10 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Tesla's Elon Musk

Had he been born in 2050, he might have seemed saner, but I really doubt that Elon Musk wouldn’t have been brimming with crazy revolutionary ideas even at that futuristic point in time. One must admit that Musk is a man ahead of our times. As a man hell bent on revolutionizing the fields deemed science fiction by most people, Elon Musk is one eccentric entrepreneur.

Born in South Africa, Elon is now making drastic inroads into a number of futuristic technologies powered by his vision to reduce the impact of global warming. He’s well on his way to creating a greener world by making possible the widespread use of sustainable energy and lowering humanity’s risk of going out as a species by trying to figure out possibilities which would eventually land humans on the face of Mars to colonize it in the future. Musk has been highly influential in making people realize the problems we are going to face as a single race in the future and why an effort is necessary to make us survive our own misdoings on this planet. His net worth currently is $12.7 billion, making him the 83rd richest person on this planet.

He is ushering in a new age of human technological advancements by making the mass production of autonomous cars a reality and by opening up a commercial space travel company. He had a really successful career and was one of the co-founders of PayPal, which is the dominant form of online payments nowadays. This man is leading the way like no other, trailblazing from one futuristic venture to another in a superhuman manner.

His pursuits are far superior to a lot of tech entrepreneurs as he is not the one who cares about money or commercial wealth and spends hundreds of hours every week working passionately to bring his dreams to ultimate fruition. He is truly what we call an odd genius. His personality and lifestyle are even more intriguing than his commercially brilliant exploits. Let’s have a look at 10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Elon Musk, a man who will certainly reshape our world:

10 Elon Musk Sleeps In Tesla’s Manufacturing Plant

Elon Musk Tesla Plant
Via Wikimedia.org

Now that’s some determination! Elon Musk had said that he has a sleeping bag kept in the conference room of Tesla Motors. The conference room is situated quite near to the production line, where autonomous cars are being made. Elon Musk does this to keep a track on the quality of the products being manufactured and to tackle any delays that might happen when production is in full swing. His intense efforts were the main reason that Tesla posted profits for the very first time since its inception back in 2013.

Musk has been involved in making Tesla grow since its inception back in 2003, determined to make it an independent entity in the future which would provide fully automated cars at highly reasonable prices to the average consumer. The determination was influential in bringing big names like General Motors into the electric car market to challenge the company with their own versions of electric cars. His production line is now to be taken even more seriously.

9 He Ran A Nightclub To Support Himself

Elon Musk
Via Flickr

Elon Musk was provided a full-fledged academic scholarship by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania which meant that he didn’t have to worry about paying his tuition fees or accumulation of student debt, but he still had to manage his own personal living expenses. He rented a house for himself and then used that very house as a nightclub to pay the rent itself, earning him a decent amount of money.

He rented a 10 bedroom fraternity house with his fellow companion Adeo Ressi who is now running a venture in the Silicon Valley himself. The club, at times, would host more than 500 patrons just in a single night! Maybe the financially potent genes were in him all along!

8 He Lived On $1/Day By Choice

Elon Musk
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While most of us drool over how rich these Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs are, we seldom ponder how much struggle and discipline building went into becoming such a giant success. Musk used to live on $1/day for his food budget which would include hot dogs and oranges which he would mostly buy in large quantities to save even more money.

This is something amazing considering the fact that Musk had started earning money at a very early age through his ingenious exploits which included a game called Blastar, which he had sold to a magazine named PC & Office Technology for $500 at just the age of 12!

This self-inflicted frugal lifestyle was what Musk used to determine whether he could survive on a meager income if circumstances made him live out such a thing. He did that for 30 days and proved to himself that he could live on a small amount of money and invest everything he owns into his brilliant ideas.

7 He Is Obsessed With X-Men

Via Cleantechnica.com

Unknown to many people, Elon Musk is a huge fan of powerful characters of X-Men franchise and he has a knack for naming things after the characters in this famous comic and movie franchise. A lot of the automated robots at the Tesla Manufacturing Plant, meant to produce automated cars, have been christened Wolverine, Storm, Vulcan & Colossus to name a few.

Musk had been severely bullied in childhood and once passed out when a group of boys caught hold of him and threw him down a flight of stairs. Maybe the affliction with superheroes is a part of him saying that he also needed superpowers to fight against the bad guys! He is so obsessed with it that the Tesla Model X is rumored to have a mode named “Bioweapon defense mode”! Yes, he feels like a superhero too!

