The Best of Apple Smartphones: iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Since the released of iPhone 5, it has become the biggest change in the series since the iPhone 4 hit the scene back in 2010. Apple has constantly tried to improve its products each year. The company's smartphones are outselling their predecessors each year, just the first weekend after the launch, Apple received over 5 million pre-orders of iPhone 5 making it the fastest selling smartphone in the world.

Aside from low light, the biggest difference between the 4S and the iPhone 5 is color and size.

Here's a look at the features of the latest iPhone 5 and its predecessor, iPhone 4S.

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2 iPhone5


4.87 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide, 0.3 inches thick ; 112 grams

The iPhone 5's camera captures extremely vivid colors. You can see the entire spectrum inside the bubbles much more than with the the iPhone 4S.

1 iPhone 4S


4.5 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide, 0.37 inches thick ; 140 grams

The iPhone 4S remains a great smartphone camera in the market. In fact, under the right lighting and in the hands of a skilled photographer, images produced with the 4S can rival images from some point-and-shoot cameras.

Reviewer's Remark:

The iPhone 5 completely rebuilds the iPhone on a framework of new features and design, addressing its major previous shortcomings. It's absolutely the best iPhone to date, and it easily secures its place in the top tier of the smartphone universe. - Scott Stein, CNET

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