15 Apps That Blow Snapchat Away

It's safe to say that Snapchat has revolutionized how we communicate with one another, specifically when it comes to communicating via social media. Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has gained much popularity because of its uniqueness that no other platform provided— the ability to create videos that would disappear within 24 hours— and Bloomberg has reported Snapchat’s daily users at 150 million users.

As scandalous and perverse as the concept of disappearing posts sounds, many influencers, including DJ Khaled who uses the app to document every moment of his lifestyle while also dropping "major keys" every chance he gets, have adopted the app and have made Snapchat one of the must-haves when it comes to social lives and digital marketing.

Since its creation, Snapchat has adopted other features and users have found interesting ways to use the platform including creating makeup tutorials, selling clothing, and live streaming sporting games— it was even reported that more people watch college football games on Snapchat than on network television. While Snapchat is fun, and the filters are by far the best in the game, there are other social media apps out there that are more fun, provide more options, and put the interaction back into social media. Let's take a look...

15 Instagram


While Instagram isn't new, it does continue to develop and enhance to ensure users have the best time while on the app. Instagram’s latest feature is the 'story' element, which allows users to share their 15-second video with their network and millions of others.

Did we mention the stories disappear after 24 hours? Sound familiar? Sorry Snapchat, but the extra couple of seconds Instagram gives us means a lot. From adding analytics and insights for businesses and influencers to keep note of their engagement and follower demographic to creating a story-like element, Instagram continues to upgrade and proves to be one of the best social media apps out there. What does Instagram have planned next? We’ll have to wait and see.

14 REX


If you love recommending new things to people, or if you love to receive recommendations, then this is the app for you. Rex, a new social media app, allows users to share some of their favorite movies, books, songs, restaurants, etc. while also including the link for users to learn more. You name it, you can post it on Rex.

While some social media apps allow users to include links for individual posts, others don’t; however, Rex provides a solution. You can read and share recommendations, save recommendations, and see what's trending. You can actually preview music in your recommendations through websites like SoundCloud or YouTube, which is a great way to learn about new music and artists and also share your latest project(s) if you’re an artist.

13 Facebook


Despite the idea that Facebook is only for parents and adults and being “anti-youth,” Facebook is another must-have app. According to AdWeek, as of December 2015 Facebook has a total of 1.5 billion users with monthly-mobile users at approximately 1.4 billion.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook continues to stay relevant and up-to-date with what's going on; maybe that’s because they’re under the same umbrella. The trending panel with live, current news to keep track of what's going on in the world and a new feature that enables users to go live and turn their life into events, Facebook’s new features are sure to cater to its growing, and steady, fanbase. Facebook is currently the largest social media platform with the most users, and its no wonder why.

12 Yik Yak


When you think of Yik Yak, think of Twitter with a GPS system. While Yik Yak does extend beyond the 140-character limit of Twitter, the concept of sharing what's on your mind and sparking conversation between other users— based on your location— is still its main focus. Yik Yak is simple and easy to use, which adds to its fun. Simply search for a location or turn on your own location for the app to filter posts, and let the fun begin. Yik Yak is perfect for anyone in college and on campus. This app can help you connect with peers in your class or to find out about the next flash mob video sure to make your school a viral sensation. You name it, and you’ll find it on Yik Yak.

11 Frontback


It's obvious selfies are here, and they're here to stay, but while we fawn over our front camera we neglect our other camera. Frontback has solved our problems. This app allows users to take photos using both cameras to create one visual that represents everything you see: from what’s behind you to what’s right in front of you. While Frontback is a unique social media app with its own community, the visuals you create can be saved and shared across any of your other social media platforms. Whether you're indulging in an outdoor adventure like swimming with dolphins, or attending a concert and you want to capture the crowd and what’s going on on stage, Frontback lets you share, and see, what's going on through both lenses.

10 Ponder Social


Meet the social media app that proves voting isn’t just for elections: Ponder. This is a social media app specifically designed for asking questions and voting on any topic you can think of. Though Twitter has also added a voting feature to its list of amenities, Ponder is strictly for voting.

A fun feature that Ponder offers is that the voting system provides info on how many of your voters were men or women; this might be important to you depending on the questions you ask other users. Ponder is a great way to engage in dialogue with other users, get feedback, and even get an outside opinion about whether or not you should eat that third slice of pizza.

9 Periscope


If you ever wished your snaps could be longer, then you'll love Periscope. It's a live social media app that allows users to broadcast what they're doing and interact with users while broadcasting. Periscope lets users record for an infinite amount of time and also informs the live user who is watching them by displaying their username on the bottom of the screen. There are so many ways people are using the perks of Periscope to their advantage including recording live during podcasts, webinars, events, etc. You can speak directly to users that are watching you and answer their comments or questions in real time. Can you imagine your favorite reality TV show broadcasting live while answering your comments? That could be epic.

