20 Little Details That'll Surprise Fans About Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy had a huge cult following and many people were upset when the show ended. Charlie Hunnam was a biker before he ventured into the lost city of Z. He started off in the show as one of the Redwood Originals and regardless of how much he wanted to live on the straight and narrow, he couldn’t seem to get out of the dangerous life that he led. There were so many great actors on the show including Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman.

There was a lot going on with the show that may come as a surprise to fans. There were parts, like with many shows, that didn’t make sense or were just not explained. There were other details that also weren't made public until now. You may think you know everything there is to the TV show Sons of Anarchy, but you might be surprised to find that you don’t. Sometimes, we are willing to look past mistakes because we love a show so much. Check out these 20 little details that will surprise fans about Sons Of Anarchy.

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20 Fans' dislike for Tara stressed out Maggie Siff

via Entertainment Weekly

Maybe you were one of those fans who didn’t like Tara on the show. She wasn’t always an easy character to love considering she did lie to get her own way a few times with Jax. She lied to get a restraining order against Jax’s mother and she wanted her man out of the club. Maggie Siff is the actress that played the character and she told Entertainment Weekly that fans' hatred for her character worried her. “I think it’s the hostility that’s the most disturbing thing — the amount of vehemence or anger or righteousness that people can feel,'" she said. "That’s the thing that’s most startling and disturbing, when you really sit down and think about it.”

19 Charlie Hunnam Still Wears Jax’s Necklace

Via Sons of Anarchy Wiki - Fandom

Charlie Hunnam clearly loved his time on Sons of Anarchy and he proved it by telling an interviewer that he still wears Jax’s bullet necklace. When on set, Hunnam would often ask people if they wanted one of the many bullets as a souvenir. He would then pull out his own necklace and show it off. “Hunnam bends down to pick up a blank shell and asks if you’d like a souvenir. Yes, and you’re going to make a necklace out of it. He pulls Jax’s bullet necklace out of his shirt and notes that it’s missing a couple of stones around the diamond-crusted tip.”

18 The Birds Kept Changing

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Did you happen to notice that Gemma’s pet birds changed throughout the series. Kurt Sutter had crows in the opening scene of the pilot’s episode and they were often seen throughout the series. Sutter loved using symbolism in his work and that was definitely the case when it came to Gemma’s pet bird. The bird started off as a cockatoo and then it was a cockatiel and finally it was a crow. How many fans noticed the change in birds and why did they change so often? Some people suggest that the change in birds was symbolic of Gemma’s change over time.

17 They Often Worked in really hot Weather

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One thing the crew and cast won’t miss is working in the 100-degree weather all the time. “We used to call it doing ‘the timber.’ We’d lose a crew member a week from passing out. Boom. Gone,” Coates said. Hunnam was given a drink from a yoga instructor to help replenish him while he worked because the heat was so bad. He described it as “untreated, unheated ocean water from some kelp forest somewhere.” It was clear that the heat really started to get to everyone.

16 Hunnam Was influenced by Hip Hop Culture

via daily mail

Everything about Jax’s biker attire was in representation of what was going on in modern biker culture. One thing fans could never understand is why he wore bright white tennis shoes. Even when his clothes would get dirty, the shoes always seemed to remain clean. It didn’t make much sense to fans. Why would he even choose white shoes? Hunnam researched current bikers and saw that their clothing choices were heavily influenced by hip hop culture.

15 Stephen King is A Huge Fan

via daily mail

Stephen King was a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy and he found his way on the show. He found himself on the episode called "The Caregiver." He was a cleaner that was hired by Gemma. We loved seeing King play that grisly part and it couldn’t have been more perfect for him. In the show, he was called Richard Bachman which also happens to be one of his writing pen names.

14 Jax’s Name Came From His Mother

via Zimbio

You may or may not know that Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal are married in real life. Gemma proved to be one of the worst mothers in TV history but Sagal happens to be a great mother. Sutter and Sagal have three children together and one of her sons share of the same name of a character on the show. The Jax Teller on SOA was named after Sagal’s real son, Jackson James White and he was twelve when the series started. These days, he’s an accomplished singer.

13 Kurt and Katey Gave Out Beanies As Baby Gifts

via IndieWire

If you haven’t secured a Sons of Anarchy beanie yet, then put it on your list. Apparently when friends of Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal told them they were expecting, Kutter and Sagal often gave them Sons of Anarchy beanies as gifts. “The meeting I had with Paris Barclay is the day that I found out we were pregnant. The kid was born during me shooting an episode. And the first trip he ever took — he’s three-years-old now — was to the set. And the first gift of clothing he ever got was from Kurt and Katey who bought him a Sons of Anarchy beanie. So there is a familial thing here that goes beyond just the four years that I’ve been with them," said Peter Weller.

12 They Never Had Enough Money

Via Hollywood Reporter

The club was involved in a lot of promiscuous activities that brought in tons of money and yet, they always seemed to be broke or in need of cash. They should have been living comfortable lives and able to retire early. The club was involved with some shady stuff, which means they should have been living the high life. Clay Morrow states in the show how he wants to build up his retirement fund, yet that never seems possible. It doesn’t make sense.

