13Dlodlo V1 — Virtual Reality Glasses

We don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who isn’t excited about Virtual Reality (VR) products. They are quite literally changing the way we see the world around us. It’s exciting because there is a science fiction element to VR.

The Dlodlo Technology Company has so far raised just over a

quarter of the amount they need to fund their latest project: Dlodlo V1. These are being advertised as the world’s most portable VR glasses; lightweight and wireless. Where most products of this sort are bulky and heavy to wear, the Dlodlo weighs less than 90g. And they look nothing like the VR glasses you’ve seen before!

With these, you will be able to see in perfect clarity as it's got a resolution of 2400x1200 pixels and play games with amazing panoramic views as Dlodlo V1 boasts FOV (Field of View) of an impressive 105 degrees. With a 3D display, low latency, and a killer refresh rate, it’s easy to see that this company is on to something.

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