The Nintendo Switch Has Everyone Talking About The Future Of Consoles

Formerly the known as NX, Nintendo has introduced its newest revolutionary console: Switch!

It appears Switch is a console that can be made into a handheld device by simply sliding the ends of the controller off of the body and sliding them onto the handheld screen.

Based on the video, it appears the controls don't actually have to be attached to the screen to function either. Every component of the Switch is separate and can be connected and disconnected as the player pleases. The screen itself has a stand so you can place it on a table or any other stable surface and continue to play without holding the device.


You can also use either side as its own controller, essentially giving players the ability to split it in half and play with friends locally. Nintendo has been untouchable in the handheld market, and now they may have created a whole new race in the console world: Portability.



Gamers are excited about the latest creation from Nintendo, as the company appeared to be lagging behind its fellows Sony and Microsoft, who have been pouring all of their time into the VR game.

With this latest creation, Nintendo may have pulled itself out of its publicly perceived slump and created something that no one else can match.

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