15Prepare Beforehand – Pour Water Into Ziploc Bags

If you know a hurricane is coming, prepare in advance. Have a hurricane kit packed with all the essentials ready. This kit should include things such as water, food, clothes, and sleeping gear such as blankets. Make sure you also have battery-powered radios or, alternatively, hand-crank radios. It’s also a

good idea to have flashlights and extra batteries.

Hurricanes often result in floods and power outages, which in turn result in power supply being cut off. Prepare for this by filling up your bathtub and sinks with water. Another thing you can do is fill Ziploc bags with water and then place them flat in the freezer. Only fill the bags three-quarters-full, however, to prevent them from exploding. It is generally advised to have prepared at least a gallon of water a day (per person) for three days in a row.

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