The World's Most Expensive Domain Name 2011

Sex.com Now World's Most Expensive Domain Name, According To Guinness

Apparently, sex not only sells but also sets records.

Guinness World Records, now officially recognizes Sex.com as the "most expensive internet address domain name."

In November 2010, Sex.com was auctioned off for a sizzling $13 million, making it the world's priciest domain name, TechCrunch reports.

Germany-based domain name marketplace Sedo.com negotiated the deal between Escom, Sex.com's former owner, and Clover Holdings. "We're honored that Sedo was trusted with such a high-value and high-profile sale, and we're ecstatic that it is now being recognized by Guinness World Records as a record-breaking deal," Sedo sales director Kathy Nielsen told TechRadar UK.

In the past, Sedo has also brokered big-ticket deals for the likes of Vodka.com and Pizza.com, TechRadar writes.

TechCrunch points out that, since November, a private domain sale may have trumped Sex.com's $13 million deal. But, for now, the Guinness record will stand.

Look at some  of the world's most expensive domain names, as ranked in early 2010:




The domain name is tied with 'Diamond.com' for multi-million dollar price tag. Business.com was purchased for $7.5 million in 1999.



7.Israel. com

Israel. com, Telegraph explains the buyer's motivations (who purchased the site for $5.88 million in 2004)




Vodka.com sold for $3 million in

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