20 Little Details About Rachel Green From FRIENDS

She is arguably the most beloved and disliked character at the same time as fans tend to have mixed opinions regarding Rachel Green. But there is no doubt that she went on to become the biggest star of the cast from season one, as Jennifer Aniston remains a popular figure to this day. Throughout her time on the show, Rachel was always up to something whether it is related to her never-ending relationship problems or constant job changes. Her antics made her a polarizing character that accurately represented the traits of so many younger women - most of whom found her relatable.

But of course, there are others who believed that she was a drama queen, as well as obnoxious in so many ways. Regardless of which side you happen to fall under, she remains the most widely discussed character in the show. And when it comes to fans of Friends, they happen to be extremely passionate about the show to the point where they might know every little detail there is. Thanks to Netflix, the show has retained its popularity among younger generations who have affection towards the show just as past audiences did.

There are plenty of details about Rachel that the average fan is likely familiar with since many plots revolved around them - but only the most passionate fans of Rachel will remember information that was briefly mentioned on the show. Here are 20 little details about Rachel Green from Friends:

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20 Monica Was Originally Going To Play Rachel

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Before Jennifer Aniston ended up taking the role of Rachel Green as the last cast of the show, it had been initially offered to Courteney Cox who rejected the opportunity as she was very fond of Monica as a character. It is now hard to imagine the show with the roles reversed as both actresses took on the character and made it their own. And that's not to mention that Cox as Rachel wouldn't have been a great match for Ross nor would Aniston have meshed well with Chandler - so it all worked out for the best in the end.

19 Rachel Has Kissed Every Member Of The Friends

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It is no secret that the cast of Friends shares many intimate moments throughout the course of the show. Not only did each have multiple partners but they also dated each other. Rachel Green happened to be among the most romantically active out of all members, which is why she has kissed every single member of the main cast including Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler. For those who don't remember, Rachel had kissed Chandler at a party in their younger days, and also kissed Joey during their brief romantic plot that thankfully came to an end.

18 Her Middle Name Is Karen

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If you happen to be a hardcore fan of the show, then it is very likely that you remember Karen being Rachel Green's middle name. It had been brought up a few times over the 10 seasons, and it was mostly Phoebe who called her by her full name whenever she was mad at her fellow friend. And considering that always got Rachel's attention, then it's safe to say that Phoebe's tactic of letting her know that she was very serious always worked. Now the reason question is what does the E stand for in Monica's middle name?

17 Ben Developed A Huge Crush On Rachel While Filming

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Nearly everyone on the show had a crush on Rachel at some point. And while the majority of fans probably felt the same way, it turns out there was another unexpected actor who happened to fall in love with her. During an interview last year, Cole Sprouse - who co-shared the role of Ben on the show along with his brother Dylan - revealed that he had developed a huge crush on Aniston during the show. He was only 8 years old at the time and yet she had quite the effect on him, as he admitted that it was quite tough to work with the actress due to how beautiful she was.

16 She Has Two Younger Sisters

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Rachel's family has been heavily involved throughout the show with many episodes being based around them. Fans got to meet both of her younger sisters Amy and Jill - both of whom caused some trouble to the older Rachel. There are some fans who may not remember those episodes, or possibly think she had more siblings - but it was confirmed by Rachel herself on the show that she only had two. It's probably a good thing that she didn't have more since they were a handful, to say the least.

15 She Was Apart Of The Kappa Kappa Delta Sorority In College

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Rachel had many reunions throughout the show from season one until the finale, including the time when she passed by some former pals and attempted to re-connect with them. She would refer to them as her "Kappa Kappa Deltas sisters" - which isn't a real sorority but alludes to two famous movements that in fact do exist. During the show, the sorority would never be mentioned again by name although Rachel did eventually reunite with one of her former mates, who also happened to be a member - and they shared some personal stories together from their time together in college.

14 Rachel doesn't like Swings

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Rachel revealed her fear of swings when Ross wanted to take their daughter Emma to a playground, but she wasn't on board with the plan. When Rachel was four years old, her hair got tied up around the chain of the swing which messed up her haircut for several weeks. Since then, she has sworn to never get on a swing again although Ross would get Rachel to face her fears until she accidentally knocked him over. Although she initially enjoyed her time on the swing, while also seeing Emma have fun, Rachel quickly changed her mind and declared them as the devil.

13 Rachel Wrote An 18 Page Note To Ross

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Ross and Rachel nearly reunited multiple times throughout the show, including the time when they all went to the beach. In hopes of getting back together, Rachel wrote an 18-page letter to Ross - front and back - in which she suggested that he was responsible for their initial break up. Ross fell asleep before he could fully read the note, although he would pretend that he had gone through it until he eventually realizes the content of Rachel's letter. Not only did he disagree with Rachel's point of view, but he was also very critical of Rachel's grammar.

12 Her Birthday Is May 5th, 1969

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In an episode where Rachel turns 30 and has trouble dealing with aging, it was revealed that she was born on May 5th, 1969. That means that Rachel is set to become 50 years old in less than a year - just as Jennifer Aniston is going to be. And if she couldn't handle being 30 years old, we can only imagine how Rachel would react to being 50. It will certainly be interesting to see Aniston's thoughts on turning 50 - if she has any. Considering that Aniston was born in February, that would make the Rachel character only three months younger on the show.

