10 Things That Are Real About The Jersey Shore (And 10 Not So Much)

"Gym, tan and laundry," "cabs are here," and "Rahn Stahp," were lines that we were introduced to in 2009, when the guidos and guidettes from New Jersey rocked the Jersey Shore and made a mess of Seaside Heights on our television screens.

The reality TV show gave us the most memorable and catchy phrases, the most fights, the most fist-pumping, the most grenade dodging, and yet, we don't even know what was actually real. What we do know though, is that we have loved the motley crew from the beginning, despite their often-ridiculous antics. We saw them until 2012, engaging in the typical antics they enjoyed and that we came to love like partying too hard, fighting, and generally making a mess. However, one could only assume that these are the type of frolics that make for good "reality" television, so is what is going down scripted or not? Now that the Jersey Shore cast have reunited in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, after 6 years, they are still making fools of themselves for the most part and we are even more curious to understand what really goes on during production.

A show, that is a guilty pleasure for many with Pauly D, Snooki, Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, JWoww, Vinny Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, and Deena Nicole Cortese, became all about the people and the duck phone. However, now that the cabs are here and Jerzdays are back, we want to tell you the real and fake facts.

20 The Fake Nickname

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What many do not know about our beloved original meatball, Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki, is that her famous nickname, which is the name most of the world knows her by, was completely made up. Yes, before Snooki hit the Jersey Shore and made a complete meatball of herself, she did not have that nickname. While applying for the show, that was specifically looking for a nickname, Nicole made that one up on the spot. And now, she is Snooki for life!

19 The Cast Worked While On The Show

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Before Jersey Shore: Family Vacation came along, the cast, once upon a time, were busy destroying the Shore, but also making some time to work in between all their gym, tan, laundry, fist-pumping, and twerking. The Jersey Shore cast have certainly made a lot money after originally leaving their jobs and school to be guidos and guidettes, but, what many do not know is that while in Seaside Heights the first season, they were actually really working at Danny's Shore Store. Yes, all that lousy work from the group that we saw was real-life.

18 The Duck Phone Is Ringing

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The duck phone is real ― yes, it is, and though it was not originally supposed to be a part of the Shore house, it is now an eponymous symbol. We are mentioning the duck phone, because it is still a part of the gloriously messy show, and it is often in use by the cast members. Why? We find it completely odd that in a generation of cell phones and social media that the crazy cast use the duck phone, but that is because they cannot have their phones ― surprise! So yes, the dramatic phone calls made on the duck phone are real ― quack quack.

17 Aren’t They Italian?

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The Jersey Shore started off as a reality show on MTV promising to show the crazy lives of Italian-Americans living their lives like good old guidos and guidettes. However, though the show has often insisted their whole cast is Italian, even taking them to Italy to explore their roots and visit their mother country, not all of them are. It seems the show is more about a cultural adoption of the Italian-American guido lifestyle. JWoww, the tough mamma, is actually of Irish and Spanish descent, while our beloved meatball Snooki is Chilean.

16 they actually did get in trouble

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Because the famiglia is stuck together in the same house and are usually not sober when they go out, they often find themselves getting into trouble; those who follow the iconic show religiously know that it is impossible to count on our fingers the times the GTL lovers got into trouble with authority. And guess what? That is all true. Numerous cast members have really gotten into trouble while filming, and that wasn't just to jazz up the show. The Shore stars are well-versed in disorderly conduct, so maybe Rahn will learn in season two of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

15 partying Is A Must

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Anyone who is familiar with reality television knows that there are many things that are well-versed behind the scenes. And, like many other reality television shows like The Bachelor, producers will do about anything to get their cast in the most vulnerable and volatile state, and what helps most to make that happen? Partying. They party excessively and one would wonder how they handle always being in such a state, but with nothing else to do, all the endless chugging is real. Even when the cast members are out during the day, the partying is real.

14 no restrictions 

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The rules that the cast have to abide by are pretty strange; they're not allowed to have contact with the outside world but partying and crossing the line is somewhat heavily encouraged. It is said, that since the start of the show, producers have favoured their cast members to cross that friendship line with one another.

13 Leaving The House Isn’t Easy

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The Jersey Shore cast are always on the go — it is rare that we see them spend an entire day in their home. However, as viewers, when we watch the show, we always see the cast quickly throw something on, then call the cabs and get swiftly out of there. In reality though, that is completely false, as the cast have a specific process to follow before leaving the house. They do not pick up and go like we see them do, they essentially must tell producers one hour before that they are planning on leaving, even if it is to just walk outside quickly.

12 Sometimes, Events Are Staged

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In case you haven't heard, reality TV is not always real. When the GTLers took over Italy, a couple odd things occurred that really made us question the authenticity of the show. Nonetheless, a few years later, a little secret about Snooki's car accident was revealed ― that is a double whammy. During season four, Snooki had to sport a new fake accessory, a neck brace, because she got into a fake accident with a police car. The real accident? The police officers she apparently collided with were not cops, but members of the show’s security team.

11 The Cast is Never Alone

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Our beloved meatballs and guidos are always roaming the streets like it is a free world; either that or they're falling everywhere. However, when we see them soberly walk around, or try to get into the cabs after leaving a club while they're sloppy, it looks like it is just them and no one else is around, right? Wrong ― there are security teams constantly surrounding the cast in public. During season three, producer Salsano admitted that the cast had around 1,000 to 3,000 security members following them everywhere because of their insane popularity ― that is nuts!