11 The Meaning Behind Wayne Unser’s Name

Via FanPop

Most people don’t really think about the meaning behind a character’s name. But show-runner Kurt Sutter put a lot of effort into being creative with the names on the show. You probably never put much thought into Wayne Unser’s name. Sutter would often use other languages when it came to creating names. Unser was the former police chief and he had certainly spent some time getting his hands dirty. Unser’s last name translates to “ours” in German which is a really creative way of stating that Unser was basically owned by the club.

10 Why they wore Burger King Crowns

Via Collider

Some things are put into the show that mean something to the crew, but the audience thinks it’s completely random. During an episode, the SAMCRO gang was emerging from a van and all the actors were wearing Burger King crowns. There was a reason for that. It was a prank for Charlie Hunnam by the director, Charles Murray, who went to Burger King to get the crowns. So why the prank? Hunnam had been offered the lead role in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and Murray was proud of him.

9 Tig Trager Was Afraid of Dolls

Via Fanpop

Tig Trager was an interesting character on the show because he seemed to have a lot of quirks and fetishes. He had a lot of ups and downs in the show but he was also a really sensitive character. One of the hidden skeletons in his closet was his fear of dolls. The fear is known as pediophobia and it was shared by Kurt Sutter as well. Sutter was able to help Trager with the character flaw because he often said that his own irrational fear came between him and his wife Katey Sagal.

8 Six In Six 

via baskino.me

Tracey Anderson was the head makeup designer on the set and she got so good at wounds that she could do six wounds in six minutes. “I time her,” makeup artist Michelle Garbin said. “One time she did six bullets in six minutes, in a pit, in the middle of the night.” She stated that she became a pro after seven seasons on the show. “When I started, I’d read the script and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re gonna have a slight cut over their eye.’ I’d get all worried about it. ‘We need them back in the trailer for 20 minutes!’ Now it’s like, ‘Whatever, we’ll just do it on set,'” she said.

7 The Bikers Were Too much


We all know that Sons of Anarchy wasn’t real, it’s just a show. While you do expect some level of violence, but the bikers on the show were just too much. In real life, bike gangs can be dangerous, but usually not to the level that we saw on the show. Vaughan C. Jones represented a gang member from a bike club and he stated, “In real life, many tasks of violence and aggression by MC members are for seemingly petty things” and “MC members have been attacked and or [destroyed] for reasons that are senseless to 99% of society.”

6 Kim Coates had a style 

via fanpop

One fun fact about Kim Coates is that he often threatened people on set with his finger, in fact, it was his favorite threat. It’s a funny thing for someone to be obsessed with. “Everyone knows don’t mess with my finger,” he says. “I’m serious.” You may not be aware that he was also in Black Hawk Down, so there are references to that in the show as well. You see Hunnam and Flanagan making jokes while blocking SAMCRO’s movements by shouting, “That’s so BHD.”

5 Matching Their Personality

via wikipedia

You may not have noticed, but the characters of Sons of Anarchy all have dangerous tools that are meant to match their personalities. They were tailored to their personality and needs. All the actors were using blanks and the tools were rubber. “If they’re going hit somebody across the head [with it], we have rubber [ones],” he says. “And there’s various stages of rubber [...] It’s whatever you need.”

4 The Show Wasn’t About the Bikes

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If the show was trying to be more authentic to bike clubs, they would have made the show more about the bikes. We don’t really see a lot of love from the guys about riding motorcycles. The motorcycles just seem to be a means of transportation for them. Fans still loved the show, though, despite the lack of motorcycle love.

3 Chibs Dating A Police Officer

Via CraveyouTV.com

We can see why Chibs would want to date a police officer, but it really never made sense why a cop would get involved with a biker. It was something that fans ignored even though it made absolutely no sense. They even had an intimate scene on top of her cruiser which was one of the most bizarre scenes the show could have done, especially since it was in broad daylight and anyone could have discovered them. It was just an awkward moment and it didn’t fit with the storyline.

2 It got really loud 

via Bustle

The violence on the show got really loud and intense at times. “[It's] actually not that huge today compared to what we usually do. We had an episode where we had like 25 people with full automatics besides another 10 to 20 people with [them too]. So it was loud. I think one of my ears still works,” Boyle says.

1 The Show Had A running joke in the Makeup Trailer

Via pinterest.ch

If you were a fan of the show, then you already know that a lot of people didn't make it to the end. What you may not have known was that the makeup trailer that was on set had what they called a “Blood Wall.” Every time someone got knocked off the show, it went up there, but they eventually took it down. “They would come in and be like, ‘I’m on the wall!’ They’d be so proud. But now it’s too much of a spoiler,” Tracey Anderson said. “There’s just too many people in here taking pictures. And people we have come in to work, they’re not caught up to the episodes, so it spoils it for them. They don’t want to see it.

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