15 Things Women Are Programmed To Look For In Men

It’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? What DO women want or look for in a man?

It’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? What DO women want or look for in a man?

The answer, sadly, is not simple at all but that’s because different women value different things in a prospective partner. This can have a lot to do with where and how a woman was raised, her cultural and religious background, or her life experiences. You do get women who place vast importance on money, looks, and social standing and will refuse to even consider a man who doesn’t meet their minimum requirements. But these women are shallow, and not the kind of person you’d want to be with anyway.

Women all have different preferences when it comes it comes to men. Some prefer men who are sporty and athletic while others don’t mind a skinnier frame. They might reject men based on habits like smoking or drinking or look for men with certain psychical characteristics such as blue eyes. For some women, it may be important to be with a man with a certain kind of job or skill. But most women will agree that there are certain traits and features that they look for in a potential date. Here are 15 things women are programmed to look for in men.

15 Height And Good Posture

Various studies have shown that the majority of women find tall men attractive. Height is often associated with “having good genes” and in the primitive side of our brains, we are looking for good breeding partners (even though we may not realize it).

14 A Deep Voice

Does your voice sound more like Marlon Brando than David Beckham? Then you’re in luck because a recent study published in the online journal Personality and Individual Differences has revealed that men with deeper voices may have an easier time attracting a mate than those with higher-pitched voices.

Another study conducted in 2013 by researchers from the University College London produced similar findings. Their research showed that females found deep voices attractive because they perceived the speaker to be strong and have a good physical frame.

But there’s a catch – so don’t start changing your voice just yet. These studies have also shown that women perceive men with deep voices to be more likely to cheat so this means that they will be less likely to choose them as long-term partners.

13 Confidence

I know that as a man you’re probably scrolling through this list and looking for the entry that says “Millionaire”. You won’t find it. I know plenty of women will say that they are looking for a hot rich guy but the truth is, again, a little bit more complicated.

12 Social Standing

Once again this has less to do with money and more to do with confidence and the way a man carries himself. A man who is outgoing and social is definitely more likely to be an exciting partner than the grumpy guy with no friends, right? If a woman is meeting a man for the first time and he appears to be liked among his friends that shows that he a personable kind of guy. It also helps a woman to gauge how he treats others and how much respect they have for him.

Once again this is only skin deep because as we all know a person can be popular and still be a douchebag. So your impressive social standing might get you dates but not necessarily a long-term relationship.

11 A Sense Of Humour

Life is just too short to be serious all the time. That’s why a sense of humor is at the top of most people’s wish list when searching for a prospective partner. Women love to laugh and smile and a good sense of humor is usually indicative of a man who has a positive and healthy outlook on life. Most females will shy away from men who appear sullen, withdrawn, or miserable. Why? Because we are looking for people we can let into our lives that will brighten it up, uplift us, and inspire us. Someone who takes the time to get to know you and makes you laugh will win out over fame and money every time. Take our word on this one. And brush up on your jokes!

10 Similar Interests

This is quite logical if you think about it. When you meet someone for the first time the first thing you are going to try and do is find common ground right? You want to try and find out if the person has similar interests to you and what their views are. This is vital to helping you choose whether or not you want to get to know them better. If you’re a woman who enjoys reading, for example, you might not be interested in someone how openly states they hate reading.

Being able to find common ground with a woman is the first step to getting to know her better. Ask lots of questions and listen to her answers. This will take you a long way too.

9 Good Communicator

Good communication skills are vital when it comes to socializing and this isn’t just limited to romantic encounters. We know that women value men who are effective communicators but how can you improve on this skill?

Well for starters being a good communicator means being a good listener so practice listening with the intention of finding out more about the person you are talking to, not just waiting for your chance to speak. Learn about body language and how to read it because this makes up the majority of human communication. If you have a problem with interruption try to change that – women despise being interrupted – it’s just plain rude. Show interest in the person you are talking to and ask questions to clarify if you are unsure.

8 Intelligence

In today’s world a woman doesn’t need a man to “protect” her anymore. And by that we mean women can earn their own money and look after themselves. They’re no longer looking for huge muscular men to protect them from danger or other men. Our world is more intellectual now so women seek out thinkers. Few things are more impressive than a man who is worldly and intelligent.

