20 Things That Still Don't Make Sense About Sons Of Anarchy

Only a true SAMCRO member would know every scene and all the events that occurred in the still beloved, though over series Sons of Anarchy. The FX cult hit series about Jax Teller and his motorcycle group aired from 2008 to 2014, but enthusiasts of the violent motorcycle gang still rave over the show because of the incredible storyline, jam-packed action, phenomenal acting and top-notch cinematography it had. And now, with the commencement of the American drama series that stemmed from Sons of Anarchy, Mayans MC, fans are feeling utterly nostalgic for SoA.

For many, this was the best drama-gang show since The Sopranos, and it instantly stole the hearts of many, just like Jax Teller did. The show basically defined badass, and since the final season, we still feel like there is a piece of our hearts missing with the absence of the motorcycle revving sound. However, SoA enthusiasts will agree that are still things about the show that they feel needed more explaining; things of the show that still do not add up. Since Jax set off on his final ride, there have been a lot of debates on the show that was a perfect blend of mayhem, violence, and a little romance. With some loose bike tires still unsolved, fans of SoA could agree on one definite thing; not everything on the show made sense. And so, here we are to remind you of the things that did not make sense in between all the gasoline.

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20 Milo Who?

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Kurt Sutter, the creator of the impeccable show, did not get away completely clean. Fans will always crave answers, and this one scene is one that still grinds our gears. Like the Jon Bon Jovi song "Blaze of Glory," Jax Teller was supposed to go down exactly that way; we knew from the beginning he'd go down in a blaze of glory. What was odd about Jax's passing, though, was the truck driver Milo ― Milo who? Before he accidentally mowed down Jax, he was not even introduced, except in the previous episode when he gave Gemma a ride. What are the odds he’d play such a pivotal role the last episode?

19 What Happened To Jarry?

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Who would want to date a SAMCRO member? Oddly enough, a member of law enforcement did not mind so. When Chibs and Lt. Jarry started dating, we certainly knew that the awful relationship would not last. At one point, we thought their relationship had hope, until they both recalled who they were separately. However, in the series finale their sketchy relationship came to an end when Jarry decided to break things off with Chibs. This was when Jarry then warned Chibs of the APB out on Gemma, and Chibs proceeded by warning her what usually happens to cops on SAMCRO's bad side. Suddenly, Jarry vanished off our television screens. So what happened to her?

18 The Homeless Woman

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In between all the testosterone and violence on the hit show was a homeless woman ― a homeless woman that would occasionally appear. However, after seven seasons, we were not once given any hint as to who she was or what she represented. The only thing we were given was her name, Emily Putner, and the rest was left a mystery. We see her again in a crucial moment in the finale when Jax asked her, "Who are you?" and the only words muttered from her were ,"It's time." Four years later, and we'll still never know.

17 Wasn’t Chief Unser Sick?

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If there is one character on the show that we just wanted to run to to hug because we sympathized with him, it was Chief Unser. Throughout all his trials and tribulations, he still remained strong, but we lost him right at the very end. As the head cop in Charming, we were informed from the start of the show that he had cancer, which forced him to retire from the law. Now, though we knew what he was dealing with health-wise, it was barely ever mentioned again, and it was not even the reason for his passing. So, what did happen to his cancer?

16 The SAMCRO Ring

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As much as we loved seeing Gemma always be the monkey in the middle, she had to be the worst female character on the show, and the worst grandmother, too. Let us hype up your hate for her again quickly; she was the one responsible for the passing of the only moral compass on the show, Tara. When the truth came out, Jax went to war against her, and Gemma quickly resorted to her grandson Abel before leaving the city and she privately gave him her SAMCRO ring. To us, this did not make any sense at all. Why would she hand him the ring that signified his future when that same club destroyed her and her family’s life?

15 Nero Did Not Do As He Said He Would

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There was something about Nero Padilla that always made us let out a sigh of relief; he was also one of the little members who made it out alive. On the final episode, Jax confessed to Nero, and Nero did the next responsible thing, which was take Jax's children as far as possible from Charming. However, he also promised to let out all the details of Jax's scheme to SAMCRO and the DA, but that never happened. How did they end it without making Nero spill out who played who and who got rid of who?

14 Did Jax Do It To Himself?

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With two children, a deceased wife, and a manipulative mother that he got rid of, Jax certainly did not have it easy toward the end of the series. Playing the protagonist and the antagonist both at the same time could be difficult, and evidently, it got the best of him. Though his passing on the series finale is still heavily debated, one theory that most SoA enthusiasts believe is that he decided he was done. We saw Jax deliberately ride head-on into the truck, so we assumed it was his choice. Then again, it did not make sense that he would do so because the Jax we knew would not have left his children behind.

13 What Happened To The Land?

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The show was always surrounded by drama because of the violence, rivalries, relationships, and family, yet, the last season of the show saw its plot mainly based on some whole dull land development deal. As the SAMCRO boys got caught up on this church land deal, things became very messy; back-stabbing commenced between SAMCRO and all the other crews, revenge got sought out, and Bobby ultimately got done in. Jax went after August Marks who wanted to build condos on the land, but Jax came out a winner. However, we never got a follow up as to what happened to the land, so why did they make such a big deal?

12 Why Did They All Stick With SoA?

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So many baffling questions were left unanswered, and another that still makes us question the ever-so-interesting characters that were on the show, is why any of them would have still trusted the Sons of Anarchy all the way until the end? Any SoA enthusiast would laugh and agree, because honestly, this group was so full of betrayal we still don't comprehend how some of them decided to stick around. After all the violence within the group the members saw, it did not make sense that they still took Jax's word.

