8 Things That Would Happen If Scientists Proved God Exists (And 8 If He Doesn't)

It's difficult to have a conversation about religion without someone becoming upset and cursing your soul to an extremely warm location for the duration of eternity. Luckily, we aren't frightened by contentious conversations and we decided to tackle religion (or perhaps the absence of it) anyway.

However, that doesn't mean we are going out of our way to offend, on the contrary, we simply want everyone to keep an open mind. In this list, we look at the possible global changes which would occur if the existence of God was unequivocally proven or disproven. Though it's not on the burden of science to disprove His existence... but that's an entirely different discussion. Play along with this scenario.

Of course, there's no way to know what would happen in these scenarios, yet it remains an interesting thought experience when you take into account human history up to this point.

Is everyone strapped in? Do you have your fruits and vegetables ready to launch at your screen? While that is completely unnecessary, there will be some interesting points raised throughout the lists which analyze a world of certainty around the existence of God.

Be honest, how would your world change with definitive proof? Would you be happy? Sad? Angry? Jubilant? There would be some experiences that we would all go through at that point.

Prepared? Let's go!


16 Exists: Religion Would Literally Dominate The World (Again)

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There's no doubt that if the existence of a God were scientifically proven that the world as we know it would change drastically. Religious structures would be built in droves, most non-believers would probably convert to believing in the newly confirmed higher power, and the way the entire planet approaches life, in general, would alter.

With this discovery, there wouldn't be any aspect of life that wouldn't be influenced by religion and the knowledge that a God is actually watching. Beyond that, who knows what would happen to those who were non-believers before the proof of science was provided by science.

15 Doesn't: Religion Would Nearly Be Abandoned Completely

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With the direct knowledge that there is absolutely no chance that a God exists, many believers would simply abandon their beliefs. It's safe to assume that fundamentals would hold onto their beliefs - no matter how much evidence was provided to prove them wrong. You can't convince everyone with facts!

One of the more interesting aspects of this scenario is what would happen with all the religious building around the world. Hopefully, they would be used to house the homeless and give sanctuary to those who have nowhere else to go.

...I mean they would be used for these purposes exclusively and open to anyone who may need help.

14 Exists: Most Governments Would Turn To Religion

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It's fair to believe that most governments around the world would adopt the scripture of whatever supreme entity was proven to exist. Meaning the world could look completely different in the matter of several years than it did before this amazing discovery.

While numerous countries have laws based on religious doctrine and others have completely adopted specific religious ideology into the legal system - imagine if that were uniform across the globe.

Whether that would unify the planet under a single rule is an interesting discussion. This situation could create infighting which would make Game Of Thrones look a show about a tiny disagreement.

13 Doesn't: Religion Would Be Completely Pushed Out Of Politics

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If the existence of a supreme being was disproven, religion would be pushed out of politics in droves across the planet. Instead, we would see governments turn to science and spiritual moral philosophy as guides for governmental conduct.

Basically, imagine almost any Science Fiction TV series, Movie, or video game as an example of how that world would look. The Xenosaga series provides a look into a science fiction world with a strong moral presence.

What would be used by politics as a dividing factor if not for religion? I'm sure they would find something to use to push their new agendas.

12 Exists: A lot Of Questions Would Still Remain

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Even if a God was proven to exist, there would still be a multitude of questions about the planet and the purpose of humanity. Science proving a supreme being exists does not mean that being would tell us what motivates them or the consequences of our actions.

It's also possible that this scenario would result in a God that is not representative of any of the religious belief systems on Earth. We could all be wrong and have to accept a completely new reality.

Now if that doesn't completely blow your mind, I'm not sure what will!

11 Doesn't: Scientists Would Be Looked At With Greater Respect

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Imagine a world where scientists are looked at as all-knowing individuals who would never be doubted because a troll made a post denying climate change on their propaganda blog!

Interesting thought, right?

Without religion professions in science and technology would grow into unimagined size and power. Without the constraints of religious debate, scientists would only have to deal with direct moral consequences - not those coming from an indirect source.

This could have either amazing or catastrophic results. However, they would hopefully be able to cure most of the diseases known to man, find ways to create food sources to cure worldwide hunger and make a number of great advances.

10 Exists: Global Conflict Over The Correct Doctrine

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If a God figure was found to exist, the world could be drawn into a global crusade where proponents of a specific religion combat with others in order to gain favor with the new-found supreme being.

This idea sounds like something out of a Science Fiction book or Netflix series. However, in practice, it would be terrifying and end in the deaths of millions of people if the planet would devolve into this level of anarchy.

