15 Must-Have Gadgets To Make Your Home Cool

With the increase of technology that has progressed over the years, new gizmos and gadgets have been making their way onto the scene. While advanced cars and smart phones are highly impressive, it’s the futuristic household appliances that will soon be making our lives easier. Let’s face it, technology is a large part of how our society conducts business. The need for new technology to simplify is in high demand among our culture.

The futuristic appeal of the emerging innovations will present a new approach to how we conduct our daily lives. Whether the technology is created for the kitchen or bathroom, their versatility and efficiency is appealing to the interest of multiple house owners. While the prototypes are priced ridiculously high and will mostly likely not be found in every household, they still remain labeled as must-haves for modern houses that have the capability to hold such prestigious items.

Ingeniously designed, these awe-inducing concepts makes current technology look ancient with their inability to capture the same qualifications to produce a sleek approach to ordinary household products. While some of these specific innovations are not currently on the market, their appeal to potential consumers will hopefully influence their eventual sale. Start saving your dough in order to afford these savvy contraptions.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at 15 futuristic technology must-haves for modern/rich homes.

15 LED Ceiling


In most households, ceilings can be a boring feature. Paint and textured panels can only do so much to add any appeal. However, the lackluster eyesore can now be transformed with LED ceiling capabilities. Conceptualized by Seo Dong-Hun, this futuristic cosmetic can be achieved by literally painting with light on the ceiling. Comprised by a cluster of energy efficient LED lights, the sensors can be activated when the opportunity for more light to present itself. Using a 'light wand', you can control and focus on the exact area that you wish to light up. Whether you need extra light to read a book or just want to draw designs on the ceiling, the Draw The Lights concept is a fun and efficient way to brighten up your space. The LED unit can be used to set the mood for holidays, parties, or additional ambiances you wish to create. Not only that, the LED lights are sure to save energy by using minimal light.

14 Smart Touch Refrigerator


There is no household appliance more precious than the refrigerator. The doors literally open to a haven of happiness. While there have been advancements of features to the conventional fridge over several years, the Smart Touch refrigerator captures all the qualities a smart fridge requires. With its modern design of a half-swirl handle and coated in sleek black color, the fridge is in a league of its own. The handle holds a built-in biometric sensor that can detect who exactly is opening the fridge. It tracks the current operator because the food residing in the fridge is tagged for the specific people who placed the food inside. The inventory and life expectancy of the food is projected on the panel located on one side of the fridge’s door. The designer, HaiMeng Fang, created the Smart Touch Refrigerator to not only amp the overall appeal of a kitchen, but to also ensure that perishable items are consumed in a timely manner. Hopefully the smart technology doesn’t pass judgement for frequently visiting the fridge on multiple occasions throughout the day.

13 Transparent TV


Get ready to take your Netflix game to the next level. Designed by Michael Friebe with Loewe AG, the transparent television is sure to be a conversational piece for your living room. With the combination of conventional LCD and TOLED display technology, the television is designed to create the richest color of moving pictures. Pretty cool, right? Rumor has it that the sleek television design is to be acquired by Apple to join the ranks of the company’s growing modern gadgets and give way to their desired HDTV line. Unfortunately, the transparent television doesn’t appear to be among Loewe’s current products for sale, but it did make quite the impression at the 2011 iF Concept Design competition. While it’s been well over five years since the event, hopefully the prototype will be able to make its grand presence in households soon.

12 iChef Oven

The iChef +Oven is a futuristic twist on a typical household oven that conveniently acts as both a memorized cookbook and robotic chef. With a user-friendly design, the oven is equipped with a computer brain that is controlled by the touch of your finger. Installed by a European appliance maker, Goreje, the iChef + Oven makes cooking and baking much more efficient. In order to successfully conduct, you determine the food you’re cooking by estimating its weight and then activating the oven. From there, the smart computer takes over. There are three additional modes that can be achieved with the iChef; MyBake, ProBake, and StepBake. These processes will conduct stages such as defrosting, baking, and holding warm, all while saving the programs and recipes. This gadget is sure to be a desired kitchen product that will make both cooking and baking much easier for households subjected to hectic schedules within the hustle and bustle that society presents. With the iChef, you’ll never have to worry again about burning a Thanksgiving turkey, for the modern oven is responsible for handling the time and temperature of your meal.