8 Musical.ly


If you're not doing 'car-aoke' (karaoke in your car similar to what James Corden does on his show), then you're missing out on one of the most fun things to do on social media. Musical.ly is an app that allows users to sync their singing with the real audio from a song. While you may think you can sing your favorite song on any social media platform that enables videos, you’re sadly mistaken. Musical.ly lets users customize what part of a song they want in their video and allows users to make videos on their own by incorporating different camera angles, speeds, and fun hand-choreography if you want to show off your new moves. Once you start with Musical.ly, you’re sure to get addicted.

7 Tuurnt


There’s Snapchat, there’s Instagram, but then there’s also Tuurnt. Here, we have another social media app that gives users’ posts an expiration date before it disappears. Another fun feature Tuurnt offers is the ability to not only post content that will disappear, but you also get to see who’s viewing your posts. No longer do you have to engage in a one-sided social media experience. With Tuurnt, you get to be viewed by others and also see who’s viewing you. Besides the dual viewing abilities Tuurnt offers, the social media app allows users to comment and interact while viewing these special 24-hour-only posts. From its description, it seems like the name Tuurnt matches what goes on on the app perfectly.

6 Storehouse


Named “The Best Mobile Application” in 2015 by TechCrunch, Storehouse combines storytelling with visuals. This app is a dream come true for digital marketing experts— those using Androids, at least. No more are the days of worrying if your content effectively conveys the message you want it to. Storehouse makes storytelling, and sharing with users, so simple and fun that you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about it sooner. Storehouse is also a great social media app for marketing professionals because content can be created through accessing any online storage drive, which saves a great amount of space on your phone. Whether you're choosing photos from your phone or sites like Google Drive and Dropbox, Storehouse helps you create stores to share with the world.

5 Firef.ly


Seeing dream vacations and destinations are one of the many reasons social media is so fun. 'Explore' pages let you do exactly that, explore destinations from afar thanks to crisp, compelling visuals. Now, there’s a social media app that specifically speaks to the travel junkies and lovers of the world. With other features including ones that allow you to plan trips, some that serve as your personal tour guide, and to recommend places to other users, Firef.ly makes any dream vacation a reality. Can you imagine using an app like Firef.ly to document your amazing honeymoon to share with the world and relive every time you see the photos? From posting pictures of your latest excursion to searching through photos to plan your next trip, Firef.ly is the app for anyone who wants to see the world.

4 Quik


We all see how popular videos are when it comes to social media. From videos going viral overnight and gaining over 100,000 views or even classics like “Charlie Bit My Finger,” we all love watching and sharing videos. They continue to grow more popular as our favorite social media platforms upgrade and lean toward more moving pictures and not only still images. Now, there's an app that lets you edit videos on your phone to share across all platforms. Quik is a cool new app that lets users be their own director and editor when it comes to videos. From inserting transitions to matching the speed of your video to the song you choose, Quik is revolutionary when it comes to video editing.

3 Pushbullet


Ever wish you could receive your notifications from social media on your computer? With Pushbullet, you can. Forget about your phone going off at work or missing any mentions, Pushbullet helps you keep track of all your social media alerts by simply forwarding the notifications to your computer.

Pushbullet is also a great social media app to have as it’s customizable. You can choose to have every notification sent to your computer, or you can filter what you do and don't want to see with this handy app. Never worry about missing a trending topic or having to play catch-up through a series of posts because you’re stuck in a meeting at work. With Pushbullet, you’re always in the know and up-to-date.

2 Blab


Finally, there is a social media app that allows multiple users to video-chat with one another. Blab, which is a hybrid between Google Hangout and Skype, now allows multiple users to engage in a group videochat. This is perfect for anyone looking to engage with their followers and establish dialogue, group-focused niches to share tips and advice, or even a non-traditional work meeting. If you’re an artist and you want to have an intimate, private conversation with some fans, a member of a monthly book club out of state, or if you’re a professional away on vacation but needed for a team meeting, Blab lets users be anywhere, and everywhere, at the same time. Who needs to be face-to-face when you can Blab away?

1 Peach


Although its name isn't a reflection, nor a hint, of what the platform does, Peach is a fun, great app to have. We’ve become used to having multiple social media apps because they all do different things, but not Peach. Peach does a little bit of everything, which is why the social media app is so fun to use. You can send messages to friends, create and share doodles, post music, and even rate your friends’ posts, and this is just a few of its features. Because of Peach’s many perks and features, we might end up spending all of our time on it and neglecting our other social media apps, but hey, time flies when you’re having fun.

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