20 Netflix Shows That Need To Be Cancelled ASAP

Netflix generally has some of the better entertainment out there but there is sure to be a few shows and movies that fall through the cracks of admission to the service. These shows can be bad just because people don't like them or the plot wasn't good enough. It can be pretty much anything and really depends on the person but one thing is for sure, they are not the best entertainment around. Some of these shows are surely terrible and are something that many people would not watch even if they were being paid.

Please note that we're not trying to tell you which shows are good or bad. It's possible that you or someone you know might find these shows interesting and that's totally fine. We are just trying to say that these may not be the best shows out there and could benefit from a cancellation simply because they're not as good as what might come down the line. It's a risky game and making a good show is hard, that's why we're not bashing them but are just trying to say that they're not as good as others on the platform.

20 Haters Back Off

Haters Back Off Via HDEncode

This show has got somewhat of an interesting main character but she is basically just off-putting. It's something about her that really just makes you not want to watch it, this can be anything to just how the human mind naturally judges someone or by the situations that she is in. If they're bad, we might not feel bad assuming that we came from a similar lifestyle. Other than that, the name is not exactly too catchy and is instead forgettable and useless to the information about the characters, which is something that a lot of people really depend on when watching shows. (Source: BusinessInsider)

19 F Is For Family

F is for family Via RapidMoviez

The animated series was sure to make this list simply because there is always that one bad show in every genre, it cannot be missed. It's like the universe requires one bad show in every genre to just balance everything out. F Is For Family is a little different when compared to our predecessor, it's got an informative name and is not to bad when it comes to the plot. However, it does need an improvement in the form of artwork. If it got an update it could be a decent show but since it doesn't look as good as it could, it, unfortunately, lacks that aspect.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

18 Flaked

Flaked Via PoGDesign

This show is pretty unappealing to someone who enjoys a lot of comedy. This could be because of the lack of originally funny content, specifically on how weak the jokes truly are. If they had more depth perhaps it would have tapped into the stronger emotions of the audience. This is also consistent with the drama in the show. Overall, this show needs a serious overhaul to actually be able to handle the type of content it wants to create.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

17 Chelsea

Chelsea Via digitaltrends

This show has got a name that really doesn't provide any real information about it. It isn't interesting and just covers the name of the host. Other than that the show just didn't do well since it did not have the same skill as a show that would be on television. As in, if you were to run a tv show like Netflix did, it would do worse since TV generally has a lot of experience in talk shows like this one. The show itself had a good basis of ideas but lacked in external support.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

16 Marco Polo

Marco Polo Via TV Series download

The ancient times were simple and really did not confuse many people. Life was generally calm and had many little moments that people loved. However, the Marco Polo show does not really show that part of it all. The show appeals to the global audience rather than a niche of history lovers of just lore lovers in general. This means that over time a lot of people might find themselves bored and then uninterested in the entire show.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

15 Friends From College

Friends from college PoGDesign

This show is fairly simple and should be canceled simply because of the unoriginal content basis for its name and creation. Think about it, how many shows or films have you seen with the main idea surrounding people who were friends in college or high school getting back together. It's so dry at this point. The Sahara desert has got more water in it. The show would have significantly benefited from being filmed in a unique way or just having more unique situations to shove the character in.  (Source Business Insider)

14 The Characters

The Characters Via TV Club - The AV Club

This show clearly did not have the largest following out there, which is something that often leads to a show being canceled. Anyone who does a simple Google search will find varying results and this could be one good reason as to why it should be rebranded or just outright canceled. It does not have a hardcore following like The Office. The show itself also did not have the most unique of filming styles or just people on the show.

13 Cooked

Cooked Via Grub Street

Cooking is yet another over-saturated market but this time around there was some potential because this show was based on the book by Michael Pollan. It's not a terrible show in terms of content but it needed to find a specific type of person to remain relevant, it, unfortunately, did not do that and kind of fell off into the dust of our memories. This happened because there is only so much one can explore in the kitchen, this is why things are often changed or added into other similar shows, to add some more spice into the show for the viewer.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

12 Between

Between TV Series Finale

Well, it's a name that you can't forget that's for sure. It's a Canadian drama series and only got 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. The plot had the potential to really rile up the population of North America because the basis was abortion. However, it got lost in the woodwork when there's a virus that gets released and changes up the main character's life dramatically. It's bare when that happens because it has been done so many times before just with different scenarios, whether it be zombies, war or a virus.

