13 New Tech Devices We'll All Need In 2016

Technology is ever evolving and ever changing.  It's both a blessing and a curse!  We're so fortunate to live in a world where scientists and startups are constantly revolutionizing the way we interact with each other and with the world; however, it's incredibly frustrating to save up for the latest computer and for it to be an outdated piece of junk only a year later.

There are several conventions and conferences every year designed to announce new patented technologies and gadgets that are soon to be released for public use.  Some gadgets and tools they announce are fairly useless, like a portable eye massager (it massages my eyes?  Ewww.  Weird!).  Some have a very limited scope of use, like a smart watch that constantly monitors body temperature (good for someone with particular medical conditions, perhaps) or a pregnancy test that syncs up with your phone (for the tech-savvy woman who should've been better about birth control).  And some things are so cool and exciting, we know we'll be waiting in line to get them the day they're released (like some of those virtual reality gaming-systems we've all been dying for).

Here are some gadgets that are coming out this year that would make all of our lives easier, more social, more exciting, and generally better.  Keep your eyes open for these gadgets that'll soon be hitting the shelves. These are 13 new tech devices we'll all need in 2016!

13 Foodini Natural Machines

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You've heard of 3D printing, right?  Scientists and engineers have found ways to make these printers make much more than small machine parts; they can now make Motherboards, prosthetic limbs, even working organs!  And finally, they can make food.

This stuff is straight out of Phil of the Future!  You simply put in a few fresh ingredients and give the Foodini time to prepare it, and it will make you homemade veggie burgers, pizzas, cookies, bread rolls, practically anything you can think of!  Foodinis are likely to change the makeup of an average kitchen, in the same way that the microwave revolutionized the household in the 1970s.  Can you imagine just putting in a few fresh ingredients and your own personal mechanical chef prepares your food?  It's a way to get us eating healthier, better food and not have to spend hours doing it.  Now who wouldn't want that?

12 Immersit

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One of the greatest hurdles in virtual reality gaming technology has been incorporating movement. If you walk while playing a virtual reality game, you might walk into your wall in your living room. They've toyed with different ideas but haven't wanted to withhold VR tech for just this one reason. This is why Immersit was originally developed.

Immersit allows you to immerse all five of your senses into your onscreen adventure. It's already being incorporated into the movie going experiences as well. Imagine watching a movie when the character wakes up to the smell of bacon and you can smell the bacon! Or imagine there's an earthquake in your game and you feel your seat vibrating. This technology is straight out of Huxley's Brave New World and it will revolutionize the way we game or see movies.

11 Activeon Solar X

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We all love our GoPros and active cameras. It's fun to be able to document the view from the top of a mountain, to show everybody how amazing it was to work that hard to reach the pinnacle of something beautiful! And it's a pain to reach the top of the mountain and realize your camera is dead and you have no way to charge it. It almost makes the hike seem like a waste of time.

No more. The Activeon Solar X camera can be charged anywhere and anytime. The camera has two built-in solar panels. You don't have to worry about bringing extra batteries or charging cables anymore! Just lift the solar panels, give it some time, and you've got a fully juiced camera, ready to show the world exactly what cool stuff you did.

10 Owlet Smart Sock

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Every young parent spends most of their time worrying:  "Am I doing something wrong?"  "Does the baby look sick?"  "Is she breathing normally, or does it seem fast to you?"  Sometimes young parents' concerns are well-founded and genuine; other times, they're just nervous wrecks.  And that's okay!  But wouldn't it be great if they didn't have to worry?

The Owlet Smart Sock is going to give young parents the time back that they desperately need to catch up on sleep and maintain their romantic relationship.  The sock monitors the baby's oxygen levels, heart rate, body temperature, and more, all unobtrusively and without bothering the baby.  If something is irregular, the sock sends notifications to your phone to let you know.  No more unnecessary trips to the doctor, no more panicking over anxiety-riddled nightmares!  Sleep easy with the Owlet Smart Sock on your baby.

9 Telescoping Bicycle

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Have you ever used a bike-sharing service?  Many cities have them throughout their urban centers; you pay a flat fee for a year and you can use the bikes at their stations as many times as you need to, all year long.  It's a great idea, but can be frustrating.  No two people fit the same bike!  Bikes are constantly being custom made to fit peoples' frames, height, builds, butt-shapes, and postures.  Wouldn't it be easier if we could just adjust the bikes to fit us?

With the Hickman bike, you can.  The telescoping bike is completely and easily adjustable, giving you the ease to make your bike as comfortable as possible.  Many bike sharing programs have shown interest in implementing the design throughout their cities to increase ease of bike use.  The more people they can get on bikes, the less pollution big cities produce, and the happier we all are.

8 Sensorwake

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We all have the ringtone on our phone that has acted as an alarm sound that we now hate.  Finding a way to get up in the morning and not feel awful for the first half hour is hard; how are we supposed to wake up happy when our dreams were so nice?

