The Best Recording Equipment For Home Studios

The world of technology has totally changed the way the recording industry works. In the past, it was only possible for musicians to be heard by the masses if they signed to a large record label. Now, there are social media sites like YouTube and Facebook that allow unsigned musicians to reach huge numbers of people on their own – without a big record label. The technology that is available to musicians now makes it much easier for an unsigned band to have clear and professional sounding recordings. No longer does a band have to spend their entire budget on traveling to a high-end recording studio and purchasing recording time. Instead, they can purchase the necessary equipment they need to create their own home recording studio. It’s becoming more and more popular for musicians to do just that.

As a result, musicians are becoming multi-talented. They are learning how to become Internet marketers, photographers, videographers, recording engineers, performers, and entertainers, making it easy to see why so many bands are getting big without the backing of a record label. Unsigned musicians are now producing music videos, full-length albums, and going on tours, all on their own.

There are certain types recording equipment that work best for people who have their own home studio. Many musicians may not know it, but more expensive microphones might not be effective in home recording studio acoustic settings, making it better to go with a mid range microphone when recording from home. Here is a list of some of the best recording equipment for home studios.

6 Apple MacBook Pro - $1,199.00 - $2,649.00

The Apple MacBook Pro has quickly become one of the most popular computers for musicians to use. Not only do these computers offer heavy-duty processing power, but they are very portable, allowing them to be used at live shows. It’s also a great buy for someone who wants to run Pro Tools or Apple Logic. For electronic music or hip-hop producers, this Apple laptop can also run the programs like Native Instruments, FL Studio, and Reason.

The great thing about an Apple MacBook Pro is that its specifications make it unlikely to go out of date very quickly. You will be able to buy a new MacBook Pro and continue to produce music on it for years to come. For multi-track recording, you need a computer with a lot of processing power, and this machine offers all the processing power you could want. No longer will you have to deal with a computer being bogged down when trying to record music. There is nothing worse than having a great take ruined by a laptop that is unable to keep up with the production and ultimately crashes. Every musician has been through this when recording from a home studio, and it’s no fun at all.

5 Blue Baby Bottle Mic. - $399.99

When you are looking to record guitars, piano, or vocals, the Blue Baby Bottle microphone is a very good solution. You will have to spend a little bit more money to buy this microphone, but it will be well worth the investment. The Blue Baby Bottle mic is a microphone from the Blue company, a well-respected entity in the recording world.

The Baby Bottle model is the smaller and more affordable version of the very well-known Blue Bottle mic, offering huge savings for a microphone that still offers high quality. You'll be spending a few hundred dollars on the Blue Baby Bottle mic instead of a few thousand dollars on the Blue Bottle Mic – much more within the budget for musicians that are unsigned. The Blue Baby Bottle microphone will definitely get the job done, offering great pre-amps and tubes within the hardware of the microphone. What’s more, this microphone is one that will last for a long time.

4 Mackie Eight Bus Mixer - >$1000

The Mackie Eight Bus Mixer is a great analog mixing board that gives musicians a very rich sound. The Mackie Eight Bus mixer comes in a 24 track or 32 track set up. Having eight auxiliary bus ports allows musicians to add amazing outboard effects to their mixes, including professional-grade reverb, compressors, and limiters. By purchasing a few high-end rack mount effects, and running them through the eight bus mixer, a musician is going to find that they will have extremely professional sound that stands out above the rest. They’re tough to find, but thrifty shoppers should be able to snag one for under $1000.

3 MOTU 24 I/O Audio Interface - $1,099.95

Any musician who wants to create a home studio is going to want to have a high-grade professional quality audio interface, which is what brings the music to your computer. The MOTU 24 I/O audio interface pairs perfectly with the 24 track Mackie Eight Bus mixer, allowing for multi-track recording. This is especially great when it comes to recording drums. Having a great audio interface allows for the highest quality digitalization of sounds coming through the analog mixer, and is a must for serious home recording artists.

2 Apple Logic - $199.99 Or Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation Software -  $295.00

There are two recording software programs that are industry-standard: Apple Logic and Avid Pro Tools. Each musician will have to find which audio recording software works best for them. It is usually the case that hip-hop and electronic music producers will enjoy Apple Logic more than Pro Tools, where Rock bands will feel the opposite, as Pro Tools facilitates recording live instruments. Apple Logic has a focus more on digital music coming in via USB or midi, or virtual instruments that are built into the software itself.

Apple Logic is also a great tool for composers. For those who are composing music for films or television, Apple Logic is the best software to go with, offering features that allow for scores to be printed off after instrumentation has been keyed in with a USB controlled keyboard. This allows for composers to create their scores, and also to have a frame of reference on the computer before they send it to the orchestra itself. It is imperative for anyone who is trying to create a home studio to have a high-end digital audio workstation. Apple Logic and Pro Tools happened to be two of the best on the market.

1 Panasonic GH3 Camera - $1,299.99

Someone reading this article might wonder why a camera is showing up on the list for a home recording studio. For any band, rapper, electronic music producer, or singer that wants to get big in this day and age, quality Youtube videos are a must. The Panasonic GH3 camera is the highest quality DSLR video camera under $5000 on the market, a great purchase for any musician that is serious about getting big in the music world.

With this camera, bands, rappers, DJs, singers, or composers will be able to document their recording process and start creating buzz on social media sites. Musicians will also be able to create their own music videos, which will have the potential to help the band grow a viral online presence. It is important now for musicians to not only be proficient in audio production, but video production as well, lest they get surpassed by a band with more media skill. With these high-quality videos, side-by-side with a high-quality audio, the chances of getting picked up by a record label are much greater. Not only will artists be able to gain recognition from record labels, but they will attract many new fans and listeners with high-quality videos.

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