Here's Everything That Microsoft Revealed At Their Event Today

Microsoft's Windows 10 event was chock-full of interesting reveals and surprises for Windows fans across the board. The company has ambitious plans, and here's everything they talked about today:


9 Creator's Update Coming Soon

Windows 10 will be receiving a free creator's update during Spring of next year. The upgrade will augment the operating system to gear towards augmented reality (see: Hololens) and virtual reality with a focus on 3D-based tools. It also includes in-house video game streaming through Beam, a streaming site similar to Twitch which was recently purchased by the tech giant. Gamers will also be able to create their own tournaments utilizing tools in the new update as well.

8 3D For Everyone


The update appears to be centered around the new Microsoft Paint program (and gaming, but we'll get to that later) which will now allow artists to build 3D models with ease. It'll also be able to pull models from SketchUp.

7 Windows 3D Capture

Microsoft did a demo in which a 3D scanning app for mobile devices allows users to capture objects in 3D by walking around them and then import them into Paint 3D. While the preview was done via an HP Elite X3, they stated the feature could roll out on any phone meaning it may not just be exclusive to Microsoft devices.

6 Hololens

Gif Via Tech Crunch

Microsoft's push into 3D would not be complete without a look at the augmented reality headset Hololens that has been in development for the past few years. The demo showed off how 3D Paint documents could be imported into the headset and viewed on the device. They also showed off an application called Houzz where you can preview furniture in a room prior to purchase. No longer will we have to guess at measurements or see if that lamp will look okay on our night stands.

5 Holotour

During the Hololens demo, they introduced Holotour. The application allows you to remotely view distant locations as if you are actually visiting them. Our slow descent into the world where we are the humans in Wall-e has begun.

4 Low-Cost VR


Some of the cooler things previewed were low-cost affordable virtual reality headsets. Partnered with Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Asus, Microsoft plans on getting headsets out for as low as $299. It's tempting considering most VR rigs cost upwards of $1000 on the headsets and peripherals alone.

3 It All Comes Back To Gaming, Better Sound And Better Communication:

Games will support true Bitstream audio for Dolby Atmos on both Xbox One and PC's

A chat client will become available with the creator's update (which honestly feels more like a gamer's and 3D update). My People will tether multiple communication platforms such as Skype and email and allow for quick switching between them. Multitask even more like a boss.


2 New PC's


Microsoft debuted two things. First the Microsoft Surface Book i7, the company's tablet/laptop hybrid. There were no major changes to the aesthetic of the device, but it now sports a much better graphics card and extra long battery.

1 What Really Stole The Show Was The New Microsoft Surface Studio.

This PC appears to be a direct answer to the iMac which has not seen a real update/upgrade in recent years. The all-in-one computer has a 28-inch high res PixelSense display with touch input with an adjustable base and a new controller called the Surface Dial. It also supports Surface Pen, for those of you who are tired of having a separate tablet to create your art.

The PC starts at a whopping $2,999 and is available for pre-order now.

The event left us with two things: wondering what the future will look like in the next few years and wanting more.

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