11 Wine Ager & Refrigerator


If you’re looking to take your parties or nights to the next level, the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator developed by Electrolux is the way to go. The Wave is the perfect solution for aging your wine selections to a higher quality. Using ultrasonic waves emitted by layers within the shelves of the refrigerator, the waves transfer to the alcohol molecules of the wine and in return ages the liquid. In order to save time and speed up the process, the customized touchscreen and the ultrasonic aging system work together to turn any bottle into liquid gold. Using the Radio-frequency identification technology on the smart panel located on the front of the fridge, you can set the aging time to coordinate with the time of your party. When ready for consumption, colored graphics will showcase on the screen and will additionally light up a different color when detecting that the wine has begun to spoil. Designer Mika Yamamoto created the gadget to be eco-friendly, as it reduces the cost of electricity while doing the same for carbon emissions. Cheers!

10 The Tulip Bath/Shower


Piotr Pyrtek has created an efficient, and futuristic approach to bathing by creating a product that works as both a shower and bathtub and fits in a small bathroom. The Tulip Bath/Shower not only provides a solution for saving space, but it’s also a luxury item with massage capabilities. Inspired by nature, the concept of the Tulip is designed to open like a tulip to provide the versatility of both a tub and shower. This revolutionary invention allows the pod to drop down the door that would be used to enclose the shower, and act as a basin to collect water to ensure a relaxing bath experience. When settled in the upright position, the Tulip can fit in small bathrooms to present both the luxury of a shower and a bath. Not only does it provide an answer to small spaces, but its sleek look will further its desired appeal in many urban households.

9 Water Shade


Indulging in fresh fruit is a daily desired snack for many people. However, the lifespan of fruit is relatively short for the amount of money spent at the grocery store for the produce. In order to ensure the freshness and cleanliness of fruit, designer Yitu Wang invented the Water Shade. Like the name suggests, the project is literally a stream of water that surrounds the fruit in order to conserve its freshness. The H2O operates as both a dish and cover by keeping anything greater in volume than Oxygen out. Moisture is locked in to ensure particles such as dust, is kept away from fruit residing within the Water Shade. Ingeniously designed, Wang created the product with a built-in detector that will stop the flow of water when a hand gets near the gadget, allowing you to remain dry while enjoying a fresh, clean strawberry.

8 Bio Tank


The Bio Tank is taking a whole new approach to the way dishes are being cleaned. Not only does the washer scrub plates and bowls, but it also makes compost using robotic fish-like suction devices. Each 'fish' is equipped with sensors to locate substances on the dishes in order to be transferred to an opening at the bottom of the tank. The holes are a converting unit that collects the waste to create biofuel and also charges the fishes when not actively working. Stored in a separate compartment, the leftovers that have been converted reside there until removed to use as pleased. With the Bio Tank designed to look like a fish tank, the urbanized gadget allows dishes to be purified without using a generic dishwashing system. With robotic fish-washing technology, water and electricity will never be wasted again by loading up a large bulky dishwasher.

7 Orbital Washing Machine


Washing clothes is not exactly the most enjoyable chore. While washing machines have evolved significantly since their early days on the scene, the technology presented still makes washing clothes a hassle. In order to increase efficiency, the Orbital Washing Machine was designed to ensure that hindrances of washing clothes is officially a thing of the past. The machine is equipped with an incorporated basket that makes loading and unloading clothes as simple as possible. The basket can be removed from the washer, which makes carrying loads of clean or dirty clothes easier from room to room. From an innovative stand point, the basket spins spherically within the washer to ensure that clothes are receiving a thorough wash. Contrasting with other modern designs, the Orbital Washing Machine moves on two axes rather than one. The sleek design and advanced technological structure makes the washing machine a must-have for all modern and advanced homes.

