15 Cool Gadgets Everyone Will Want To Buy In 2016

All tech-savvy enthusiasts look forward to the following year’s gadgets that will revolutionize the industry and raises the bar for others. In previous years we’ve seen inventions in the fitness realm such as the FitBand and Wii Fit. Since these items have come to fruition, many other companies have joined the race to develop the most accurate fitness invention.

For those workaholics who always need to be accomplishing two things at once, there’s virtual assistants such as Dragon. Dragon is a voice recognition software used to type notes for you while you complete other light-duty tasks such as filing, organizing your desk, or opening your pile of mail. This year will be an introduction to how high that bar has been raised for up-and-coming inventors.

All those futuristic movies we’ve seen over the past 20 years or so may indeed be becoming a reality. CES is the largest consumer technology show and was held this year in Las Vegas for the 2016 inventions. Technology-based companies clamor to have a booth set up, and rookie inventors to get their name out there, gain status, and be known among the competition. Seeing what else has been created and gathering ideas for the next big thing is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. Considering how involved the current generation is in the newest big thing, the following inventions are definitely a game changer in the tech industry in 2016.

15 FZERO1 Concept Car

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As cool as this car looks, the FZERO1 still has a long way to go before being a marketable (and practical) vehicle for the average consumer. The FZERO1 creators aim to make this vehicle of the future a car made for tracks and single-passenger use. The Faraday production team boasts about the multiple batteries implemented to power FZERO1, the ability to switch from rear-, front-, or 4-wheel driving, and the car’s capacity to register the driver’s intentions and assist in achieving the goal. The FZERO1 has a long way to go before becoming a reality considering most consumers have families or transporting obligations that require space. Nevertheless, this vehicle has promising features, mechanics, and ingenuity to bring automobiles into a new era of safer and cleaner driving.

14 Vivitar Speaker Smart Bulb

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The Vivitar Speaker Smart Bulb LB-120 sports a speaker and Bluetooth capabilities to connect with a free smartphone app that can be downloaded. The bulb will connect wirelessly allowing you to play music and have the light bulb pulsate to the beat of whatever song you choose. Much like a regular light bulb, there are dimming choices as well as a timer option. The light bulb can also change colors to set the mood in any given room. All of these options can be accessed by syncing your light bulb to the corresponding app. The price of a Smart-bulb typically ranges between $15 and $50.

13 Smart Mobile Theater System

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Royole-X is a portable and foldable home theater system that has made it through a series of prototypes, and after finally achieving perfection, the makers have brought it to market. Whether it be music, movies, or gaming, Royole-X comes fully equipped with noise-canceling headphones, a turn dial on the headphone unit to select options making it discreet, and the coolest part, the user can adjust the optical clarity to fit their needs, making it completely versatile for all consumers! Royole-X became available to the U.S. market this past January. With almost a $600 price sticker, buyers are sure to be impressed!

12 Segway Ninebot

This is probably one of the coolest, most innovative, and futuristic inventions previewed at CES. Remember that movie “Bicentennial Man”? This is an introduction of what is a brief glimpse of how far robotic engineering has come and in-home artificial intelligence machinery. Ninebot is programmed to not only be a mode of transportation, but can also navigate around the home, be a security device if someone comes in the front door, and is fully interactive with the user. Ninebot maps out the layout of the home to avoid knocking into walls or furniture. Ninebot has the ability to communicate in real time with an actual human being!

11 Sengled

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The unveiling of this product at the CES 2016 definitely shed a new light on the age-old boring traditional light bulb abilities. Sengled employs multiple features that connects with Wi-Fi and can be used as a security camera for outside the home, notify household members of a smoke alarm, a crying baby, and can also provide virtual assistance for appointment reminders in common rooms such as the kitchen. Sengled covers all of the basic household needs in one product that we overlook.

10 Hairmax Laserband

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The Hairmax Laserband was demonstrated at the CES 2016 show in Las Vegas. Viewers were stunned to see how far hair care products have come and have flowed into the technology profession as well. Hairmax Laserband is a hands-free device that is used to treat hair loss. The lasers give off a low-energy of beams to promote cellular stimulation on the scalp. This product can be used on both men and women and the best part…no appointment with doctors is required! Cordless, ease-of-use, and universal are just a few of the awesome features about the Hairmax Laserband.


