Top 10 Internet Based Companies

The internet has changed human course of history and the world of e-commerce is the present and the future. By looking at the profits earned and the stature and popularity of an internet-based company, it will be easy to determine its success.

The mere mentioned of popularity will already give you an idea that Facebook will be on this list, but how about the profits? Well, take a look at Amazon’s performance for answers.

As long as a company offers something that is exclusive and provides high technology, they will set a formidable edge that is simply difficult to shake and bend.

Who made the Top 10 Internet Based companies and what is the story behind their unrivaled success in the World Wide Web?

•    Amazon.com: In all industries online, Amazon sets its records straight. Fortune 500 that lists the most profitable companies in the world put Amazon in the highest position. Amazon, a bookseller that has been established in 1995 dominated the e-commerce because it sells anything you are looking for online. You say movies, music, clothing apparels, jewelry pieces, books, pet supplies, foods, and car parts? Go to Amazon and prepare you shopping basket because you will not leave the e-commerce website with an empty basket. Amazon’s Seattle, Washington-based e-commerce site sees through its worldwide operations that include France, Germany, UK, Canada, China, and Japan.

•    Google.com: Being the biggest search engine in history, Google will continue to pave boundaries and frontiers as long as everybody knows when. When Google began its operations in 1990s, a lot of improvements, developments, and innovations have been introduced by the power search engine. If you want something done, you Google it and you will be provided with seamless information that will be relevant in your research. Knowledge is power and Google offers you this power at the end of your fingertips.

•    Facebook.com: There is nothing left unsaid if you will define how massive Facebook has become. When its founder Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2000s at his Harvard dorm room, the world is set for a new direction in the way they communicate and connect with friends. Though relatively a young website, Facebook has proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes to setting novelty platforms and ideas that will mark a new change in e-commerce and the current trends.

•    YouTube.com: Have you seen a viral video lately? Thanks to YouTube video platform, every video that is worth your glimpse and attention is here to stay. When it was founded in 2005, YouTube successfully made an explosion for diversified videos from millions of users across the globe. If you are an aspiring singer, comedian, actor, and performer, you can apparently find your biggest break on YouTube. You just have to create an account and make sure that upload your video and inform your friends about it—afterwards, the whole world will also know.

•    Yahoo.com: If there is Google, there is also Yahoo. When it was developed in the mid-1990s, it was a blast in the history of e-commerce and network communication. What makes Yahoo great is the fact that it is always included in one of the most profitable and profitable websites of all time. Its headquarters is currently in Sunnyvale, CA but its offices are found across the world, from Europe, Asia, Australia, to Latin America, Canada, and the United States.

•    eBay.com: If you want to find out the hottest and most saleable items, go to eBay.com. Here, you will find notable PowerSellers who have been selling just about anything. Plus, eBay offers the easiest platform to start your online business. People from different countries will not be disappointed if they take their selling and buying adventures on eBay. Though there has been a long list of its competitors, eBay will continue to help e-commerce entrepreneurs to build their business.

•    Wikipedia.com: Wikipedia started the “copy-paste” syndrome and funny it may seem but Wikipedia is one of the most successful user-based encyclopedia applications online. However, the “copy-paste” syndrome can’t even be used as a reason why the website has become massive. The interesting fact about Wikipedia is that people use their time and their research abilities to provide information and resources in this application which makes it whole and dynamic. It has become a user-oriented and most managed website on the internet at present. Free-content encyclopedia that is Wikipedia will continue to become a phenomenal success with its ease of editing, open content license, radical collaboration, and neutrality.

•    Msn.com: Msn.com is the stylized of the original idea that was Microsoft Network. Msn offers collection of internet sites and other services from Microsoft. When it was established in 1995, Msn never stops in working and finding its focus. When it launched its free web-based e-mail service and instant messaging service to draw competition, it thrived and it remained. At present, Msn also holds the title as one of the most visited domain name on the Internet.

•    Liberty Media: Liberty Media is an American media firm and its e-commerce market place sets milestone. Liberty Media provides a collection of branded websites through its amazing list of e-commerce websites. It had earned the title for being one of the top 10 internet based companies for its good track records, low fixed costs and more rooms for expansion as the rest of the world industries go online. For a very long time, Liberty Media will continue to outpace the rest of major players online.

•    PayPal.com: PayPal sets the trend in global e-commerce as it allows payments and money transfers transactions online. One day, the traditional methods of paying like the money orders and checks will be replaced by online money transfers and PayPal will be there waiting for you to open an account. As PayPal operates in 190 markets and administers an estimated 232 million accounts of its users, it will become a giant driver of revenues.

These mentioned top companies shouldn’t rest with their laurels, their revenues and their popularity. In the world of internet, there are many things that are yet to be revealed and history has proven it many a times.

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