6 He Became A Programmer In 3 Days

Elon Musk Programmer
Via Yahoo.com

At the young age of 10, Musk began his love affair with the technological world by learning to work with a Commodore Vic-20, and it wasn’t long before his efforts started to bear fruit. When he was as young, Elon Musk once got hold of a BASIC programming language workbook. In those days, that book usually took around 6 months to fully complete, but Musk is not one to do things conventionally. He took it to another level and finished the book in just 3 days becoming a programmer by 1984 standards in doing so!

Those skills were put to use very early when Musk began his tryst with entrepreneurship by selling a computer game he made himself at the age of 12 for $500. Now that’s some eccentricity.

5 Musk Funds His Own Ventures!

Elon Musk Smiling
Via Wikipedia.org

While most tech entrepreneurs look forward to seed and crowd funding to finance their dreams, Musk doesn’t follow suit. He channels his own money from his successful venture towards companies he wants to build. His extremely risky ideas have made investors quite fearful at the start and the majority of them have refrained from pumping cash into his businesses at first, but they would come back later on after witnessing the commercial viability of his projects, which would make possible big cash streams in the near future if not now.

When he couldn’t find enough investor interest in SpaceX, he channeled all the money he had into saving it from closing down and lost all his cash in the process, living off loans to pay his housing bills. He is highly dedicated to what he believes in!

4 He Had A Job Shoveling Dirt

Elon Musk Tesla Plant
Via Wikipedia.org

While it may be hard to believe that a man who is currently a billionaire and has 3 big companies to his name, Elon Musk once had a job shoveling dirt in a boiler room all the while wearing a hazmat suit. Musk values work above all even if it involves getting down and dirty. A man who has been at the helm of several successful startups that have gone on to become huge successes is no stranger to hard work and the power of concentration. He is known to work almost 100 hours a week, fully engrossed in making his ventures come the life by his sheer determination with a dash of genius. Even now he usually walks around the Tesla factory floor and has a knack for often getting involved in the machines present there.

3 He Has Been Awarded With A Gold Space Medal

Elon Musk with Bill Gates
Via youtube.com

We all know about his obsession with rockets and he was the person who designed the world’s very first privately developed rocket into enter outer space orbit. For this achievement, The Federation Aronautique Internationale, which is the world governing body for aerospace records, awarded him with the FAI Gold Space Medal in the year 2010. It’s the highest award of this organization, which also has been given to Neil Armstrong.

For a man who is hell bent on making possible the reality of colonizing different planets, most notably Mars, and making the human race’s dominance of inhibiting a vast variety of alien terrains a fast-tracked reality, this award is highly justified.

2 He Worried About Developments In Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk artificial intelligence
Via Yahoo.com

Would you believe it? The man who is himself a pioneer in exhilarating futuristic technology, is afraid of what AI could do to humanity if it gets too powerful and becomes smarter than humans. His technology itself gave experts some growing concerns like job loss in the transportation industry as a result of the race for driverless cars being amongst the many reservations experts have regarding his technological pursuits. The fears sure are confounded even more when they come from a highly visionary man, as AI is also undergoing amazing technological transformation, even making their presence felt through Tesla’s own series of autonomous cars which would require minimal human intervention increasing safety to standards previously unknown in the field of transportation. He admitted his fears of AI on The Verge and has also set up the venture OPENAI to address his concern.

1 He Is Still Not Done Yet

Elon Musk
Via Flickr.com

Musk is in the midst of creating the future by providing us with the dreams of a future where autonomous cars will dominate our streets and the sky will be filled with rockets taking ordinary people to Mars, but he still wants to do more!

He recently proposed his idea for a high speed transportation system named Hyperloop. This system uses pressurized tubes and vacuum to reduce drag & friction to their lowest levels. He also proposed a national route which could be used from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay with the journey time being around 35 minutes at speeds around 600 mph. If completed this would be the cheapest and fastest way for people to get around.

He has also envisioned an electric jet which would have the capability to take off vertically and fly at supersonic speeds. He is currently discussing the concept with Google’s Larry Page & Sergey Brin. The jet was also mentioned in Iron Man 2 when Elon made a cameo appearance in the film as himself. Now that’s a man hell bent on changing our future to a degree even if we cannot imagine!

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