To be fair, the possibility of a peaceful transition into this new age would be possible, it just feels unlikely with the thousands of years of religious tension which is still ongoing.


9 Doesn't: A Purge Of All Religious Doctrine Could Occur

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In a world where the possibility of a God is gone, it's not impossible to believe that a global purge of religious doctrine, text, buildings, and those refusing to denounce their beliefs would be purged.

That's a rather depressing thought, but anarchy is always a possibility in times where such a drastic change has occurred overnight. We would like to believe this wouldn't happen, but we have to recognize that it's difficult to predict what would happen in the immediate months and years after this revelation.

For historical purposes alone, you have to hope this purge would never happen.

8 Exists: There Could Be A Global Decline In Human Rights Gains

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Those without a clouded view of history will recognize that for thousands of years that multiple religions held back human rights around the world. We can argue if that was due to the religious text or the manipulation of that text by those in charge - but it definitely was and still is a problem.

If science proved the existence of a supreme being it's possible that the human rights advances in certain areas of the world could be rolled back for at-risk communities or become even worse in others.

It's possible this wouldn't be the case, however, it should definitely be a concern.

7 Doesn't: Human Sexuality Would Be Embraced Around The World

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It's possible that within a decade or so the world as a whole would embrace human sexuality in a way that hasn't ever been seen on a global scale. A lot of religious doctrine pushes for an extremely puritan approach to any and all sexual activity and doesn't present a positive view who enjoy sex due to it being fun.

This would be an extremely drastic change and one that many would welcome, while others would hate in their core. Would it really be that bad though?

Perhaps, this is something that we need to do anyway?


6 Exists: Technology Could Become Restricted

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In a terrifying scenario for those of us who work online, on TV, or with anything which is dependent on technology - a world where a God is proven to exist could see a massive restriction of technology.

Of course, this would depend on the nature of the supreme being proven to exist and how they instruct us, humans, to exist on Earth. If left up to religious figures on the planet, it's possible they would push for less technology, therefore causing the planet to return to a time where they were dependent on the church for everything.

Can we keep our technology, please?

5 Doesn't: Humanity Would Look To The Stars

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Without the curiosity of a God, humanity would turn their attention to the stars for answers. We have no idea of the true depth of the universe and have an extremely narrow understanding of what exists in the thousands of galaxies.

There's so much to explore in the universe and the search for other intelligent life would take on a new life as humanity starts a new exploration and a search for answers - which would not come from a supreme being.

What really does lie within the stars? I wonder what kind of good food exists in the universe.

Yes, I'm hungry.

4 Exists: Religious Leaders Would Rule Countries

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If a supreme being was scientifically proven to exist, it's reasonable to believe holy figures such as the Pope would become Heads of State across the planet. These individuals are believed to have a unique connection to God and billions would turn to them for answers in this new world.

The power these individuals would hold would be similar to Kings. This scenario could lead to betrayal, violence, and religious politics as figures vie for power and favor among the masses.

How would this supreme being feel with these representatives? There are so many questions that would have to be answered.

3 Doesn't: Restrictions On Science Would Disappear

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Religion places a lot of restrictions on science, that in various societies slow down scientific advances, which could help cure a number of diseases and help those in need. If definitive proof was presented to disprove the existence of a supreme being - religious restriction around science and technology would completely disappear.

However, this doesn't mean there wouldn't be moral objections to certain aspects of science. The belief that religion is the reason for morality is a false, therefore we would have conversations surrounding the morality of scientific experiments and other activities.

Perhaps this would lead us to everyone having giant spaceships with android crews. One can only hope...

2 Exists: Attending Religious Services Would Be Mandatory

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It's a safe assumption that in a world where God was proven to exist, that we would all be mandated to attend religious services. It could stretch to us attending services one a day or more. In this scenario, there isn't a definition of the doctrine of this proven to exist supreme being.

This would also lead to every town having the equivalent of a mega center to house the multitude of people who would come to offer their thoughts to a supreme power.

You have to wonder what the punishment would be for missing service? Doesn't sound like it would be something all that pleasant.

1 Doesn't: Humanity Would Look To Spirituality

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If God were disproven to exist, that doesn't mean humanity would throw away all examples of spirituality. Philosophy has discussed this very subject for thousands of years, it's feasible to believe humanity would create new ways to mediate and attempt to become one with the universe.

Mediation would become a more normal practice for those who would want to relieve stress, find a deeper meaning to the word, and create their own spirituality without depending on religious doctrine.

Would this almost turn into a religion of itself? That's a question that we won't be able to answer today.


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