Top 8 False Pyramid Facts And 7 That Are True

If you enjoy Egyptian history, you are going to love this list about the pyramids and things you might have never known.

The Egyptian Pyramids are some of the most mysterious structures to ever exist on the planet. There has been speculation that aliens, slaves, and people from nations outside of Africa built them. But if you depend on Hollywood movies and cartoons to reveal secret truths, you might want to reconsider. There is only so much information that the Egyptian Government is willing to release to researchers which makes it all the more fun to learn about.

Archaeologists have been studying them for hundreds of years, and we've dug up some of the coolest facts out there. In this article, I will share with you locations around the world where you will never expect pyramids to exist and the truth about who built the Pyramid of Giza. I'll also cover many of the things that people often mistake when thinking about the pyramids.

If you enjoy Egyptian history, you are going to love this list about the pyramids and things you might have never known.

15 Egyptian Pyramids in the Remote Desert – False


If you watched a number of Hollywood box office movies with Egyptian pyramids, it is normal for most to believe that these mystical structures are located in an isolated desert location in Egypt. However, there are many monuments located not far from Egypt’s capital in the largest city in the country called Cairo. The city of Cairo is most known for the Giza Pyramid which is the seventh Wonder of the World and built during the time King Khufu was alive (2589-2566 BCE).

There is a royal pyramid that is south of Cairo near a temple called the Abydos which is the only monument in this location.

Did you know the statue of Sphinx faces the same direction of a TGI Friday’s restaurant? The Sphinx is a tall and wide statute made of sand with a human head and the body of a lion. These ancient formations are in a north to south direction near the west bank of the Nile River.

14 Pyramids Exist in the United States – True


If you thought pyramids were only a mystery in Egypt, think again. Many monuments throughout the United States are worth talking about, but today, I will mention the Monks Mound. It is located in St. Louis, near the Mississippi River and is considered an important part of world history.

Engineers that studied this structure discovered a layer of vegetation in between the pyramid which is 92 feet high and 836 feet wide. It stretches across 14.4 acres of land and consists of 2.16 billion pounds of soil mixed with clay. Surprisingly, the soil found at this location is uncommon in the area. When it rains, water gets trapped in the pyramid which has caused it to shrink in height as time passes.

Archaeologists are researching to find its original location. However, to further add to the puzzle, in Indiana 43.1 million baskets of this soil was used to construct a pyramid.

13 Pyramids Were Built By Aliens - False


The idea of aliens has existed before Area 51 was built in 1955 and many cultures have linked them to being the builders of some of the unique monuments around the world. The Pyramids of Giza were designed 4,500 years ago and were meant to be for pharaohs and the elite society of Ancient Egyptians. As of today, researchers have not been able to explain how these structures are made and in my opinion, they never will.

The stones weigh two tons and even the technologically advanced construction equipment used today would not be up for the challenge of building them. That leads some alien believers to think extraterrestrials built the pyramids.

There is no evidence to show that a species from another planet were the creators. There were human samples found at monuments that prove about 100,000 men built them with their hands. Most of these men were clearly skilled engineers and construction workers.

12 The Crystal Pyramid In the Bermuda Triangle - True


There have been recent reports that there is a crystal pyramid at the bottom of the ocean right beneath the Bermuda Triangle. Some call it the Devil’s Triangle because of the many aircraft ships that have disappeared while flying over the location since the 1950s.

There are articles on the internet state that since the 1960s a crystal pyramid was discovered by a doctor named Ray Brown that found the structure when he was scuba diving in the Bahamas. According to the Daily Star online news site, in 2012 "At a press conference in the Bahamas, Dr. Verlag apparently revealed the exact coordinates of the pyramid, which is supposed, three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.”

There are photos available online in addition to reputable news sites that have published this story to prove the validity of the pyramids. Some scientists believe that there might be a connection between these monuments to missing planes and ships that have disappeared over the centuries.

11 The Pyramids Stored Grains for a Famine – False


The 2016 United States presidential Republican candidate Ben Carson made a joke during his campaign that Egyptian pyramids were a place to hold grains. Some believed this misinformation, but these African structures were, in fact, a place to bury pharaohs in tombs.

