15 Things You NEED To Know About The iPhone 7

As you probably know by now, Apple recently revealed their much-anticipated new iPhone 7. Although the exact design/layout of the iPhone will look quite similar to the iPhone 6s, this doesn’t mean there isn't anything to look forward to. The programming itself has been given a complete makeover, revealing the new iOS 10 platform available to all who seek it come its release.

Remember those constant notifications of our phones reminding us that our storage is full, and consequently that we're all broke and didn’t buy the model with extra space? Well not anymore, Apple’s got your back. And remember that time you jumped into your friend's pool, only problem was that your phone jumped in as well? They even have you covered there, with waterproof and dust-proof features on the new model, its time to grab a cold beverage and jump back in the pool (or fall in, no matter).

There have been countless whispers and rumors flying around about potential upgrades and features that may be implemented. Now, thanks to the recent unveiling, we can take a closer look at what’s to be expected— and soon to be in your palm.

15 New Home Button Technology

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Apple has replaced the stationery mechanical home button, exchanging it with a static variation that's force-sensitive. Rather, than a button that physically needs to be pressed, the new home button will use Apple's Taptic Engine to click back at users. Vibrations conveyed through the home button will be used as notifications, with distinctive bells and whistles for things like text messages and calls.

Getting rid of mechanical parts means scarcer breakages, and sanctions Apple to create a watertight casing. We’ve seen replacements like this before from Apple, the click-wheel that serviced the first iPod is archaic in its nature. Thinking back to the thumb wars we as a culture ‘endured’ just trying to navigate through the prehistoric library of music seems almost nostalgic, and safe to say we won't be using our new iPhones in such a primitive manner.

14 New-ish Design

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The new iPhone fleet will be accessible in 5 vivacious colors; rose gold, gold, (jet) black, (matte) black, and silver. Aside from just color, a slight overhaul of the Antenna band placement has redefined the lesser complaints of the iPhones of old, and provided a sleeker wrap-around design to hide the antenna bands.

Slowly chipping away at critiques of older models, Apple has begun overhauling the phone to keep updated with current technology, and allow for a hurdle forward to overhaul models to come. The new iPhones will hit stores September 16th, but will be available for pre-order September 9th. They will retail at $649 for the standard 32gb iPhone 7, and $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus.

13 You Can Take Photos Like A Pro

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Wait a second, there’s two cameras? Is one of them strictly for taking selfies? Sorry to burst your bubble, but neither of them were designed specifically for takings selfies (especially bathroom mirror selfies!). The new dual-headed camera features twin 12 megapixel cameras, however this dual model will only be available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Nevertheless, the standard models have been given a hefty update as well. Both have Optical Image Stabilization, wider lenses, which allows for more light, conversely allowing the phone to perform better in lower light conditions. Featuring a larger, sharper, and more compatible camera (12 megapixels to be exact). Both models have been given new more precise front cameras, 7 megapixel piercing lenses have been enlisted up front to polish the camera re-modeling on the new model. Looks like 2016 is about to bear witness to the accuracy and detail of bathroom-mirror, duck-faced selfies like never before!

12 Hit The Road, Jack!

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Headphone jack that is… removing such an impediment has allowed Apple to play around with the entire layout and design of the phone. They will be removing the headphone jack and replacing it with another speaker to symmetrically tighten up the bottom of the phone.

It would seem the days of placing your phone strategically in a red solo cup so that the echo would provide a more ‘concert type feel’ are over, perhaps not to the standard of a concert per se; it should provide a nice audio overhaul for music lovers.

Not surprisingly, Apple has received a lot of heat from would-be buyers about the need to purchase wireless headphones if any users wished to listen to music on their phones. Apple has countered with a 'Lighting port jack' that is compatible with standard headphone jack utilities. The ‘lightning port earpods’ and adaptor for old headphone jacks come included so don’t jump out of your chair just yet. Why remove the headphone jack? Space savers can always find a home with our cultures rapidly producing …well everything. Apple is simply giving us more of what we want…less that is.

