12 Reasons Why Jim And Pam Were Couple Goals (12 Reasons Why Jim Deserved Better)

If there was any television couple that people have wanted to turn into an actual real-life couple, it was Jim and Pam from The Office. Those two had pulled on our heartstrings and made us realize what's needed in relationships, which was to be happy. They were two people that had a relationship that we all felt we were part of for several years. It's something that is hard to find in modern television and is actually pretty cool. This relationship was one of the ages and will certainly be remembered for a very long time to come, simply because of the nature of it. It felt natural and did not make anyone feel like it was forced upon the viewer. Jim and Pam were an integral part of the show.

We're not trying to say that Pam is a bad person but are just trying to say that she could have been better. We do, however, recognize that it was a good thing that she and Jim both had flaws. Please note that spoilers are likely to be going on in this post.

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24 Couple goals: they both have few friends

Not everyone needs a lot of different friends to feel like they are doing something right in life. These people generally keep a tight friend circle, their friends might be very close to them emotionally. Some people may have tons of friends but no one who actually knows them all that well, so this may prove that who they keep close, they actually mean to keep around. This proves they have similar values.

23 Deserved better: Pam could have jumped ship, again

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Pam has a history of jumping ship when she might have the slightest second thought about something. This is seen a lot when she goes to New York for her education. This is something that could have really hurt Jim but is also part of the reason they got together in the first place. Luckily, this is kind of why they got together in the first place. She jumped ship with her previous relationship and started one with Jim because of that.

22 Couple goals: she loves his jokes

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Jim is someone that enjoys pranks and so does Pam. Jim can, however, does not always realize when enough is enough. This means that it is a real possibility that he might pull some pranks on Pam and not know when to stop. Pam is someone who would not mind this and actually prank him back. It makes for a beautiful relationship that people might not always get to have in real life.

21 Deserved better: Pam may shove their relationship into other people's faces

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As you already know Pam has got a tendency to become a little bit impulsive, so, if there was someone that she came across that was absolutely annoying and basically just made her blood boil, she might try to argue that Jim is a better man than anyone they'll ever get. This is bad and does not come across as professional or even as a well-rounded person. If Pam was to do this it could really make Jim feel very bad about who he married.

20 Couple goals: they made others feel happy

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Pam and Jim were clearly in love from an early point in the show but that does not mean they didn't have some other good times along the way. Those two were an important part of the show and actually helped make it what it is today, or rather what it was. Many people have relationship issues and these two gave a sort of relief to that. They even gave great advice on how to deal with those issues.

19 Deserved better: their relationship was too perfect

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You know something is not always right just because someone keeps saying how happy they are. He always seemed super happy to be with Pam and that is incredibly normal, he did legitimately love her. However, you can't deny that Jim always seemed to have something in his eye that just made you think he wanted something more. And that turned out to be true, and that is why he had to go into business for himself.

18 Couple goals: Jim was willing to defend Pam and vice-versa

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These two were willing to defend each other. Now, that may sound fairly normal but it certainly is something that can be rare to find in the world of love. It takes guts to stand up for someone. This is something that Pam has done for Jim in the past, and Jim has definitely done the same for her. But that's the thing isn't it? When you love someone, you are willing to defend them until death do you part.

17 Deserved better: Pam seemed like she didn't care about jim when she went to New York

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Pam was, of course, allowed to have some fun when she moved off to New York for art school. However, she could have dedicated some more time to Jim since he was heavily supporting her at the time. It's a reality that a lot of people don't seem to care about. She made friends and that was good, but she did not focus a lot on the fact that Jim also needed his best friend. And his best friend, was Pam.

16 Couple goals: Jim and Pam are going to raise good kids

Both of those two are fairly level-headed people and would probably like to raise some decent individuals who would become good members of society. Since both Jim and Pam are fairly creative, have good humor and are all around good entertainment and role models, they can probably raise a good kid on their morals. In fact, morals are one thing that can be carried over fairly heavily to a child.

15 Deserved better: Pam can sometimes be gullible

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Pam has the ability to fall for mild tricks and even scams. While a harmless prank by Jim or even Michael would not be a real issue, her losing a lot of money or the house would cause some serious relationship issues. She has in the past been scammed, even by Ryan. This means that she can easily lose something very expensive to a scam and then go ahead and cry because Jim would be more than infuriated.

14 Couple goals: the two are realistic

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Often times, when actors are playing characters that are in a relationship, it can feel very forced. Sometimes, no matter how hard they try, the chemistry just is not right. Sometimes it is due to how the actors act, sometimes it is due to how the script is written, but it feels very fake. Luckily, the beauty of this relationship is how real it felt. The actors delivered it beautifully, and the relationship was light, healthy, and everything people want in real life.