11 The Symbolic White Shoes

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Let us add a little humour to the mix! Since it was well-established that SoA was a very violent and bloody show, we have a little something that doesn't make sense still. We saw a lot of blood shed in the show, which leads us to ask, how the heck were Jax's sneakers always kept white? The camera often gave us a glimpse of the bright white sneakers that would later in the episode be bloody, but wait, in next episode they were looking brand new again. With so much on his hands, we doubt he had time to bleach wash them, or stop at a shoe store ― or did he have a stash of white kicks somewhere?

10 What About Tig and Venus?

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There were a lot of odd relationships in this show, most being completely unconventional, and the show did not tie all the loose ends, which left us questioning many of the romances. Tig was hypnotized by Venus Van Dam, a trans woman who was also a worker in the R-rated industry, but surprisingly, their relationship had no bumpy rides. And, evidently, all relationships in the series either ended with one or both dead, except these two lovebirds. However, we don't know if they got their happily ever after in Charming because Venus had to send off her son to live with family after Jax got rid of her ex-wife. So why was Venus fairly happy at the end?

9 John Teller

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The main mystery that started it all did not even get solved by the series' end; who got rid of the original SoA leader and father of Jax, John Teller? Charming was such a small town, so how could it be that not one person knew the definite answer of how the leader of a notorious bike gang got done in? There were some conspiracies thrown around, like Teller actually taking himself out, or that Gemma and Clay committed the crime, but in the end, the reason for John Teller's passing was never solved. Our question: Why make such a big deal of it to leave the passing unsolved?

8 How Were They Getting Their SAMCRO Merch?

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Yes, when we are hooked on a show, we pay attention to even the slightest details; ever wonder how the Sons of Anarchy guys got their SAMCRO branded T-shirts and leather vests? We know that none of the guys in the group would have gone out of their way or had time to get them made, Gemma was always busy being manipulative, and the rest of the characters were either from the other motorcycle gangs or law enforcement. We were kind of led to believe that the fun-spirited Chucky handled that stuff, but with an entire auto-repair shop to run on his own, we don't see how he would have been able to constantly get those new shirts they were wearing.

7 How did they get any work done?

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The SAMCRO men always had to deal with serious situations, many of them life-threatening and having to deal with heavy metal. And in order to do all of this, they needed their focus to be crisp and tip-top, but was it? Hardly ever, they were often surrounded by illegal stuff. This is basically how it went — Jax would tell his boys they had to go take care of some business, but before that, they always took puffs of "cigarettes" that did not look like cigarettes as they were rolled. How they accomplished what they did without being sober is beyond us.

6 Why Were They So Stuck To The Club?

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After seven seasons of watching a show that was full of blood, sweat, and tears, one thing that did not make sense to viewers was "why." Why so dedicated to a treacherous motorcycle club? To us, it made no sense why members stuck around in the club after so many passings that took place and the constant betrayal. We paid a lot of attention to the show, and do not recall being a part of the club meant earning a lot of money, so what was their reasoning for protecting their club so dearly? Maybe it was pride and loyalty.

5 No One Suspected It Was Gemma

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How did Gemma get away with the murder of Tara until the very end without anyone suspecting it may have been her? Even though Gemma walked right into that one (into the end of her life we mean), we did not find it made sense that not a soul, except her grandson Abel knew it was her. She made up a whole cover story about it being the Chinese, but the scene made it so obvious that it was someone of lesser caliber who carried out the incident. There were so many clues that pointed to it being Gemma, yet the men who lived off violence did not figure it out.

4 How Come They Never Got Shut Down?

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The town of Charming was not so charming after all ― and in case you may have forgot, the town in California was crucially tiny. And in such a tiny town, how would it have made sense that the SAMCRO guys would have got away with all the harm they caused? Just in the last two seasons alone, the amount of deaths related to SAMCRO activity was sky high, yet we never saw anyone do anything about it. Where were all the people from the media and protesters? We know a lot of gang activity is kept on lockdown, but not until that extent.

3 Brooke, The Babysitter

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Why would an innocent and young woman like Brooke have remained loyal to a man like Ratboy by babysitting his motorcycle club's leader’s children? If you remember the babysitter Brooke, you'll immediately agree that that whole storyline made no logical sense. Yes, some people do whatever for love, but in the midst of a violent gang war, Brooke, a bright woman, took a huge risk by babysitting in the Teller household when it was not guaranteed he'd stick around with her. Where was her family or friends who could have told her how bad of an idea it was?

2 Clay And His Moolah

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Oh Clay, we still do not know if we have more love or hate for you, all we could confirm is you certainly complained about money a lot. Clay often pointed out that the reason for his dealings with the Mexican cartel was for the fat stacks of bills that would go to his retirement fund. Hold on a second, for as long as he was able to remember, he was a biker dealing illegal affairs, and at the same time risking his life and sanity, so how would he not have money? All these illicit activities made him loads of money and if they did not, would he not have left?

1 What Was With Jax’s Limp?

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Everything Jax Teller did, we vividly paid attention to; there was nothing he did that was left in the rear-view mirror like it was nothing. Whatever he said, whatever facial expressions he did, however he moved, and even his motions, they drew us all in. However, one thing that was off was Jax's limping. Jax always made a statement with his stance and tough-guy walk, and when he suddenly started limping, it was very noticeable. We never got an explanation as to why that suddenly became his walk; he surely was not walking like he was talking it.

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