11 Goodbye Storage Wars!

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It's official, Apple has addressed this dreaded yet all too familiar photo. How? Simple, more storage. The old models offered 16GB as the base for any phone; Apple has since removed the 16GB option and started the base model at a 32GB storage package, as well as a 128GB option, all the way up to a whopping 256GB.

With more storage capacity, maybe you won't need to buy that AppleCare protection, which previously only helped you when you threw your phone across the room out of frustration, because the 'Cannot Take Photo' warning kept challenging you to do so. Ok, well maybe you should still get AppleCare, but hopefully you won't be using it because you suddenly felt adequate for the shot put after watching the Rio Olympics, and realized your crappy old iPhone could double as a javelin.

10 Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

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Throw away all your old bags of rice; they are no longer needed as an improvised prayer that your flooded phone will see the light of day. With the new iPhone 7, Apple has stated that its models will be protected against both water and dust.

However, the only catch is that your phone isn’t technically ‘waterproof’, more like 'water resistant'— Apple has integrated an "IP67 protection standard"and made your phone much more shielded when it comes to the kryptonite of all technology, water. Not to mention, the removal of the headphone jack is probably another key factor in the overall protection of this model against water or any other unwanted intruder. Whether or not the new model is fully waterproof or not remains to be seen— any volunteers want to test it out?

9 iOS 10

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The new iOS 10 features a ‘lift to awake’ feature, allowing you to simply lift the phone off your lap and your device will identify your doing so, and awaken ready for use. Siri got a massive makeover. The upgraded voice assistant is now open to third party developers, meaning you’ll be able to ask Siri to book you an Uber or order you some pizza, as well as transcribe voicemail messages.

Another key feature of iOS 10 that for a long time has been available on Android is customizable widgets. This includes extra knowledge from an app— that can be used to check things such as calendar appointments and weather information when swiping left from the lock screen. Apple Music, Maps, Photos and Health Kit are also receiving a restoration. Music has had a comprehensive modification from the bottom-up and Photos has added a new subdivision called “Memories” that can routinely stitch together videos of a time and place, such as holidays or weddings. The iOS 10 update will be available for all users to download September 13th..

8 Siri-Phone-Home

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When Siri first came out, as revolutionary as she was, she also came with quite a few kinks and bumps— and Apple is more than aware. Anytime a computer is attempting to formulate and construct a message based on what it’s hearing, well as you could guess, there’s going to be one hell of a language barrier (so to speak). Apple has been working vigorously to help Siri (poor girl) understand just what exactly you meant to say when you told her to send a text to your friend saying “watch me whip, now watch me nae nae”, yikes. Apple’s new Siri programming allows 'her' to learn how you talk, not the other way around. You can ask Siri to send someone a payment using Square Cash, or even book a reservation through OpenTable. The amount of apps integrating with Siri is growing every day. Maybe ET can finally “Phone Home”?

7 One Word: Wireless 

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One word, Wireless. The days of getting tangled in your earphone wires are over. Apple has unveiled new wireless 'Airpods'. Not only will you be freed from the shackles of wired earphones, but there is also a larger battery built into the phone (so these Airpods don't suck the life out of the phone like you would think).

The technology behind them is pretty interesting as well. Infrared sensors detect when they’re in your ear, so they will only be playing when you’re ready to listen. They have incorporated external noise reduction, allowing you to tune out family members, annoying friends, or the world like never before. The new wireless Airpods come ready to rock post-charge for 5 straight hours on a single charge. They connect to all devices using a W1 chip rather than Bluetooth, and you'll be able to get these tech wonders in late October for $159.

6 There's No Place Like Home

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There’s no place like home, and HomeKit, a feature Apple has developed within iOS 10, allows for a full diagnostic of your house at the touch of a button. It secures all of your home-based gadgets onto one platform. Where you used to kick yourself for forgetting to record the latest Game of Thrones episode, you can now just ask Siri and she will make sure that you and your family are set to watch every thrilling minute.