13 Deserved better: their arguments might involve the kids

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Some people tend to involve their children in their arguments with their partners. These people kind of try to leverage the child as an object to their advantage so that they can win the argument. Pam can easily be one of those people since she's already been kind of shotty when it comes to arguments. This means that she could very well just say that she'll make sure he can't see the kids, which would without a doubt hurt Jim.

12 Couple goals: they bring out the best in each other

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Despite their differences, they tend to make each other better individuals on a moral scale. They can motivate each other to do the right thing, whether it be Jim helping Dwight out or simply lending an emotional hand to Angela. It's a move that really depends on what type of person is being asked to provide help. These two are always helping each other or someone that they know of. Pam and Jim are certainly two nice people but they really do help each other the most.

11  Deserved better: Pam sometimes got in the way of Jim's old relationships

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Pam has gotten indirectly involved with a relationship that she actually had no part in. It was when Jim was dating Karen. He was having a few issues and Pam kind of just interjected herself into them. This ultimately helped with the death of Jim and Karen's relationship. This means that she might find herself doing the exact same thing when Jim is having an issue later on in life. Sometimes people just need to solve something on their own rather than getting someone to do it for them.

10 Couple goals: the subtle way that they began

As you already know, the show really took it's time getting everyone familiar with these two. It was years before Jim and Pam actually started dating on the show but we got to see them make meaningful connections during the early seasons. Jim took his time and just spent a lot of memorable moments with Pam over the years. That's why they had a relationship that was just so subtle, it was never forced upon anyone.

9 Deserved better: Pam tends to push Jim away from time to time

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Pam like any normal human being tends to push people away when things might not going how she wants. This was once again most notable when Jim was dating Karen. Jim and Pam were not even the best of friends when he came back. They were actually kind of strangers. She then did it again when she went to New York, often not focusing on how hard it was to be away from Jim, and letting him be miserable without her.

8 Couple goals: they can actually tolerate each other

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Not many couples can actually tolerate each other, after a short while they become irritated and just end up arguing a lot. This is likely due to the many differences people seem to have with each other. When someone does something differently, the more dominant of the two tend to become agitated and an argument can break out. This is not the case with one of our favorite television couples. They actually tolerate each other really well.

7 Deserved better: Pam can be kind of self-centered

Pam has sometimes come across as someone who would do anything for her own needs. It's not particularly a bad character trait to have but isn't good in terms of a relationship. This was really seen when Sabre took over Dunder Mifflin, Pam said that she had a position she didn't have before. This means that instead of doing it the legit way and actually get the job, she preferred lying. She was essentially just lying to benefit herself instead of getting good at a job.

6 Couple goals: They can support each other and their kids

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Supporting children through their endeavors is one of the hardest things a parent can do in life. This is especially true if the kids were to go down a path that the parents disagreed with. Pam and Jim are the type of people to simply support each of their kids with all of their might in their own decisions. They also support each other in their efforts to better themselves. This is best seen by Jim's job and Pam going to art school, despite her being mildly selfish about it all.

5 Deserved better: Pam can sometimes come off as someone who gives up when the going gets tough

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Pam has just been quite shaky sometimes with her decisions and that is something to really fear. It means that she wanted to say something but really didn't care enough to do it or was just too scared to say something. It means that she could fear conflict. If so, how is she going to raise a kid and support her husband?

4 Couple goals: Pam and Jim give us something to look forward to in life

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When many of us think about relationships we don't consider what it's like in the future. If we were to see Pam and Jim we can look forward to getting into something that might be like that, even just a little bit might be nice. It's hard enough to get someone that cares but even harder to find someone that makes even other people envy the type of bond that you two have. This is something that requires a lot of soul-searching, on both ends of the spectrum and Jim and Pam are two people that have clearly done that.

3 Deserved better: Pam makes Jim sound like he's in the wrong

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When Roy learns that Pam had kissed Jim he obviously loses his mind and that's fairly common for people to do. When Pam tells Roy about this little incident, she kind of victimizes herself and really just makes the entire situation feel awkward and sad, for Jim. Given, he did kiss her and should have waited, but the way she worded it, unfortunately, put all the blame on Jim, when Pam also had feelings for him.

2 Couple goals: They are both willing to sacrifice things for each other

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Sacrifice is one of the many important parts to a relationship. It is something that basically needs to happen to both parties a fair number of times, it means that each party is giving something up so the other person can come out on the other side okay. Jim has sacrificed job opportunities and Pam had sacrificed her career as well as personal life alongside her family one.

1 Deserved better: Pam and her history

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As you already know, Pam lied about getting the Office Administrator job. This was something that really put her on edge. It showed that Pam was someone who was not above lying, and even proved that she was maybe not above lying to Jim. Obviously, in a relationship, honesty is the best policy. And since Jim is a favourite, it makes sense that fans would want him in a relationship where he would never be lied to.

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