In American history, presidential candidates were asked about events that happened in the past during political campaigns. During the election, the media discovered a video filmed 17 years ago of Ben Carson. He was delivering a college commencement speech stating that he believed Joseph in the Bible built pyramids as a place to store food (grains).

When journalists asked about this, he mentioned that his idea about the pyramids has not changed. After all, Ben Carson must have read the Old Testament stating that when Joseph and his people were sold into slavery in Egypt, the grains in the pyramid helped feed people during a seven-year famine. What do you think about this biblical story?

10 The Original Designer of the Great Pyramid of Giza Was Hemiunu - True


In an article I read in National Geographic January/February 2017 issue, the truth is Hemiunu was the architect and supervisor at the time that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. Here’s a quick bio of Hemiunu:

His father was Nefermaat, and he was married to an Egyptian noblewoman named Itet (Atet). On the front of his tomb, the writer described him as being a great prince. His wife is beside him inside of the Pyramid of Medium which is about 62 miles away from Cairo.

In the fall of 2016, a statue of Hemiunu was temporarily displayed at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Germany. The head was reshaped because in 1912 a trouble maker removed the eyes which were made out of gold.

Another interesting fact is Imhotep was an architect of the 3rd dynasty of the Saqqara pyramid. Imhotep also helped build the pyramid of Djoser.

9 The Movie Exodus Portrays Pyramid Truths – False


The movie Exodus: Gods & Kings earned $268 million when it played in theaters in 2014. However, Egypt banned the movie because it depicts Jewish people as slaves that originally built the Egyptian pyramids. A few of the other moments in the movie that did not sit well with the Government were the Red Sea splitting after an earthquake erupted, which is not an Egyptian belief.

It was also banned in Morocco because the people were insulted by the film. At first, the Moroccan Cinema Centre accepted the film but later changed their minds the day it was supposed to be released. According to the Mirror UK, a man that owns a movie theater in Casablanca stated, “They phoned and threatened they would shut down the theater if I did not take the film off the schedule.” The good news is it cost $140 million to make the movie, and it earned a solid return at the box office.

8 Everything About Ancient Egypt Has Been Discovered - False


Some critics believe everything there is to know about Ancient Egyptian pyramids has been found. The truth is Archaeologists are making discoveries every day in the field. Also, the Egyptian government limits the amount of information it offers to foreigners.

Many theories describe how the Egyptians constructed mummies and exactly how these structures were made. There was a boat called the Khufu solar ship that was discovered beside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Some believe the boat was a place where dead Pharaohs' bodies were stored. In the Egyptian culture, the sun-god Ra used this boat in a spiritual universe to fight enemies in battles.

Over the past few decades, pyramids have been found around the world in Greece, Antarctica, Italy, China, India and the list goes on. If you were bamboozled to believe that Hollywood movies depict the entire truth about an Ancient civilization of Egyptians you wouldn't be the only one, but more discoveries will continue as long as experts are interested in the mysterious.

7 Pyramids Exist in Australia - True


Above you read about some of the places pyramids can be found, but did you know there is also one down under? In Australia, located south of Cairns, is a natural looking monument that is considered “one of the most distinctive landmarks in the small sugar-farming town of Gordonval,” according to the Crystalinks website.

It stands 922 meters high in the sky and is very steep. If you enjoy hiking, it will take about 3 hours for you to get to the top. On the surface of the pyramid is vegetation which is called Australian scrub.

There is another pyramid on the island locals call Gympie Pyramid in Queensland. The Australian officials have no idea who built it, but some believe it was the Egyptians. A self-published author by the name of Rex Gilroy claims that he found the Gympie Pyramid in 1975 and went on the record to state that it was the Egyptians that traveled from Africa to build it.

6 Noah Built The Great Pyramid - False


If you Google Noah and Egyptian Pyramids there are published articles that state he was the mastermind behind these mysterious landforms. A publisher by the name of John Taylor in Britain wrote a book titled The Great Pyramid: Why It Was Built and Who Built It. Although critics state he never made the trip to the motherland to see the Pyramid of Giza, he analyzed a photo of it, studied the measurements and came to the conclusion that Noah was the original architect. Egyptians in his eyes have no connection to the pyramids in Africa. He stated, “He who built the Ark was, of all men, the most competent to direct the building of the Great Pyramid.”

