15 Things Women Can Do That Men Can't

Men and women may often feel like they come from different planets. No matter how much we’ve evolved from our caveman (and cavewoman) days there are still all sorts of gender issues impacting modern society. Equality aside there is one thing that is certain, men and women are completely different creatures, with many different skills and aptitudes, but just how different are they? What do these differences mean?Men may be physically stronger and have the ability to pee standing up, but women are life-bearers and goddesses connected to the earth and lunar cycle, so why can’t we all just learn to get along? Endless studies have been completed to determine what is different about men and women and there are many theories on why these differences exist. When men and women are able to combine our mad skills together in a productive way it will be amazing to see all of the wonderful things we can achieve. Today let’s take a look at the ways that women truly are super, where they have the deck stacked in terms of sheer ability and gender related talents? These are the 15 things that women can do that men just can’t. Sorry. Not Sorry.

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15 Women Score Higher On IQ Tests Than Men


For over a century men scored as much as five points higher than women on IQ tests, that is until recently! The gap is now closed and women have taken the lead! Over the past 100 years both men and women’s IQs have increased, so we’re all getting smarter, however the IQs of women have grown faster. Some believe that a woman juggling family life and building a successful career is the cause, (multitasking strikes again), whereas others think that women have always housed this potential but are just discovering it in modern times. Cambridge English professor Helena Jamieson says about this change, “I think women probably always knew deep down that they were the more intelligent ones – but as the gentler sex we were quiet about it and let men continue to believe they ruled the world.” Female celebrities with very high IQs and/or impressive educational backgrounds include Lisa Kudrow, Natalie Portman, Mayim Bialik, Elizabeth Banks, Sharon Stone, and Shakira.

14 Women Survive More Car Accidents


It turns out that women are at an advantage compared to their male counterparts when it comes to surviving extreme physical trauma. In fact, males are significantly more likely to perish in a car accident than a woman in a similar accident, provided they’re of child bearing years, with a lot of it having to do with hormones. After analyzing data from 48,000 patients who had lost a lot of blood it was determined that women are more likely to survive such a large trauma than men. Some say that men are 77 percent more likely to die in such an accident than women. There is no difference in survival rates of car accident victims who are under the age of 13 or over the age of 65. Some believe that they may be able to better treat extremely injured male car accident victims by giving them drugs to temporarily block male hormones.

13 Women Are Scientifically Better At Multitasking


For anyone who’s ever wondered about a woman’s ability to juggle multiple things at a time, be prepared for confirmation. Scientists scanned the brains of 949 men and women to map the connections between different sections of the brain. The results found that women have a much stronger connection between the left and right sides of their brains, while men have stronger connections between the front and the back of the brain. What does this mean? These different interconnections make women better at multitasking and men better at single, more complex tasks. The scan also found that women are better at remembering faces whereas men are better at tasks like parallel parking. The study also found that the differences between men and women became notable after puberty.

12 Women Have A Better Sense Of Smell


Ever wonder why she pays more attention to smelling the roses, or notices when a friend switches colognes or perfumes more than he does? It’s because she has a better sense of smell than the guy sitting next to her. Women will usually outperform men in smell related testing, and until recently scientists didn’t understand why. In fact, research conducted in Brazil examining post-mortem brains from seven men and 11 women revealed that on average women have 43 percent more cells than men in their olfactory bulbs (that control smell) in their brains. Researchers also believe that the increased sense of smell in women is naturally linked to experiences and emotions making this smell superiority cognitive instead of perceptual. During pregnancy women have an increased sense of smell thanks to their pregnancy hormones.

11 Women Can Have Multiple "Os"


This one is a bit of a little white lie. It turns out that around 10 to 15 percent of American males are capable of having consecutive climaxes without losing the “good wood” for a refractory or rest period, but most don’t, while many women can take the train to O Town again and again. Upon the grand finale (or la petite mort as it’s called by the French) an unidentified chemical is released in men, that isn’t in women. This chemical is released (likely being oxytocin and/or prolactin) which in most young healthy males causes a five to thirty minute recovery period, while women can keep on going without this pause. It’s believed that this causes the male body to be unable to return to play until the body has processed or gotten “rid” of the chemicals.

10 Women See More Colours 


A study conducted by a psychology professor at Brooklyn College has determined that men and women really see things differently from each other, so let the debates on the 2015 internet sensation blue and black, or gold and white rage on. The team noted in a journal of Biology of Sex Differences, "Across most of the visible spectrum, males require a slightly longer wavelength than do females in order to experience the same hue." The experiment found that women saw different shades of colour in objects that men did not identify. The study also found that women were better at determining colours, and men were better at tracking quickly moving objects and noting detail on objects at a distance. It’s believed that these differences may be evolutionary and related to human’s hunter/gatherer past.

9 Women Live Longer Than Men


Men may make more money than women, but all that means is that “the fairer sex” has to save up even more money for retirement since most women in the developed world will live an average of five to six years longer than men. In fact, 85 percent of centurions (people who live to be older than 100 years old) are women. While many believe there are biological factors behind a woman’s longevity, a recent study conducted at the University of Southern California determined that most of this increase in lifespan had to do with women taking advantage of longevity benefits of a healthier lifestyle than men. Globally (meaning anywhere in the world) women live almost 4.5 years longer than men. The good news here for men is that with some lifestyle improvements men can increase their lifespan significantly, so men, the next time she orders a salad, maybe you should too.