Introducing Sensorwake, the first alarm clock to engage your olfactory senses to wake you up in a natural way.  Imagine it: you're fast asleep and you smell a hint of cooked bacon.  Your nose twitches and your eyes open, and you're just about ready to leap out of bed.  This clock allows you to put in a cartridge of whatever scent you want to wake up to (some of the scents they currently sell are cut grass, coffee, hot chocolate, and hot croissants) and, when it's time to wake up, it slowly releases the scent to help you wake up naturally.  No more noisy ringtones, no more smacking the snooze button.

7 Prizm

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Imagine you're at a party and you're having fun, except some guest keeps changing the music to the same boring songs.  It absolutely ruins the party.  Never again will you have to leave your music vulnerable to one DJ.  Prizm uses contextual engine music technology.  It finds all of the music of all of the people in a room (without collecting and retaining data- don't worry, your music identity is safe) and finds music tastes everyone has in common.  It generates its own playlist, and will try to introduce everyone in the room to new music it thinks you'll like.  You can then 'heart' it or 'cross' the song to give the Prizm more feedback on how your tastes evolve.  It's your own private DJ, and it adapts its tastes to what we all like!  What could be better?

6 Code-a-Pillar

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Kids today are learning how to use iPads and computers faster than they're learning how to use complete sentences.  Remember when people went to college to learn about HTML coding?  We've moved way beyond that.

Fisher Price has developed the Code-a-Pillar; a toy for children that teaches them basic coding skills.  The toy is designed for preschoolers.  Babies in diapers and pull-ups will know basic coding skills, thanks to this cute little toy.  How amazing is that?  The toy teaches about how patterns influence and impact a reaction so, while it's meant to be a lesson in coding, it could also serve as a basic lesson in the fields of many other sciences, such as chemistry and physics, or even in the more abstract field of philosophy.  This little toy is a powerful tool that will teach our children so much, so quickly.

5 Intel 3D Replay Technology

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It's a very frustrating moment when you turn away from the TV and a huge play happens in a game you've been attentive to for the last hour.  It's an even more frustrating moment when the replay they show after the fact doesn't give nearly as good a view as you'd hoped for.  Is that it?  You just missed the play and there's nothing you can do about it?

Not anymore!  This technology is about to be everywhere.  Stadiums will place high quality cameras all over to provide you with the ability to access, either on their private websites or perhaps on ESPN's (if they're able to snag up the technology and rights), a three dimensional replay of what just happened.  You'll be able to fast forward and rewind each play as if it were a security tape, but you'll have the ability to see exactly when a player dodged another, or precisely how they landed after a play.  Gone will be the days of unclear referee calls.  Never again will you mope about missing the play.

4 DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

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We're all in a bit of a tracker fad right now; everyone wears FitBits and Jawbones and the like to track their pulse, their temperature, their water intake, their steps, all day every day.  But fitness is only a part of our health; what about all that we eat?  Why isn't there an easy and painless way to track what we're eating?

Soon there will be!  The DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner can scan any food and track exactly what you're consuming (it uses bluetooth to weigh how much you're eating, and scans the cells of your food to determine its makeup).  Better yet, it becomes your own personal nutrition coach.  Based on what you've eaten, any medical conditions you have, and what your health goals are, the app will recommend what to eat and even what to shop for at the grocery store.  No more counting calories or weighing almonds- let the food scanner do it for you.

3 Oombrella

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It's incredibly aggravating to leave home on a nice sunny morning for work and leave your umbrella at home, only to leave work at night and it's raining cats and dogs.  That's why the Oombrella was created!  The Oombrella tracks weather in your area and sends you notifications when you should be expecting poor weather so that you can remember to take your Oombrella!  It'll also let you know if you lose it or forget it somewhere, giving you an exact location and directions to retrieve it.  It's the world's first smart umbrella and, while it's not going to save the world, it might save your nice clothes from water damage or your coiffed hair from becoming a wet, stringy mess.

2 Family Hub Fridge

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How many times have we hungrily stared into our open fridge for long periods of time, letting the cold out, searching for something we want to eat?  How many times have we rummaged through all of the sticky notes and calendars stuck on the fridge with magnets, unable to find the reminders we were looking for?  How many times have you wished your kitchen had a stereo for when you're cooking elaborate meals and need to be entertained?

This fridge can solve all of those problems.  Tap the electronic display and it becomes a window to look in at your food, or show you pictures of how much is left (it actually takes stock of what you have in your fridge!).  No more letting the cold out of the fridge!  The electronic display will also sync your event calendars across your family, too, and play your music!  This fridge can do everything.

1 D-Vine

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If you're a wine drinker that gets finicky about how it's served, you'll swoon over DVine.  It's your own, personal, counter-top sommelier.  It will pour whatever wine you want, from merlot to champagne, and pour it just right, at the right temperature and oxygenation level.  Because of how the wine must be packaged to go into the machine, it only works with the company's wine (go figure), but who cares?  It's still amazing wine.  Even if you don't think you'd care about the minute details of wine drinking, you'll really be able to taste the difference when DVine pours your glass.  They've also designed an app to accompany the product, which will recommend what to drink next or food pairings for your wine.

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