12 Smart Gadgets Your Home Needs

Life is hard. With all the new technology out there, it really doesn't have to be. You can spend your evenings eating Cheetos and watching reruns of Breaking Bad and not have to worry about how messy your house is or if your pet feels loved. You can go to bed resting easy knowing your wife won't place a pillow over your face in an attempt to stop the incessant noise from your face or that your daughter won't be having a rendezvous in her bedroom behind your back. Technology is there for us to use it and if you don't have these following twelve gadgets in your home now, you will after you see how utterly cool they are. You'll show them off to all your friends and neighbours who will be secretly envying your tech-forward thinking and running out to get themselves an iRock or a ksafe.

12 Soundwall

Impress your friends and colleagues with your choice of art that doesn't just sit there like regular art - this art plays music! Simply stream through Wi-Fi for an "immersive art experience". What's very cool about this is that the entire image is itself a speaker. So rather than playing music from a tiny speaker imbedded into the art, the image plays the music, which ends up being a sort of surround sound experience.

11 Ksafe

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Got problems with your willpower? Simply lock up whatever it is that's causing you to succumb - your electronic device, cookies, your credit cards - and lock them in the ksafe, where they will stay until the timer goes off and unlocks the safe. This is perfect for all kinds of uses. If you or your kids are addicted to screens in the evening, simply lock up your smartphones until at least dinner is over. This would also work great for parties to ensure no one drinks and drives. Take everyone's keys, put them in the ksafe and set the timer for the morning. If you are dieting and only allowed a treat a day, simply lock up tomorrow's sweets and eat that salad. Tomorrow you can have those dill pickle chips. The choices on what you can lock up are unlimited.

10 iRock

If you love your gadgets but not the power they use, create your own electrical current with this very cool rocking chair that charges your devices as you rock it. You'll get exercise, relaxation and a charged iPad all at the same time. With a built-in iPad dock and speakers in the headrest, you can rock baby to sleep while listening to melodic tunes and charging your i-devices at the same time. The dock even allows you to see your iPad as you charge, which means you could be watching a movie or surfing the net at the same time.

9 Smart Pacifier

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If you've got kids, you've stuck things in their ears, mouths, on their forehead, under their armpit and maybe even in their rear end just to get a temperature when they've got a fever. Why not make it easy on yourself and just give them a soother? The smart pacifier measures their temperature and you don't even have to be in the room! You can even keep track of medications and the best part - you can find the soother using your smartphone. If your babe terrorizes your home while sucking a pacifier, then seemingly drops it somewhere very inconveniently, you don't have to tear your house apart at naptime looking for it any longer. Simply use your smartphone to track it. This is also great for if it gets left at the park or a restaurant.

8 Petcube

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Maybe instead of kids, you've got fur kids and these fur kids don't like being left alone at home. They chew your furniture, hide your boots and knock over the garbage. With the Petcube, you can solve this problem easily. Basically a nanny cam for Fido, you can watch what your pet is doing through the Petcube with your smartphone and you can even talk to them, giving them reassurance you'll be back or to yell at them to stop barking at the mail delivery person. Interestingly enough, you don't need your own Petcube to talk to strange animals. You can download the app and talk to someone else's Fluffy and "pretend" she is yours. Stalking much?

7 Muse Brain Headband

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Need to relax but just can't get that idiot who cut you off on the expressway out of your head? Enlist some smart technology and you'll be meditating in no time. The Muse Brain Sensing headband doesn't just let you know that there is a brain in there, it lets you know when you are using it to do what you should be doing. When you are trying to meditate but your thoughts are wandering, it will alert you with bad weather prompts. If you are actually keeping your mind focused, you'll hear peaceful weather.

6 Hizero

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If you've got kids or pets, you know that when they spill something, it usually isn't the easiest thing to clean up. Applesauce, yogurt, paint, an entire jar of Dippity Doo hair gel. All of the above mixed together in a pile. Instead of spending the next hour on your knees while they get into the next mess, check out the Hizero, which is a vacuum that also mops. It actually separates the dry from the wet while it sucks up that filthy mess. The best part? It tells you how many calories you burned doing your cleaning. Sweet!

5 Sticky Jelly

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Like most of us, you probably eat at your desk while working on your computer. Whether you are surfing adult movies or actually doing some work, your keyboard is probably very familiar with popcorn kernels, sandwich crumbs and other sticky messes. Cleaning between the keys is impossible without taking the keyboard apart so the solution is this amazing sticky jelly. You basically knead the jelly, spread it over your keyboard where it collects all the dust and dirt and lift to find a clean keyboard. You can also use it in any tight spaces where you have a hard time getting it clean like car or home vents.

4 Digital Temperature Display Showerhead

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There is not much better than a long, hot shower, whether it be in the morning to get your juices flowing or in the evening to wash away all the debris from the day. There is also nothing worse than a shower that scalds your butt cheeks or freezes your nipples into ice cubes. Circumvent all of these problems with a digital temperature display showerhead. It lights up to tell you what range the water is coming out, but also gives you the exact temperature right on the showerhead. If it is over 110 degrees, the showerhead turns red, alerting you like a red warning sign to get the heck out of dodge. Now you don't have to burn your hand testing out the water temperature.

3 Silent Partner

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Snoring kills. Not because the person snoring has a medical issue, but because the person trying to sleep beside that person will kill the snorer after too many nights of no sleep. Instead of doing a life sentence, take a look at the Silent Partner. Simply place it on the face of the offensive partner and it will emit a counter noise when it senses the undesirable sound that in turn will counter out the snoring noise with its own noise. You don't have to get your own bedroom or a divorce because of a snoring partner anymore!

2 Sun Tunnel Skylight

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If you've got a dark house or rooms that just cause you depression because there isn't enough light, moving isn't the only solution. These super cool sun tunnel skylights let you put in a skylight even where the roof doesn't allow for a traditional skylight. The simple tunnel skylight lets in just enough light to allow plants to grow again and smiles to cross your face. Everyone can use a little more light in their house, especially when that window in your bedroom looks out towards your neighbour's brick wall.

1 Netatmo

Daughter's boyfriend coming over when he shouldn't? The Netatmo senses when strangers are entering your home and alerts you with a ping on your smartphone. It will also tell you when your kids or your wife get home, if you choose to want to know that information. Basically, the Netatmo is a smart home security system with a camera that has face recognition. This smart device only records the things that matter and has won a ton of awards. Picture being at work and your smartphone sends you a ping, letting you know someone has entered your house. Your teenage son is supposed to be in biology class, but instead he's home with a few friends and they are raiding the fridge. You don't have to tell him how you found out, but you can definitely skin his butt later for skipping class and drinking your beer.


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