Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets

Insanely Expensive Gadgets for the Elite

Gadgets are meant to make life easier for people. But there are certain gadgets that are too expensive that it becomes difficult to justify their uses for such exorbitant amounts.

Here are ten of the most overly expensive gadgets that may save you time but definitely not money:



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10 Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX Motorcycle: $300,000

Yes, there is the $555,000 Dodge Tomahawk that can compete as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. But it technically has four wheels! Many have christened the Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX Motorcycle as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. It gives other motorbikes a run for their money with its price tag of $300,000 and a high-end titanium chassis fit with carbon fiber wheels. This motorcycle also delivers 210-foot pounds of pure torque.

9 Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch:  $260,000

The Harry Winston Opus 12 wristwatch has no typical minute and hour hands. It has elegant blue metal arms that look more like sharp weapons. It takes pride in its sophistication, well enough to cast a price tag of $260,000 for their wristwatch.

This watch can work for about 45 hours with 607 parts, 80 jewels and 3 barrels. It even renders animation of the 12 hour hands for each hour change. It also animates the minute hands for every five minutes. The watch has a diameter of 46mm with a white gold case and anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

It has an air of exclusivity because only 120 units will be created to tell time in a Copernican-inspired revolution fashion.

8 Megatrend MKIII Speakers: $80,000

When the volume of sound is overwhelming, it is often referenced as a “wall of sound.” But Transmission Audio’s Megatrend MKIII Speakers take this idiomatic phrase to a whole new literal level. Standing seven feet tall and three feet wide, this is a real wall of speakers for the steep price of $80,000.

7 MWE Emperor 200 PC WorkStation: $45,000

The MWE Emperor 200 will definitely make working easier with this sophisticated workstation featuring three monitors, a touch screen interface, air filtration system, an electric powered leather seat and light therapy illumination. In short, this has everything you need for a comfortable work experience – all for the exorbitant price of $45,000.

These workstations are made to order according to customer specifications. One can even add peripherals such as iPhone docks. But it can take up to six months to construct a unit.

6 S-Works + McLaren Venge Bicycle: $18,000

With the sudden spike in popularity of biking, it has been increasingly difficult to buy an inexpensive bicycle. The normal range is from $2,500 up. But a specific kind of bicycle integrates exceptional technology to propel the price tag of the bicycle to $18,000. This is the S-Works + McLaren Venge Bicycle.

The S-Works + McLaren Venge Bicycle uses its technological advantage to lessen the stiffness of an already lightweight carbon-fiber rocket. This directly translates to speed. But for the price, will it be better to buy this technology or just pedal harder?

5 Vertu Constellation Smartphone: $13,800

When considering the price of a smartphone, many people probe the features and specifications of the gadget. But the Vertu luxury smartphone takes it up a notch. A unit costs around $13,800. But the only glaring difference of this smartphone is that it’s running a Symbian operating system and a Swype keyboard. It also has a red gold exterioir with 24/7 Concierge Live application. This also helps you secure exclusive access to clubs, arrange travel trips, order expensive wine and even get in touch with a security specialist.

4 The Kohler Numi Toilet System: $6,400

For the rich and powerful, it is not enough to take care of your excretions through normal means. The Kohler Numi breaks all boundaries when it comes to toilet systems with this contraption worth $6,400. This unit has a touchscreen interface and a smart bidet for easier cleaning. The seat is also heated and there is a vent underneath that blows warm air for additional comfort.

3 Stax SR-009 Earspeakers: $5,250

“Beats by Dre” has successfully established itself as the brand of choice when it comes to headphones. This brand is already expensive with its rapper endorsements but it pales in comparison to the headphones of a certain Japanese company. The Stax SR-009 can handle a frequency response between 5 to 42,000 Hertz and you can have this sonic flexibility for $5,250.

Even with its design, Stax maintains that these should not be called headphones but rather as ear speakers. Moreover, you need an amplifier worth $2,000 to power the unit further.

2 Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife: $3,000

We know Swiss knives should be everything you need in a nice and neat package. With the advent of the digital revolution, why not include a thumb drive with it? This is the new feature of the upcoming Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife. Yes, that’s one terabyte of data storage in a little bundle in the comforts of your pocket.

For practical purposes, the USB 2.0 thumb drive can be detached from the Swiss Knife so that there won’t be a dangling hazard each time you have to transfer files. But for a thumb drive with a few practical knives and features, are you really willing to shell out $3,000?

1 iPhone 4 Docking Station Made of Crystal: $500

A docking station is a convenient way to sync files and to charge an iPhone. But will you shell out more than $500 for an iPhone docking station made of crystal and painted with platinum? The price of the gadget alone is almost enough to buy a new iPhone 4 altogether.

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