supergirl. In the first season, Supergirl’s more famous and more powerful cousin Superman always had an excuse for not showing up and when he was finally featured he appeared very few times.

In a world full of villains, invaders, meta-humans, and where thousands of lives are always in danger, Superman needs to make more appearances in the show. Supergirl should be able to ask him for help especially when she is genuinely in a tight spot and he should fly in and save the day. Otherwise, they shouldn't have even brought him up in the show at all.

18 Green Arrows Abilities Have Been Scaled Back

Via: tellmenothing.com

Oliver Queen’s abilities as Arrow at the beginning of the show were a force to be reckoned with. He was a strong fighting superhero capable of taking down a whole gang of enemies without breaking a sweat. His abilities were however scaled down when other superheroes joined the Arrowverse like; The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

In the most recent episodes, Arrow isn't as strong in the fighting scenes as he used to be since he often needs help from his fellow teammates. Many times we see his limitations to the extent that he can't even save himself without help from his team.

17 Villains On The Flash Always Get Away

Via: theflash.wikia.com

In The Flash, new villains or meta-humans often show up to destroy or terrorize the people of Central City all the time. Despite his speed, the Flash rarely makes it in time to save the people. His opponents usually manage to knock him down and when he finally recollects himself, the enemy is long gone and The Flash gives up on the fight.

The strange bit about all this is that The Flash is the fastest superhero and can easily catch up with his opponents and beat them up before they blink twice, yet this never happens. It should take literally seconds for him to accomplish a mission, but the show doesn't seem to want him to maximize on his abilities.

16 Martin Stein’s Changing Abilities

Via: youtube.com

Martin Stein's character has been featured for more than one role in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. In The Flash, while acting as a nuclear physicist, Martin became one half of the conjoined meta-human superhero called Firestorm when the S.T.A.R lab accelerator exploded.

In the Legends of Tomorrow, his medic role is indecisive. He is featured as a strategic ally and medic when he is recruited by the rogue time traveler Rip Hunter. In one episode Martin was seen performing brain surgery on Mick Rory but a few episodes later we saw him panicking over removing a bullet from Sara Lance.

15 Team Arrow Has No Funds

Via: arrow.wikia.com

When Oliver Queen first appeared in Arrow he was a billionaire. He was able to run his quest for justice with his family’s money, but at some point, he lost all his money and had to give up his business. Felicity Smoak took over as the CEO of his company but later on lost the role.

No one now seems to know who is funding Team Arrow with all the fancy tech the team relies on. Viewers are therefore left wondering how the team is able to afford the advanced weapons, technology, and costumes. Being a superhero is expensive and the show doesn't clearly tell us how the team is making money to support their expensive lifestyles.

14 Why Is The Martian Manhunter Always On The Sidelines?

Via: youtube.com

When the Martian Manhunter first appeared on Supergirl, his character seemed very useful, especially in dire situations. But with time, he's not used as often as we would want him to be. Supergirl struggles to run missions alone when the Martian's superpowers can easily be used to help overcome tough situations.

In the show, the Martian’s character stays behind the desk at the D.E.O (Department of Extranormal Operations) ordering people around. His character is not being used to its full potential yet there is room for him to be featured more as a true powerhouse. This makes little sense especially for the Martian Manhunter’s fans who would like to see him in action.

13 Cisco Can Come Up With Any Invention Required

Via: space.ca

The Flash and his team have always found themselves going against powerful meta-humans and villains over the course of the show. More often they would find that in order to defeat the villains they required new equipment to give them the upper hand. Cisco Ramone, an engineering genius in the show always comes through and can build the required equipment in a day.

Whatever equipment the team wants he can create. One of his more notable inventions was a gun that could shoot an infinite amount of liquid gold. How Cisco manages to obtain all the materials to make the equipment and do it all in a day is a mystery to us.

12 Characters' Ends Don't Mean Anything – Until They Do

Via: arrow.wikia.com

Most superheroes have at one time or another come back from the afterlife. The Arrowverse has found numerous ways and reasons to revive characters, which should be a great thing. First, the Green Arrow has had his fair share of resurrections. Characters like Sara Lance and Thea Queen were revived by the Lazarus Pits. Time traveling also revived Damien Darhk and Merlyn.

What's not clear is why some of the characters we viewers love so much are never brought back to life. No one went back in time to save Laurel and get her to Gideon. No one also saved Moira and Tommy. It seems as if resurrections are only there for convenience and it's the creators who get to decide whether a particular character needs a second chance or not.

11 Forgotten Plot: Thea’s Immunity To Damien’s Magic

Via: arrow.wikia.com

Thea Queen’s resurrection using the Lazarus Pits left her with an uncontrollable bloodlust that she had to suppress. After resurrecting, she also got immunity from Damien’s powers which were part of the plot for Arrow's season four. Fans of the show thought Thea would be the one to take Damien down since she had renewed self-control but this never happened.

After featuring Damien’s black magic extensively in season four, Thea’s immunity plot was forgotten and she eventually managed to control her bloodlust. Midway into the sixth season, she was meant to leave the show with Roy only for the League of Assassins to attack her and change the plot once again.

10 The Flash’s Powers Are Inconsistent

Via: inverse.com

We have seen many Superheroes experience fluctuating superpowers in the Arrowverse, a situation that serves to make them look vulnerable to the audience. However, The Flash’s powers usually seem to contradict the plot of the series many times. Barry Allen, who has amazing speed, is considered the fastest man alive but somehow villains manage to punch him during fights despite his speed.