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The integration of smart technology and the automobile industry has come such a long way that the vehicle is now an extension of our home. VW BUDD-e has developed a vehicle of the future with the most efficient features. The VW BUDD-e was revealed at the Las Vegas 2016 CES Show. The exterior looks like a blended version of the VW Beetle and Kia Soul. The interior looks like a living room. The passenger seat can rotate and face the backseat passengers. All the seats in the back can fold or flip-up depending on the owner’s needs. The driver dashboard no longer has dials and gauges. Instead, VW has replaced it with three monitors and the driver can personalize each screen according to their preference. It’s a small step for VW, but a giant leap in the future of cars!

8 Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock

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Nowadays our alarm clock has become our phone. Those little black box-like devices taking up room on your nightstand were becoming an obsolete product…until now. Although it is available by multiple companies, the voice-controlled alarm clock produced by a French company called Bonjour are looking to start distribution around Christmas 2016. The clock can respond to the user’s commands and display such things as the weather, traffic reports, time (obviously), and play music. The price sticker is a little high at around $200, but well worth saving this endangered species – The Alarm Clock!

7 Quell

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Making its debut as the first wearable device to relieve chronic pain, the makers of Quell developed a product that is free of medicine and instead uses neuro-transmission. Quell sends sensory messages that pain is occurring and transmits the message to the brain. In return, the brain produces a natural response to block the pain wherever it is occurring. Wrapped around your upper calf, push the button on the strap and start your day! The makers guarantee that it can be discretely worn under your clothing, improve your sleep, and provide 24-hour relief.

6 ADIDAS Sport Electronics

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When we think of ADIDAS, normally clothing and shoes come to mind. However, ADIDAS has joined the technology bandwagon and created the SmartRun and Smart Ball. First, the SmartRun allowed dedicated runners to use their watch to track times; it is GPS capable, monitors heart rate without a separate band to record the data, and has 8 hours of battery life, four of which are used between coaching and music. Their other release at CES 2016 was the Smart Ball. It is a soccer ball capable of recording data such as speed, spin, course, and strike point. When done, the information can be uploaded to your apple or android device to review.

5 Marathon Laundry Machine

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Finally! Our small apartment laundry woes have been answered! The side-by-side washer and dryer set-up never works in a confined space with limited storage places. Or sometimes there won’t be a washer and dryer provided and you have to lug all your laundry to a laundromat - it’s a hassle! Thanks to the fine folks at Marathon, they bring you the first two-in-one, touchscreen, Wi-Fi capable, washer and dryer! As long as the itty-bitty living space has a washer and dryer hook up, this $1,200-lifesaving appliance can be yours when it is released mid-2016.

4 Orée

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The eco-friendly and organic lifestyles have reached the technology accessory sector. At the CES 2016 show, Orée presented their line of chargers, keyboards, trackpads, and the like made entirely out of wood and leather. Upon first look, these items look like prototypes of what is to come from this company. However, when a keyboard was used, onlookers witnessed a fully functioning keyboard! Smartphone cases have been made out of these materials already, but Orée took it a step further and attempted to take on an entire office full of electronic possibilities to expand their line.

3 Klaxoon

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Networking with fellow co workers or assembling group projects for a class presentation via telecommuting and only using the internet can be a daunting task. Everyone needs to upload files, communicate, collaborate, and compare notes to ensure a desired outcome. Klaxoon is a combination of Skype, Google Drive, and notepad all in one. Klaxoon allows up to 40 users to be connected at one time. This item can also be used for classroom activities. Others are able to access content using their Apple or Android devices.

2 Presence Home Security System

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Netatmo is a French company that has made it their mission to create the most useful home products of this day and age. Some have referred to them as the “Apple Company of home products.” This year they have developed a 2-in-1 outdoor security camera and flood light. There is an app that is used in conjunction with Presence. Specific zones can be set up based on the consumer’s preferences, and what they do and do not want to be sent alerts for. Video footage is stored locally rather than through a cloud server, therefore, there is no need for a subscription or additional fees.

1 Polar Balance Scale

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For a long time, scales have earned the status of being “corner occupiers” that we blame for lying to us about our weight. After over a decade of being rather obsolete and going out as a thing of the past with the permanent reputation of being a constant reminder every time we walk into the bathroom that we shouldn’t have eaten that entire package of cookies in one sitting. Finally! A scale we like and who likes to work with us towards a common goal. The Polar Balance Scale collaborates with a wearable wristband by monitoring your steps, calculating the best fitness movements for optimal calorie-burning motions, and how to get the best results - or which day cookie cheats can happen on. At $100, this scale is not only affordable but also a friend, again.


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