Top 10 Most Commonly Sold Commercial Jets to Airlines

For the common plane passengers, their only concern is to buy the ticket that they need, get on the plane and wait until it has landed in their destination. Oftentimes, people take the plane and get off it without even bothering to know what type of aircraft it is.

For the enthusiasts, details about the plane they are riding are really important. Truth is, knowing the aircrafts which companies use is actually necessary. This will help in determining safety and convenience for the passengers.

With all the new aeronautical technologies and advanced engineering that we have these days, the list of airplane types and models continue to grow longer. But what are the ones which are commonly bought by airline companies? Here is a list of aircrafts which are built for commercial flights so the companies do not hesitate to invest in them.

10. Airbus A380

This is an aircraft which is manufactured by the Airbus Company. It is a plane which is widely used by airline companies like Emirates and Singapore Airlines. Among the primary users also include Qantas and Lufthansa.

This was initially produced in 2004. However, it was not until 2005 when it was initially used for a commercial flight for Singapore Airlines. The plane is highly preferred because it is a double-decker, meaning it can accommodate more passengers. In fact, the Airbus A380 is considered as the biggest passenger airliner as of today. Airline companies have invested in this model because it is a cost-efficient option for them.

9. Boeing 707

This is among the planes which were manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was first manufactured in 1958 up until 1979. It is a plane which has an average capacity and can accommodate about 140 to 189 passengers.

The Boeing 707 is a jet airliner which is powered with four engines. Before the 707 was used for commercial flights, the company had ventured into the creation of other passenger planes. However, this was the one from Boeing that was first to make it on the commercial market.

8. Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is also known as the Airbus A320 Family. This is a smaller plane and is perfect for domestic commercial flights. It is built with a narrow body and the engineering used for it makes it appropriate for short to medium distance flights. The maximum capacity of Airbus A320 Family reaches up to 220 passengers.

7. Boeing 727

The company made the Boeing 727 for short to medium range distance. The total number of passengers that this plane can accommodate is from 149 to 189. After the improvements that were done by Boeing Commercial Airplanes to the original model, the latest version can soar up to 2,700 nautical miles.

This is a plane that is commonly bought by airlines because it is perfect even for shorter runways. Smaller airports, particularly the ones which only offer domestic flights can provide better service with a small plane like the Boeing 727.

6. Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is among the finest creations of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This is powered by twin engines and it is characterized by the relatively wider body.

This model is a breakthrough for the company because during the time that it was first manufactured, it was the only plane that was geared with a glass cockpit for two crews. Among the planes which Boeing designed and created, it is also the first with wide-body twinjet.

5. Boeing 757

This plane is among the more recently produced aircrafts by the company. The initial production was in 1981 but the company continued on until 2004. Among all the single-aisle passenger planes which were made by Boeing, this is the biggest one.

The major technological advancement of the Boeing 757 compared to the others is that it has a super-critical wing design and it has reduced aerodynamic drag.

This average-sized plane is ideal for commercial flights because it can accommodate up to 289 passengers. The maximum height for this plane is within 3,150 to 4,1oo nautical miles.

4. Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 is also called the Dreamliner. This is a model which brings much pride to Boeing. It was a ground-breaking launch when this was introduced for commercial flights because of how fuel-efficient it is. Aside from that, Boeing takes pride with the fact that a big part of the body uses composite materials. Compared to other planes from the company, this is more economic and energy-saving, Even the engineering for the interior focused on saving power and improving the flight experience by maximizing the use of four-panel windshield, using noise-reduction techniques for the engine and a whole lot of other innovations.

The Boeing 787 is among the commonly bought aircraft which is utilized by airline companies for international flights. Its big capacity and intelligent engineering makes it a great option.

3. Boeing 737

Interestingly, the original plan for the Boeing 737 was for it to be used for short to medium range distances by limited passengers only. However, as its creation progressed, alterations had to be done by the manufacturer. Eventually, it turned out to be a plane which can accommodate 85 to 215 passengers.

The family for the Boeing 737 continues to grow. Currently the ones being used in commercial airline companies are the -600, -700, -800 and -900 ER. Since this is among the top-sellers of Boeing, the company is venturing into the creation of the latest model of Boeing 737. This is the 737 MAX. However, there is news that the launch of this new model will not be done until 2017.

2. Boeing 777

The main reason why this plane is a popular option for commercial airline companies is its big capacity. This plane can accommodate about 300 to 550 passengers. It is one of the best options especially for airline companies which provide international flights. Another advantage of this aircraft over the others is that it has turbo fan engines with the largest diameter, for better flight and movement.

1. Boeing 747

There is no doubt that the Boeing 747 should win the top spot, considering the fact that this is more commonly known as the Jumbo Jet or the Queen of the Skies. It is deserving of the number one position because a lot of airline companies rely on this plane. Some use it for commercial flights while others utilize the plane for cargo. Hence, this is considered as the number one most sold plane in the world.

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