HomeKit is really starting to gain some traction; over 100 home automation products have become compatible with the new platform, and show no signs of slowing. This functionality is relatively new, so like anything else, just give it a little time. Whether you need to lock your door, or just want to dim your light bulbs, HomeKit has got you covered.

5 Major Performance Enhancements

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The next generation A10 processor provided solely from TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) allows for new high speeds and completely revamped processing. Beating out Samsung, TSMC has sole reliability on providing all new iPhone 7 users with faster speeds and is also known for its compact storing of the hardware, allowing the phone to remain slim while still packing a punch.

The processor runs on a four-core CPU, two high performance for 40% faster functionality and two for high efficiency running on a fifth of the battery life. The graphics were among the features which received a vast improvement, allowing console-level gaming, as well as pro apps (ex: adobe light room). Accompanied with 2GB of RAM for the iPhone 7, and 3GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus, the new technology powering Apple's 7th generation of iPhones is setting the standard for all phones that follow. The new vibrant performance and piercing display will allow the new iPhone to shine with vitality whilst tip-toeing like a mouse, leaving very little to be detected on the battery end.

4 It's Like A Mini Movie Theater

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When using 3D Touch, your iPhone answers with subtle knocks. Not only will you see what a press can do, you’ll actually feel it. The new Retina HD Display on iPhone 7 profoundly syndicates 3D Touch throughout the OS. You can intermingle with Messages, Calendar, Mail, and other apps in a more powerful, more receptive way.

The new device landscapes a 25% brighter display, wide color gamut, cinema standard, and color management. With its additional speaker added to the bottom of the phone and another on the top, you may as well be sitting in a movie theater when it comes time to relax and kick your feet back. Alongside features that underline safety, it certainly appears that Apple has aimed its sights towards a more rich display, and interactive functionality that's sure to knock us out of our socks.

3 Apple Watch Series 2

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As Apple almost always does, it unveils a fleet of new technology on every release date. No surprise here that the second generation of Apple Watches is set to be released alongside the new iPhone 7, equipped with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, synonymous with the phone.

Just like its relatives, the Apple Watch Series 2 will be fortified with a more efficient processor, lengthier battery life span, and the same decorated sleek look promised with all of Apple’s products. Up to 40% thinner than previous models is said to be the standard. Unlike the watch of old, the next edition comes armed with a GPS chip inside the watch, allowing you to navigate those city streets without unlocking your phone. In partnering up with Nike, Apple has tailored a model designed for runners, and another for swimmers, allowing water resistance for 50 meters. As well as new bands, partnering with luxury brand Hermes, assembling ceramic and leather options for each watch.

2 Depth-Of-Field Function

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3D functionality has been integrated in a way like never before. The iPhone 7 Plus' Telephoto camera (the second one) is Apple’s new spin on all things 3-dimensional, adding interactive features that allow you to play around and bounce images off screens. The extra camera allows for a 3D effect that is visible to the naked-eye, so you're not required to wear any external items such as glasses or a headset (exhale…) and rather, you can just enjoy breathtaking images and applications from your screen. Specifically, by blurring the peripherals and honing in on a sharp and focused center or front of the image, the user is able to navigate applications popping in front of them as if nothing else mattered. This awesome function will be available as a free software update later this year.

1 Bonus Perks

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When Apple announced that Mario Kart would be available for the new iPhone, kids from the 90s across the globe jumped in a collective cheer. It was only a matter of time before we saw a Nintendo game integrated with iPhone, and what better way to do this than with Mario Kart, an absolute classic for all ages. The game is going to cost money to purchase, but after dropping $700 dollars for a sleek new piece of technology, a few more dollars couldn’t hurt. The game allows you to play with one hand, choosing opponents from family and friends, to random foes across the globe.

Including the games, the phone itself is environmentally friendly, a hot-button issue scrutinizing our culture and, of course, Apple did everything in its power to address it head on.

The new iPhone, while receiving a vast new image, has primarily received a renovation through its functionality and methods of use. New and fun ways to perform similar tasks that we had with the iPhone 6, while providing quicker and more plausible use of the apps and device we have become so infatuated with.

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