10Elon Musk Sleeps In Tesla’s Manufacturing Plant

Elon Musk Tesla Plant
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Now that’s some determination! Elon Musk had said that he has a sleeping bag kept in the conference room of Tesla Motors. The conference room is situated quite near to the production line, where autonomous cars are being made. Elon Musk does this to keep a track on

the quality of the products being manufactured and to tackle any delays that might happen when production is in full swing. His intense efforts were the main reason that Tesla posted profits for the very first time since its inception back in 2013.

Musk has been involved in making Tesla grow since its inception back in 2003, determined to make it an independent entity in the future which would provide fully automated cars at highly reasonable prices to the average consumer. The determination was influential in bringing big names like General Motors into the electric car market to challenge the company with their own versions of electric cars. His production line is now to be taken even more seriously.

Elon Musk
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