11 Pompidou

Pompidou Via YouTube

This show has been described by some as a terrible comedic relief source. The main character does not come off as very interesting but has his moments. Apparently, the show used silent comedy, somewhat like Mr. Bean. The thing with reusing this style is that people are used to it by now. Mr. Bean was incredibly popular in its time, now, it is kind of dull. This show even got a ton of negative audience reactions which will inevitably lead to a drop off views and closure of production.  (Source: BusinessInsider)

10 Iron Fist

Marvel's Iron Fist

Most things associated with Marvel and superheroes tend to do well in general. This is because the children can become lifelong fans and the same happens with their kids. However, Iron Fist is very unique, it's got good ratings from some people and terrible ratings from others. It really depends on the type of person. In this case, it should be shut down because of its lack to sincerely entertain someone and keep them actively engaged with the characters.

9 Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio Via Vogue

This show kind tries to be both generic and different all at once, which might be why it doesn't work. It doesn't really deserve to go on because of the typical nature that it falls into. Anime can get very bland at times, because a lot of anime shows use the same basic motives and character traits as every anime that came before it. The artwork and voice acting was nothing to really brag about either. The show did not offer any great emotion to the characters. (Source Business Insider)

8 Marseille

Marseille Via Netflix

This show was fairly unique since we don't see many of the types with a setting in France. It's rare and cool but that feeling dies off quickly. The show must not be too good because it only has 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is bland, and does not offer anything to the viewers behind some pretty scenery, because obviously, any show that takes place in France is bound to have good shots. Some people even say that it gets sloppier as it goes on which isn't a very good thing.  (Source Business Insider)

7 Kiss Me First

Kiss Me First Via Channel 4

This show had some real potential to be another large multi-million-dollar series. It had real potential but just didn't stick very well with the viewers. While it may have a jumpstart against other shows on this list, it does not jump very far. Occasionally, the show does fall off the edge with odd pacing and some acting. That's just enough to put people off. The show should probably stop production until it puts itself together in a better manner.

6 Girlboss

Girlboss Via hdqwalls

Some argue that this show was Netflix's first terrible show, since it lacks both entertainment and anything important happening. One main issue that people had with the show was that it portrayed the main character as savvier than almost anyone that she came across. This obviously did not sit well with people, as they were looking for a character who was just like everyone else who happened to rise up to fame. Unfortunately, they were given someone who is in no way modest. (Source: BusinessInsider)



Well, the title is certainly unique and long. That's annoying for people but is not the main issue, it's a minor one though. This show was said that it is trying too hard to be funny. Some people even say that the acting is absolutely terrible because they don't deeply consider the actor's skills. Despite the interesting theme of the show, it lacks the will to have people acting from the depths of their hearts.  (Source Business Insider)

4 The Ranch

The Ranch Vis SpoilerTV Images Gallery Photos

This show is far from interesting for the simple reason that it tries two things that just don't always work their way. The show seems to try out a traditional sitcom format alongside an edgy and modern feel. These two things are very difficult to combine successfully and thus resulted in a show that could have been far better had it not relied on this format. This show should thus be canceled as it does not really connect to people that well. (Source: BusinessInsider)

3 Disjointed

Disjointed Via USA Today

This show just isn't that interesting. It's about a medicinal use store and the various shenanigans that the staff get into. It's nothing to brag about and certainly isn't something to try and show the kids. This means that people might find themselves trying to enjoy it and might actually enjoy it but will eventually feel like certain parts of the show are a drag. Another issue of the show is that it kind of gets to the point of trying to push comedy. It's not funny but tries to be and that is a serious issue.


Here's another show with a fairly long name. This show, in particular, has a name that gives good focus to what the show is about. The show got canceled after the producing company likely had many other good shows that were released. This means that the worst one of just the least popular one get removed because there is not enough air time for everything. That could be the reason why this show got canceled, even with all the bad and good that it's got.  (Source: Screenrant)

1 Damnation

Damnation Via RapidMoviez

This show has the feeling of unrealistic events happening within it. That's normal for a television series but not so good when it comes to making people feel like they're inside of an era. One notable event was when a preacher tried to hype up the locals to go against a bank, this would not have happened and these types of inaccuracies are what might kill this show down the line. If people dislike being showed unrealistic stuff, they'll just stop watching it.  (Source Business Insider)

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