8 Women Learn Better In Academic Settings


When looking into why young girls receive better grades than young boys in elementary school a research study has determined that a lot of this has to do with the young female ‘approach towards learning’ which has a direct influence on how a teacher will grade them. This study which examined data on 5,800 students ranging from kindergarten to grade five looked at both standardized test scores and test scores that related to the teachers’ assessment of the progress of their students. It revealed gender differences start quite young. Female success has been linked to, “how well each child was engaged in the classroom, how often the child externalized or internalized problems, how often the child lost control and how well the child developed interpersonal skills.” Since there are fewer male primary school teachers than women, research has not been able to determine whether or not an increase in male teachers will improve the performance of younger boys scholastically.

7 Women Ace More Job Interviews


We often talk about the negative impacts of stress, but sometimes it’s what makes us succeed. A study out of the University of Western Ontario where 400 students were interviewed determined that women generally get more stressed out about job interviews when compared to men, but they also perform better on the interview itself. While this is interesting in terms of genders, it also is a notable flag for hiring companies to rely on measures in addition to the interview in order to find the perfect fit for a role. The best advice that has come out of the study is for anyone attending an interview to come prepared, having practiced mock interviews and read books on ways to perform better during a job interview.

6 Evolution Is Making Women Hotter


Recent scientific study has shown that hot women just keep on getting more attractive. Research has shown that attractive women are more likely to have more children, 16 percent to be exact, when compared to their less beautiful peers. They are also more likely to have daughters, 36 percent who will have daughters as their eldest child, who will also be good looking, and this pattern keeps on repeating. A 2006 study showed that good looking parents were more likely to have daughters, and it’s suggested that this is an evolution strategy to help each sex survive, and is even programmed into our DNA. Mr. Kanazawa said of these findings, "If more attractive parents have more daughters and if physical attractiveness is heritable, it logically follows that women over many generations gradually become more physically attractive on average than men."

5 Estrogen Gives Women Stronger Immune Systems


We’ve all heard about the man cold. It turns out that there may be a valid reason why men turn into complete babies whenever they get the sniffles — they don’t have estrogen. A study completed at McGill University found that women are better at combating infection than men thanks to their superpower, estrogen. Estrogen opposes a particular enzyme that prevents the body’s defence against bacteria and viruses, making it the perfect “weapon” against disease. In addition to the strong immune systems, women are also cleaner than men. Some research has found that men have between 10 to 20 percent more bacteria in their workstations compared to their squeaky clean female coworkers. So gents, just ask her for an antibacterial wipe before you get the sniffles again, okay?

4 Women Have A Better Understanding Of Emotions Than Men


In a 2009 study, led by University of Montreal, Olivier Collignon, reported results proving that women possess a superior ability of understanding expressions and emotions, when compared with men. In the study 23 men and 23 women were asked to identify emotions of actors using sometimes contradictory stimuli (i.e. a voice that showed fear but a facial expression indicating disgust). The study not only determined that the women were faster in response and better able to pinpoint the emotions more accurately, but also that they responded more quickly when the actor was female. While the study asserts that biology plays a major role in these results Collignon also says, "these studies should not rule out the fact that culture and socialization do play a powerful role in determining gender differences in the processing of emotional expressions."

3 Women Are Better Able To Respond To A Crying Baby


It’s well-known that women are hardwired to respond to a baby crying, particularly with the changes that occur in a woman’s brain during pregnancy. In a study where men and women were told to let their minds wander for 15 minutes while white noise played interspersed with the sound of a hungry baby crying women displayed a change in their brain activity, whereas the male test subjects did not. Other past tests have suggested that women are more likely to feel sympathy and caregiving emotions when exposed to a crying baby, whereas males are more likely to feel irritation or anger. Another study on postpartum depression has shown lesser brain activity when hearing such cries compared to women who were not depressed.

2 Women Can Get Aroused Without Everyone In The Room Knowing


Because of anatomical differences things are a lot more subtle when a woman is aroused compared to a man. In fact it’s so subtle that women themselves might not even realize that they’re turned on. In a study where women were asked to watch erotic movies and rate how turned on they were, they strongly underrated their engagement in what was playing. The results displayed on the plethysmograph (a device used to measure blood flow to the vagina) begged to differ. Many believe that women downplay this response because it’s more socially acceptable to do so, and research also shows that just because the body has responded it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s really ready to go. Getting to a woman by way of her brain is reportedly the most effective way to stimulate her other organs.

1 Women Can Produce Milk, Even If They Adopted A Child


The human body is a wonderful and miraculous thing. Anyone who’s ever seen the movie The Hand that Rocks the Cradle knows that it is possible to nurse a child that is not your own. Years ago, before the advent of formula, women who were unable to (or chose not to) nurse their children would employ a wet nurse to feed their babies. At one time it was believed that in order to become a wet-nurse someone would need to have given birth to a child fairly recently, however, regular suckling from an infant can create milk production. Some adoptive moms are able to breastfeed their children with a little help from a breast pump, and sometimes some supplements to make their breasts produce milk.

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