He can also dodge lightening yet he cannot outrun mechanical bees. Some of these inconsistencies would have made more sense when the show first started as Barry was still learning how to use his powers but not later on. Could this be a case of plot-force surpassing speed-force?

9 Arrow's Original Idea Is Now Gone

Via: arrow.wikia.com

Oliver’s original plot in Arrow was to go after the people who had let down Star City. His father encouraged him to do so. He created a list of the names of the people he had to take down and one by one crossed them out once he finished a mission. Over the seasons he was seen making progress towards reaching his goal but in season six not much progress has been made.

The strange bit is that Star City is still full of crimes despite his efforts, and some crimes are also the result of his own doing. His enemies from back home keep looking for him in an effort to fight him and as these incidents kept on recurring the show is going nowhere. Getting back to the original plot seems hopeless at this point.

8 Too Many Useless Characters

Via: screencrush.com

This Universe creates too many characters in their television series that end up being deemed useless to the plot. The original cast in The Arrow often made sense but some characters like Wild Dog and Curtis who were later introduced had no meaningful plots at all. Random characters were also thrown in and later dropped in The Flash.

In Supergirl, characters like J’onn and Alex are usually on the sidelines. In season three, J’onn was supposedly away caring for his father and Alex was also away caring for Sam’s daughter. In our opinion the directors should be decisive with some of these characters; they should either be kept in the same plot as the main character or done away with completely.

7 The Movie And Television Shows Do Not Connect

Via: hdqwalls.com

Despite the movies and the series being based on the same DC comic characters, we can see very little relationship if any between the series and the films. For example, Amanda Waller and Deadshot were taken out in the series right before the movie Suicide Squad hit the theatres. In the television series, Batman and Gotham exist in the universe yet we've not seen the Dark Knight in the show or heard anything meaningful he had done.

Harley Quinn, who was also set to appear in Arrow, was canceled even before featuring in a single episode because Suicide Squad was almost out at the time. In Supergirl, Superman wasn't even featured until in the second season of the series and we don't see him often.

6 Arrow Is The Odd Man Out

Via: tvtime.com

Each show in the Arrowverse has been given its own personality which is a good thing. However, Arrow’s storyline is not in line with that of other series like Supergirl, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow. The main characters in the other three shows started by revealing to us how they got their powers and abilities, and how they have coped with adjusting to them so far.

Arrow, on the other hand, comes into the world dark and broody. He later becomes mayor and afterward finds out that he fathered a child he didn't know about. This sequence of events makes him the odd one out in the Arrowverse so far. Arrow also comes across as sad and tired while characters in other shows continue to be engaging and buoyant.

5 Variations Of Oliver Queen’s Sensitivity

Via: comicvine.gamespot.com

In the fictional world, Superheroes are basically invincible. With this in mind, Arrow is supposed to be invincible but this isn't always the case. In the show, he endures kicks, gunshots, punches, being knocked over by cars, bruises, stab wounds, and is even thrown down a mountain and survives. He goes through all this to show his invincibility.

However, in one scene when he was having a conversation with Felicity, a slap across the face made him react like any normal human being in pain would, which is weird considering he has endured so much more pain before. He vulnerability to her slap is a contradiction to the invincibility trait he displays in the show.

4 Laurel's Quick Transformation To Black Canary

Via: player.one

It seems like all the main characters, especially the normal human beings in the Arrowverse, are slowly becoming superheroes, with great examples being, Cisco on The Flash, Jimmy on Supergirl, and Laurel on Arrow. However, we can all agree that Laurel’s transformation to Black Canary was a bit rushed.

In the DC comics Dinah Laurel Lance is the Black Canary but in the TV series, Dinah and Laurel are two different people. Laurel, who has zero physical abilities prior to being Black Canary, is able to fight crime almost immediately, yet she was only shown taking brief boxing lessons before then, so everyone must be wondering how she developed her fighting skills so quickly.

3 How Did Mr. Terrific Learn To Fight So Quickly?

Via: arrow.wikia.com

Curtis, who was also known as Mr. Terrific was first featured on the Arrow as a tech guru together with Felicity, so the two are the ones who did the hacking while Oliver and Diggle were out fighting crime. After a while, Curtis decided he wanted to be a fighter so he took on both roles.

Despite Curtis being a professional athlete in the past, there was no way he could just jump in without proper training and be as good of a fighter as the show featured him to be. Several characters in the show have had similar transformations such as Thea. She was able to fight professionally within a very short time. This definitely makes no sense.

2 Supergirl’s Secret Identity Doesn't Matter Anymore

Via: gamespot.com

When Supergirl first started, Kara Danvers’ identity as Supergirl was supposed to be a secret to everyone including the D.E.O. Her identity was to be kept a secret because of her connection to Superman. Also, the D.E.O., which is a government agency that keeps tabs on everyone, gains access to any organization, and sometimes acquires secret information discretely, is not an organization she should trust as much as she does.

However, at some point, Kara stopped showing up in D.E.O. disguised as Supergirl making all agents in the D.E.O. to know that she was Supergirl. This meant that her relationship and close ties with Superman became common knowledge and it was easy for villains to find out her secret identity.

1 The Flash Risks The Universe To Save His Mom

via: gamespot.com

The Flash is one of the most selfless heroes of the Justice League who has saved the world a number of times. In the show’s first season, he travels back in time to save his mother but decides not to go ahead with the plan. Towards the end of season two, he made a selfish decision by traveling back to the night his mother passed and saved her.

The Flash was well aware that his actions would have had massive consequences for the future but still went ahead with his plan. Saving his mom should have ideally changed or erased so much in the present including the fact that he was the Flash but this doesn’t happen, which contradicts the time traveling rules established in the first season.

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