6 iQ Alarm Clock

It pretty much goes without saying that the sound of an alarm obnoxiously blaring and interrupting your slumber is the worst thing to hear. However, pressing the snooze button won’t exactly work with this high-tech alarm clock. Instead of a snooze button, you have to solve a riddle to get eventual peace and quiet. The iQ Alarm clock is designed to ensure that sleepers will get up faster, rather than relying on the snooze to get you on your feet. Now before you panic thinking you won’t be able to solve the questions, the alarm clock is equipped with the setting to adjust the level of difficulty the questions will present. The brain teasers can range anywhere between one to three questions before the incessant ringing subsides. The love-hate relationship will be in full effect with this specific clock design. Not only is the ringing alerting you to remove yourself from a warm bundle of blankets, but you have to put your brain to work while barely awake in order to achieve silence. Let’s hope the iQ Alarm clock is durable enough to withstand being thrown across the room.

5 Combi Monitor


While modern technology is changing the way homes are decorated and implanted with futuristic gadgets, the convenience of both a computer monitor and printer is a desired tool. Designed by Byeong Min Choe, the two-in-one contraption is a modern solution for achieving space and efficiency in a home office. The Combi Monitor uses multi-touch selection to activate the monitor, scanner, and printer. The inconvenience of multiple systems in the office can delay working time and natural resources. Using the monitor that is combined with the printer and scanner capabilities, the invention makes printing multiple pages from the web a much easier process. Located on the back of the monitor, a slot for a stack of papers to rest while not actively being printed or scanned can be found. The combination of intuitive printing and realtime scanning makes these features a futuristic approach to past work tasks. Its impressive design gives way to an appealing look that will work in any modern household.

4 Eco Cleaner


Let’s face it, we all dread doing dishes and sometimes dishwaters just aren’t getting the job done. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a top-of-the-line dishwasher that could not only thoroughly clean the dishes, but also convert the food covering the plates into reusable compost for plants? Well, there is! Designed by Ahi Andy Mohsen, the Electrolux Eco Cleaner is a portable dishwater that uses ultrasonic waves to convert leftover food stuck to dishes and grease into soil and then settle into a separate compartment of the compact tank. This is a perfect solution if you want both sparkling clean dishes and an organic way to fuel your plants. The two-in-one gadget, is putting a new twist on everyday home meals and your gardening supplies. Being a part of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Competition, the Eco Cleaner was able to illustrate its versatility and ability to clean and ionize all while running on solar power.

3 Self-Sterilizing Door Handle


This futuristic household gadget is perfect for clean freaks and germaphobes alike. Gone are the days of applying an excessive amount of hand sanitizer to clean away potential bacteria picked up from opening door handles. With the Self-Sterilizing Door Handle, its mission is to prevent new influenza viruses from spreading through hand contact. When the handle is not being operated, the end of it pushes down on a switch that controls a UV lamp built into the contraption. That UV lamp is then activated to sterilize the handle in order to maintain its clean condition. It only turns off when the handle is being used to open the door, but then turns right back on after the hand is removed to clean the germs left behind. The bacteria residing on the door handle will ultimately be incapable of spreading and reproducing, which in turn can spread diseases.

2 Sony Eclipse 


Sony is responsible for producing several types of technology, but their media player is a gadget that is evolving the stereo industry. The Eclipse is a sleek modern media player that is equipped with Bluetooth in order to stream endless amounts of music via MP3 players, the radio, or its built-in speakers. While it seems like your average media player, it sets itself apart by relying on sunlight to keep it running. On the back of the Eclipse, there is a tiny photovoltaic cell that is in the direct line of sunlight as it sticks to the window using a suction cup. By drawing in solar power, you won’t be receiving warnings for a low battery and be able to blare music throughout the day with no worries of it dying mid-chorus. The Eclipse additionally has a compartment built in the device that can be used to hold the device which the player is streaming the music from.

1 Pattern Door Lock


Do you hate the feeling of someone standing over your shoulder as you unlock an electronic door password? If you do, then this next gadget is exactly what you need. In order to prevent stolen passcodes, the Pattern Door Lock was invented with a code combination that is not easily visible. The pattern security system is located on the doorknob and uses Braille on the key pads to add an additional layer of security. With over 65,000 personal identification combinations available with the Pattern Door Lock, you’ll be able to avoid falling victim to a hijacked code combination. When the correct pin number is entered along with the pattern of the door handle, a green light will turn on to indicate the successful entrance. This type of technology isn’t just for those wishing to keep their code from being detected by prying eyes. It’s highly effective for those who have trouble seeing and it also eliminates the hassle of entering a code and turning a door simultaneously for entrance.


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