11 She Had 12 Boyfriends On The Show

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It was rare for the Friends to enjoy a long period without having a partner as all of them would end up dating multiple times. As for Rachel, she had 12 boyfriends on the show including Barry - whom she left at the altar. And then you have Paolo who remained with Rachel for a bit early on before he made a move on Phoebe. There was also Chip from high school, Danny, Russ, Tag, Paul, Joshua, Mark, Gavin, and even Joey. Despite switching partners very often, it was always believed that Rachel would end up with Ross after all, as she did.

10 Rachel also doesn't like...eyes?

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Rachel had an eye phobia that clearly annoyed Ross who never understood as to why she had a problem with anything getting near her eyes. In one episode in which her eye gets itchy, Rachel resisted going to the doctor for a while before Monica forced her to go along. She would make the doctor's job quite tough as Rachel was afraid of allowing him to examine her. While she initially refused to use an eye drop, all Friends would team up to conduct the mission with each member having a specific role until Rachel finally caved in and went through with it.

9 The Only Item In The Kitchen That Belonged To Rachel Was A Bottle Opener

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Fans of the show are well aware that it was Rachel who moved into Monica's apartment, so naturally, it was already furnished prior to their time as roommates. But despite spending many years together, Monica would later reveal that the only item in the kitchen that belonged to Rachel was a bottle opener. Considering that Monica is a cook, as well as known for being extremely controlling, it is somewhat understandable as to why Rachel didn't have a strong presence in the kitchen - not that she had shown any interest. But after having been roommates for as long as they have, you would expect Rachel to have more stuff.

8 Her Favorite Book Is Little Women

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In an episode where Joey attempts to convince Rachel to read his favorite book "The Shining", she reveals that her favorite book is "Little Women" - as they agree to exchange books. She noted that it's the only book she has read more than once as she goes through it every once in a while. As for Joey, he would also develop a great interest in Little Women to the point where he couldn't stop talking about it. Rachel wasn't exactly an avid reader either, but much like Joey - she always returned to this book whenever possible.

7 Rachel's Childhood Dog Was Named LaPooh

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LaPooh had been Rachel's dog since childhood although he remained with her parents once she moved to the city. During an episode, Rachel found out that LaPooh had passed away after being hit by an ice cream truck - which then dragged him around for nineteen blocks. Ross was surprised to learn that LaPoo was still alive - alluding that he had known the dog since they were in high school. That would be the only mention of Rachel's dog whom she clearly loved very much since she was extremely sad to learn about his death. During the show, she would also get a hat named Mrs. Whiskerson who would catch the attention of all members of the crew.

6 Her First Job Was At Central Perk

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When Rachel first got the city, she didn't have any job experience in the past as she led a different lifestyle. Once she decided that she wanted to live like the remaining friends, Rachel got a job at the coffee shop that they frequently visited in Central Perk. She would retain the job for a while before moving on to other things, as she was in dire need of an income early on since Rachel didn't want to relent on her parents. And while it didn't have anything to do with her career, later on, Rachel's first job launched her to greater success.

5 She Has A Heart Tattooed On Her Hip

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In another episode, Rachel and Phoebe decided to make a pact by getting a tattoo together. Although only the former would go through with it, as Phoebe couldn't handle the pain and left as soon as the needle made contact with her skin. Rachel got a heart tattooed on her hip despite previously knowing that Ross wasn't particularly a fan of tattoos in general. It was only mentioned in one episode as the writers chose to not bring it up again. There are many hardcore fans of the show who have gone to get a similar tattoo as a tribute to Rachel and their favorite sitcom.

4 there was a Rachel Club

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Considering that there are 236 episodes of Friends, fans are bound to forget some storylines and jokes that took place on the show. But we sure hope you didn't miss the episode featuring Brad Pitt as Will Colbert in 2001 - who was married to Aniston at the time. As it was revealed during the episode, Will had co-founded a club with Ross in high school titled "I Hate Rachel" - which spread false rumors about her, including that she was a hermaphrodite. Needless to say, Rachel wasn't very pleased to learn about that and it made for some great TV.

3 Rachel Was Nearly Left Out Of The Final Season

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It wouldn't have been the same if all six Friends hadn't been present for the tenth and final season of the show. But that was nearly the case since Jennifer Aniston couldn't initially commit to it as she had a schedule conflict due to her involvement in several movies. She was also tired of playing the same role and wanted to move on from the show - which is why she thought about passing on being part of it. Thankfully, she ended up changing her mind and took on the role of Rachel for one last time.

2 Her Favorite Movie Is Weekend At Bernie's

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If you happened to skin one of the best Friends episode in "The One With The Embryos" then it is likely that you missed out on this piece of information. As Monica and Rachel teamed up to take on Chandler and Joey in a contest to determine which team is more knowledgeable about the other, we happened to learn many gems regarding all characters. According to Joey, Rachel claims that her favorite film is Dangerous Liaison when in fact it is Weekend At Bernie's - which was confirmed by her after all. The film has somewhat of a cult following so it isn't that bad of a choice.

1 Her Last Line Was "Okay, should we get some coffee?"

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Everyone remembers the finale of Friends which aired in 2004. After having dragged the split between Ross and Rachel for so long, they finally reunited at the end of the show to please all viewers who had tuned in over the years. The last scene was a shot of all six friends reuniting one last time at the iconic apartment as they left their keys on the counter with Rachel asking "Okay, should we get some coffee?" It was befitting end for the show as they had spent so much time at the apartment, and even more so drinking coffee.

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