Sony Announces Release and Price of the PlayStation 4

Sony has always been on the cutting edge of platform console gaming. From their introduction into the video game market with the original Playstation, they have set the standard for other video gaming companies. Up until the introduction of the Xbox, Sony had a corner on the video game market.

On Amazon.com you are able to pre-order this Playstation 4 for $399. The release date is set for December 31st of 2013. This new gaming system is said to be the most advanced console to hit the market yet.

The new Playstation Dual Shock 4 controller has the basic playstation design, yet a much more sleek and futuristic look. This controller appears to have a new light bar technology which gives the controller more recognition to the console. There is a new touch pad on this controller as well, which allows for more dynamic game play. one of the most exciting features of this new controller is the speaker on the controller. This will really make it feel like you are in the game. This is truly the future of gaming right here.

One of the coolest new features for the Playstation 4 is the share feature. You will be able to link your Playstation 4 with your YouTube and Facebook account, allowing you to upload videos and screenshots seamlessly to your accounts. This makes it incredibly easy for YouTube user who are used to having to capture your game play in much more difficult means.

The Playstation 4 is the next step in gaming! It will be amazing to see it out at the end of this year!

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