10 Did You Actually Think They Could Make Pizza?

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So we mentioned before that during the first season of the show filled with debauchery, that none of the cast members were paid for being on the show, rather they were paid while working at the Shore Store. However, the show became instantly famous, and by season three, they were earning a lot of moolah per episode. Come season four in the motherland, the crazy guidos and guidettes were seen working at Pizzeria O’Vesuvio while kneading pizza dough, but that was completely false. The cast does an excellent job at pretending to get their hands saucy.

9 MTV takes responsibility 

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Even though Mike was the only one sober in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, everyone else went pretty hard. But with all the allegations going on in Hollywood, MTV wanted to make sure they didn't get in trouble with any overnight guests and took responsibility for the people entering the house. In an interview that producer SallyAnn Salsano had with Vulture, she informed them that the "overnight" guests were all given sobriety tests to avoid any lawsuits.

8 The house doesn't make sense

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After a long time off-screen, the Jersey Shore cast finally reunited, as we saw on television in April, but this time, it was filmed in a lavish mansion in Miami. Can we get a yeaaaaaah buddy? After all their years of hard work, they were a little spoiled this time. However, this leads us to one serious question — why were they all using the same bathroom that Rahn kept clogging if they were staying in such a gigantic house? Turns out, Ronnie's serious bathroom issues are real and so was the whole clogged toilet issue as they had to share the same bathroom. While Ronnie was wrecking the toilet, his beloved friends had to suffer.

7 Cabs Are Here!

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In an age where technology is everything, we thought our favourite line "cabs are here" by the master of guidos himself, DJ Pauly D, would go out of style, but in the Shore house, not at all. Well, in 2009, it was normal for Pauly D to always excitedly yell about the taxis arrival, even in Italy he would yell out "taxi sono qui," but what about now in 2018? It is all about Uber ― who takes cabs in 2018? If you ever found yourself questioning the whole cab situation, we got your back. The cast always takes cabs as they are not allowed phones on set, hence the no-Uber situation.

6 Snooki did actually live alone

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The Jersey Shore cast have certainly fooled us more than once ― we guess there really is more than what meets the eye. In the last season of Jersey Shore, we're talking season six, Snooki was actually kept apart from the Shore house ― yes, that little meatball had a little secret up her sleeve. During the sixth season, Snooki was pregnant, so she did not want to be a part of the messy house. She admitted in an interview with Vulture that MTV listened to her wishes of being safe and healthy and made her live in a separate house right next door.

5 Mamma Paula

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Is there anything in this world that could compare to a mouth-watering and authentic marinara tomato sauce? Not at all, and thankfully, Vinny's mother always comes through. We all know Vinny is the stereotypical Italian mamma's boy, and there is nothing false about that, but we also know how much the cast loves Paula's delicious Italian cooking. In Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we see Paula and Vinny's loud uncle Nino show up in Miami, and what did Paula bring along with her? Undoubtedly an Italian feast, but don't doubt the authenticity of it, it's all real and yummy.

4 The All New Vinny

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"Wake up, Keto Guido" a.k.a. Vinny Guadagnino. The Jersey Shore reunited for a family vacation in Miami and now Las Vegas, but besides the undeniably and sometimes ridiculous and flawed friendships that have remained the same, some things haven't. Vinny, who is a typical Italian and traditionally has dinner with his family every Sunday, has gone through a major diet, hence the new Keto Guido name founded by his best buddy Pauly D. There was an episode in Family Vacation, where Vinny is only eating the pizza topping while his friends made fun of him. This was not scripted or staged, as Vinny is very serious about his carb-free diet.

3 The Hand-Selected Extras

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Imagine you're a huge fan of the show and its guidos and guidettes and you run into them one day! Would you keep calm and collective? The chances are probably slim. However, when the iconic show instantly became a hit during their first season, fans were doing anything to get close and get a glimpse of the flawed and party animal cast. What you don't know is that all those "customers" who shopped at the Shore Store, or the ones they talk to at clubs, are all hand-picked by producers and the crew. However, the people who are selected are basically acting and being fake because they are instructed to be calm and act like the cast members are normal people and not celebrities.

2 The next morning

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The cast is much older now and more responsible and wiser ― or not. The cast is still always DTP (down to party) and some like Pauly D, are still single. And to get their party on and Pauly's groove on, they turn to liquid courage, but that is nothing new. Seeing meatball Dina fall all over the place and seeing meatball Snooki falling asleep with pizza next to her is still as hilarious as it once was. However, what is funniest is seeing them feeling awful the day after because the struggle is real. And like the “older" Snooki said, “the hangovers on Family Vacation were the worst.”

1 Remember The Hot Tub?

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You can't have a reality show with out-of-control guidos and guidettes without a hot tub. With the return of the irresistible cast that aired for six rambunctious seasons, in Miami in April, we saw a mansion with a hot tub specifically catered to the Keto Guido, the DJ, the two meatballs, Ron-Ron, crazy JWoww, the new Situation, and the Sammi doll. Any fan of the show, upon seeing the hot tub, instantly had flashbacks to all the crazy scenes that took place in the hot tub at the Shore house in Seaside. However, what most do not know is that though the hot tub appeared to be on the roof of the Seaside house, it was actually on the rooftop of the T-shirt shop.

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