10 Features That Make The iPad Pro A Must-Buy

As expected, the bi annual unveiling of Apple’s panoply of new products and updates to features has been met: the seasonal winds of San Francisco bore a changing breeze and a raft of new products, including an Apple TV update, two new smartphones and the iPad Pro.

As September is the common month of harvest, a crowd of 7,000 members filled the Bill Graham arena for a new chance of a fresh bite and Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller delivered. The iPad was part of a litany of revolutionary products rolled out by Apple in the 21st century. The latest development from their verdant tree of innovation – the iPad Pro – aims to marry professional creative needs with that of committed tablet users. So, off the back of this year's grand unveiling ceremony, here is a quick listing of the cool features present in Apple’s new fresh fruit that’s fallen to the ground as an iPad Pro.

10 The Smart Keyboard

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The smart keyboard is an ingenious addition indeed to turn this tablet into the savant of its field. Purchased separately from the iPad itself, the keyboard comes with a choice of either being attachable via the tablet’s Smart Port, meaning no separate battery is required, or it can be activated via Bluetooth.

Handily able to integrate with the device, it is woven of a custom fabric and features individual keys for easy typing. Ease is the byword for this handy little accessory, as it can fold away and transform into a Smart Cover for the iPad - it's versatile and swiftly adaptable for the whims of modernity.

9 Durable Body

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Being such a small contained computer, durability is important to the effectiveness of a product. Not only must it endure the odd drop, bump and scrape, it also extends beyond this to handling the daily wear of your average touches and brushes, to emotionally charged prods and flourishing brandishes. Human emotion is as much a threat to the integrity of a tablet as is the wayward whims of gravity, so it is vital for the development of this technology that it can stand the flare of human emotion!

Apple has toughened the skin of their tablets by redefining their unibody design, using an anodized aluminum casing to render knocks less effective to make sure the precious computerized fruit and pips within don’t get bruised. Durability and lightness define the new casing design - no use coating a tablet in heavy steel that will induce arm aches for all users. The aluminum case offers enhanced toughness and still offers a light frame for user convenience.

8 Sound

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Visual beauty and breathtaking glimpses of landscape that can fool the eye into thinking it is studying a genuine vista has been an Apple forte for some time. Yet the issue with such tiny innovations in digital technology means one sacrifice usually has to be made and more often than not, sound is where the ax falls. Dreaded, tinny mono sound has often been the bane of music emitted by phones for several years.

The iPad Pro introduces a four-speaker system on their tablets to produce a smooth and rich stereo sound quality. Streaming music on the move is now easier than ever, providing a clear, crisp sound.

7 Storage

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All of us have a plethora of files that we cannot suffer to be without these days - a veritable cyber filing cabinet, CD rack and video cupboard, not to mention photos that could reach the moon and back if they were developed. Then there are Apps that keep us connected to the world, even atop Mount Everest.

Despite the fact that one no longer needs a hangar to store all of this stuff, it still does require some room to be used and this is the great benefit of the new iPad. 32GB is nothing to be sniffed at and offers a lot of room for average every day use. However, we then leap up, quadruple in size, to 128GB; a heavy duty size for music, movie and picture files. Combined with the turbo battery life and processor speeds to match, this tablet is one helluva of a pill to pop to enter the Matrix this autumn.

6 iOS 9

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The operating system has also been given a new recharge and revamp for the new Apple roll-out. The enduring companion of the iPad has always been Siri, the voice activated search device, a trademark of Apple and a stalwart part of the iPad itself.

The update features the world’s most famous robot voice with new perks, including greater privacy protection. Additionally, the new features allow for multitasking to be a greater aspect of the new tablet. Built in Apps are improved too, such as Notes, plus a new News App. An extra little handy tidbit of iOS9 is that less space is now required to install Apps. It also has a crucial safety injection that advances security features to protect your device from the monsters of the cyber world.

5 Battery Life

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This is the Achilles’ heel of modern technology. Smartphones and tablets are supposed to be the paragons of access to information and friends at the touch of a button, at high speed, anywhere, any time and any place. So many people would sacrifice a limb to have a full day of battery.

In this case, what a boon it is for the iPad Pro to boast 10 hours of battery life. This could permit a whole day’s work or allow a creative individual to devote hours a day to their work without the fear of a screen suddenly going blank. Minus the twin disaster of losing signal or Wi-Fi connections, there should be nothing to deny people from staying in touch or using their tablets for other purposes for the whole day.

4 Camera

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Selfies are almost an intrinsic part of our culture and as the old saying goes: “a picture paints a thousand words”, which in today’s digital Smartphone and tablet world is a boon of epic proportions.

What a Godsend then that the iPad Pro is fitted with an 8-megapixel i-Sight camera, offering unequaled clarity and sharpness for those who can’t resist snapping the sandwich they’re about to devour for the world to see and start a war on a comment thread!

3 12.9 Inch Retina Display

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Boasting an impressive 5.6 million pixels, this iPad incarnation offers the sharpest and greatest definition of any of its tablet predecessors. At 264 Pixels Per Inch, the dazzling imagery and stunning picture quality is bolstered by refined Multi-Touch technology and has been gifted with greater contrast and brightness to draw those eyes to the screen and enhance the every day back and forth of computing life.

2 Technology

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The iPad Pro is loaded with a new 64-Bit A9X Chip and has third generation 64-Bit architecture to mimic desktop computer capabilities for increasing the pressure of workflow and ease of dictating said workflow. Furthermore, according to a press release, the software design company Adobe claimed that the new iPad Pro contains 4GB RAM, power that easily rivals that of a plethora of modern desktops and notebooks. Is it a first glimpse of how tablets and smartphones will soon phase out their desktop and laptop cousins?

1 The Apple Pencil

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A stylus has been a companion of many smartphones and PDA’s for around a decade now, but they have been missing from Apple products since the inception of the iPad. In fact, Apple founder and legendary techie, the late Steve Jobs, went on record to distance himself from styluses with tablets, feeling a long, insensitive stick isn’t as intuitive to the experience as a finger. Yet this philosophy seems to have been ditched with the new evolution of the iPad and a stylus was introduced for the more "every man" idyll the tablet seems to cater for.

Schiller says the stylus and the iPad Pro are designed for designers, creatives, illustrators and editors who need maximum precision. How will this new wondrous Apple wand fare in the tablet market? Only time will tell.


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