Now being intelligent has nothing to do with degrees, higher education or fancy titles. A self educated man is extremely admirable, perhaps even more so than one with a degree. A wiliness to learn from history and the world around you is one of the sexist traits a man can possess. Don’t be afraid to show off your knowledge, but do try not to come off as a know it all because that’s just boring.

7 Altruism

The way you treat people around you, especially those less privileged than yourself, is immediately noticed by women. Ask any gal about a horrible date she’s been on and chances are she’ll end up describing an egotistical nightmare of a man who shouted at the waitress. This is a massive turn-off for the ladies.

Women tend to favor men who are altruistic; those who consider the welfare and happiness of those around them before their own. It’s a strong indication on how he will treat a woman in a romantic relationship and how he will treat future offspring. Men who are kind and do good deeds will always be highly regarded unlike those who are self-centred and only consider themselves. Plus volunteering is also a wonderful way to meet people!

6 Good Listener

Let me tell you what will make any self-respecting woman run a mile and keep going. A man who boasts. There are few things less attractive than a self-absorbed man who can only talk about himself and his accomplishments. There’s an extremely fine line between showcasing your positive attributes and successes, and bragging.

Women are looking for men who are able to listen. And I mean really listen and take in what she is saying. So instead of droning on about yourself and listing your achievements try to rather listen to what a woman has to say and ask her questions about her life and opinions. This shows that you have the ability to think of someone other than yourself and will almost guarantee a second date.

5 Presentable

Not blessed in the looks department? Then you’ll want to hear this. Looks are not all that important to women so you don’t need to be Jason Momoa to get a date. What you do need to be however is presentable because she may want to show you off to the world!

A man who is presentable with clean clothes, tidy facial hair and a good haircut is considered to be a catch because a man who takes care of himself has self-respect. He appears confident and comfortable in his own skin. Pay attention to personal hygiene and make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. They don’t have to be designer threads, what matters is the way you present yourself. No woman wants a man who doesn’t care enough about himself to look tidy.

4 Success

Women are programmed to look for men who are not only confident but also resourceful and successful. This doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire or a hotshot businessman to attract a woman but a man who has made something of his life will always be more desirable than someone with low ambition and no drive.

Today’s modern women don’t need a provider as the majority of them have their own careers but no one wants to have a partner that they need to support because he can’t get his act together. A man who flits from job to job doesn’t appear stable – and that’s the last thing a woman wants. A man who has achieved something in life has probably failed a good number of times too so this indicates to a woman that he knows how to deal with failure and move on. Men and women are attracted to successful people because they too want to be successful and surround themselves with similarly driven individuals.

3 Strong Family Ties

Your family and your relationships with them may play a vital role in attracting a mate. This is applicable to long term relationships however not that important for short-lived romps.

A man who comes from a good upbringing (not necessarily a wealthy one) and has close relationships with his family members is more likely to be able to attract women. This is because women observe the way he deals with those closest to him to gauge how he may behave in a relationship with them. If he treats them with disrespect then chances are he’s likely to treat them the same way. His family can also help you gauge what sort of home he grew up in and what kind of father he might be for any future offspring.

2 Maturity

Ever noticed how older men seem to attract younger women? What’s up with that? Are they all just gold diggers looking for an easy score?

There are a number of reasons why a woman may choose a man many years her senior instead of one her own age. Firstly, these men have had more time to accumulate more resources and if a woman values this it may affect her decision. Secondly, women report that older men are more emotionally and mentally stable, and over the “drama” that younger men are still dealing with. They know how to treat a woman, make decisions, and be more confident – all of these are highly desirable traits. Women perceive older men to be experienced and therefore better suited to a long term relationship.

1 His Dog

Several small studies conducted by the Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals and the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology have indicated that men with pooches tend to have better luck with the ladies.

Having a dog can be an effective tool when it comes to meeting potential mates. Not only can you enjoy the unconditional love and companionship of a furry friend but he can also help you to socialize when you’re out and about. If a woman sees a man with a healthy, happy looking dog it shows that he is responsible and capable of caring – both of which can work in the man’s favor if he’s looking for a date. So grab Spot and get walking, and don’t forget to compliment ladies on their pooches as well.


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15 Things Women Are Programmed To Look For In Men