Not only is this an outrageous statement but it is FALSE. The Ancient Egyptians who came from Nubia and were, in fact, African. It is time to throw this false story out into the garbage.

5 Fascinating Pyramid Facts You Never Knew - True


All the pyramids in Egypt were built precisely on the west bank of the Nile River. It is the exact position where the sun sets in the evening. Egyptologists believe that it was purposely built in this direction by Ancient Egyptians to pay homage to people that die in Egypt.

The Pyramid of Cheops is located in the north direction of a compass and is the only structure in the world to achieve this exact direction. Also, it is the oldest seventh wonder of the world and is the highest land mass on the planet.

The stones that were used to build the pyramids are made of limestone and reflect the appearance of light from the sun. From far away, it appears that these structures shine similar to a jewel.

The exact temperature of the heat inside of the pyramids in this country are 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius.

4 Atlantis Built The Pyramids - False


It amazes pyramid fans of the blasphemous claims on the internet about who built the pyramids. In 1882 a Congressman named Ignatius L. Donnelly in Minnesota that admired the legend of Atlantis published his ideas in a book titled Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. He believed that the people of Atlantis had a colony in Egypt and their “civilization was a reproduction of that of the Atlantic island."

He went as far as comparing the pyramids to the land formations found in Mesoamerica. Mesoamerica is an area in South America where the Aztecs and Mayans lived that some scholars in the 19th century believed is linked to Atlantis.

To discredit Ignatius, an archaeologist named Kenneth Feder stated that “The pyramids of the Old and New Worlds do not look the same. The construction methods were different; most Egyptian pyramids represent a single development episode, whereas Mesoamerican pyramids usually represent several building events, one on top of another.”

If you thought this was true, you might want to let go of this fabrication.

3 Pyramids of Tenerife, Canary Islands - True


In the Canary Islands sit the Pyramids of Tenerife which are made of lava stone. In 1990, in the city of Guimar, the world became aware of these structures. A group of archaeologists completed research and discovered that the Guanches (Spaniards) built these structures in the 19th century. They had to clear and construct the land to make stones that were used to build them.

The Guanches were the original native people that discovered the Macaronesian islands before the Europeans, and the Canaries natives also lived on the islands during this time.

In this location, there are a total of six pyramids that are 12 meters in height made by Spaniards. All were aligned with the summer solstice with stairways at the top facing the western hemisphere. It means that it was constructed for ceremonial purposes because the stairway suggests people would face the west in the morning to watch the sunrise.

2 The Great Pyramid of Giza Is the Tallest In the World – False


If you haven’t heard this new theory, you need to pay close attention. According to Epoch Times, the tallest pyramid on the planet is in Puebla, Mexico. It is called the Great Pyramid of Cholula and in Spanish, Tlachihualtepet. The definition in Spanish meant an artificial mountain and was once an ancient temple used by the Aztecs. However, Mexican historians are unsure, but some believe it was before the civilization of the Aztecs.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula was constructed in seven phases and began in the 3rd century BC ending in the 9th century AD. An archaeologist that works at Boston University named David Carballo mentioned to the BBC that the pyramid is 455 feet taller than the Pyramid of Giza. He believes it is the largest monument in the world.

If you were to see the Cholula pyramid in person, you would think it is a mountain because of the grass and trees on the top of it.

1 False Doors Were A Pathway to the Dead – True


Can you imagine being able to move from different dimensions? A false door is an artistic representation of a real one, but it does not function as a door. They were carved on the wall or painted inside of pyramids. False doors are a common architectural element in the tombs of Ancient Egypt and Pre-Nuragic Sardinia. These pieces of artwork are in Etruscan tombs, and during the time of Ancient Rome, they were used in the interiors of houses.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that it was a pathway between death and reality where a spirit of the dead could come into the real world and then exit.

The false door was the central focus of a tomb's offering where families would place gifts to the dead in front of the false door. Most are located facing the west, and most of the time a husband and wife were buried behind the door.


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Top 8 False Pyramid Facts And 7 That Are True