15 Things We Didn't Know About Apple Users

It's amazing to see the technological wonders we have today. Just over a decade ago, cell phones with cameras were some of the best pieces of technology, according to some. Now, our cell phones — smartphones rather — are capable of more than just taking pictures. They can be used for transactions, experiencing virtual reality, work, and so much more. All of this wouldn't be possible without the leading tech brands we know today.

Apple is one of the top tech brands in the world today. It's responsible for amazing pieces of personal tech like the iPod, iPhone, and Mac. The company has been around since 1976 and was founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and the late marketing genius, Steve Jobs. Throughout the years, Apple has released a ton of devices and it has since cemented its place as one of the best tech brands out there. A company is nothing without its consumers, and that goes for Apple, too. Apple users are some of their most dedicated fans and it's amazing how much these people love the company. There's a lot more to know about Apple users, though.

Here are 15 things you didn't know about Apple users.

15 They Spend A Lot On Repairs

Smartphones and other gadgets are built to last, but despite this, these gadgets will go through the usual wear and tear courtesy of all the things they are used for. Once a device gets broken, a trip to the repair shop is all that's needed for some. For Apple users, the day their iPhone or iPad begins getting an issue is the day they have to spend a lot of money.

Apple products are hard to repair. Spare parts are a commodity and most importantly, Apple products cost a fortune to fully fix. For starters, the screws on many Apple products are very small. Screwing them loose already takes a ton of work. Repair experts have complained again and again that Apple products are their bane. That's why they cost a fortune to fix, and sometimes, getting a new version of the gadget is the best option for users.

14 They Have An Unsecured Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is slowly taking over physical storage devices. It's easier to have a virtual storage with them rather than using hard drives and easy to lose memory cards. Apple joined in on this trend several years ago with the iCloud. Now, cloud storage should be safe and secure since users are going to keep their private pictures, videos, and documents on them. For the iCloud, that's not the case.

It's a talked about issue in the tech world; Apple users aren't keeping their files in a secure cloud storage. In the past few years, there have been a ton of leaked private pictures of celebs including Jennifer Lawrence, Rose McGowan, Kate Upton, and several others. There's obviously something wrong with Apple's security system and if celebs are getting hacked, then just how unsafe are regular people?

13 They Prefer Simpler Devices

One good side to Apple products is that they are simple devices. Take Android devices, for instance. While Android devices are already good enough on their own, some users can make the most out of it by rooting the device and giving it certain features and upgrades. As for Apple users, they have no other choice but to stick with what they get once they open the box. What they see is what they get.

It's this simplicity that makes Apple products good. Most Apple owners are those that love simpler things and want the great features already handed out to them. There's nothing wrong with choosing the simpler device. It's just that Apple devices have very limited capabilities and if a user is very tech savvy, then the Android is the best option for them. The good thing is, Apple products are user-friendly to everyone in a family, including kids and the elderly.

12 They Were Made Fun Of By Merriam-Webster

Apple's fanboys have often been made fun off in recent years. Thanks to Apple's lackluster concepts and insane prices, those who frequently buy Apple products are ridiculed because they choose to buy from the company. Even Merriam-Webster's dictionary pokes fun at Apple fanboys by making them as an example for the word "sheeple", and it wasn't a fun time being an Apple fanboy back then.

“Apple's debuted a battery case for the juice-sucking iPhone — an ungainly lumpy case the sheeple will happily shell out $99 for," the example reads. It's an excerpt from a report back in 2015. As for the definition, Merriam Webster's defines sheeple as people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced. No one got offended by it and it was just good and somewhat clean fun. At least we now know that the people behind Merriam-Webster aren't such big Apple fans.

11 They Have To Use Extra Power Banks

Gadget buyers are always looking at a few things first before grabbing a device. The features, the specs, and the works. One key component in a good smartphone is that it should have an amazing battery life. It seems like iPhone owners got the short end of the stick, as iPhones and other Apple gadgets eat battery life very quickly and it doesn't take long for a fully charged Apple gadget to get drained.

This has been one of the most common criticisms of Apple products. Apple users are stuck with gadgets that start getting their batteries drained the moment they're removed from the chargers. To combat this woe, users have to bring a power bank with them all the time. What's the point of having an expensive gadget if it has no power to run? Apple is probably working on stuff to improve battery life, but for now, owners will have to make do with what they're given.

10 They're Behind On The Latest Games

The video games of today are amazing. They are leagues ahead of what they used to be. Gamers go through a lot to play the latest releases, to say the least. Some love playing on consoles, while others choose to play on the PC. The world of gaming is fantastic for Windows owners, but for Mac owners, the world of gaming is very restricted for a couple of reasons.

Macs aren't built for gaming and everyone knows that. The price of a Mac rivals that of the best gaming rigs out there, despite being a weak gaming device. It's not just because Macs are weak from the inside, it's also because there are only a few titles that are compatible with Apple's line of computers and laptops. So much for being a part of the PC master race. Macs have other users though, but still, we'd rather use computers for gaming.

9 They're Pretty Defensive About Their Gadgets

Arguments and heated discussions are common nowadays, and it seems like people just can't seem to get along as easily anymore. PlayStation 4 VS. Xbox One; Boston VS. New York; Apple Pie VS. Apple Cobbler... There are just so many things to get angry about nowadays. Among all these, one battle we always see is the heated and bitter rivalry between iOS and Android.

iOS and Android users are always getting into heated debates about which of the two main gadget brands are better. Both iOS and Android devices have their positive and negative sides, and this is just one of the many reasons why fans from respective sides love to get into debates against one another. It's hard to butt in these arguments and sometimes, it's just best to grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the word war unfold.

8 They Poke Fun At Siri Too

If there's one piece of software tech that Apple spearheaded, it has to be virtual assistants. Apple is the first tech giant to introduce virtual assistants when it revealed Siri back in 2o11 for the iPhone 4s. Despite having a headstart over other brands like Microsoft and Google, Apple lagged behind the tech and now there are other, better virtual assistants aside from Siri.

What makes Siri so laughable is its poor voice recognition software. Even Apple users poke fun at Siri for mishearing commands. These misheard commands often end up in really funny suggestions from the virtual assistant. Apple is taking steps in improving Siri's voice recognition software, though, and maybe in the distant future, Siri will become the leading virtual assistant. For now, everyone, including Apple users, can still poke fun at her mistakes.

7 They're Pretty Stylish

There are a lot of bad things you can say about Apple and it's fanbase. There are good things you can say about them, as well. As with most tech brands, Apple has had its ups and downs, and for many, Apple has mostly downs. Don't let all the downs stray you away from the fact that Apple products have their good sides. For starters, out of all the tech brands out there, none can be better-looking than Apple's products.

Throughout the years, Apple has been maintaining a modernistic and minimalistic approach to the designs for their gadgets. Many people who pick out Apple products from the rest do so because of the nice style. The primary market of Apple is, and will always be, youngsters who are keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. These youngsters know how to pick their gadgets based on style, and Apple really wins in this department.

6 They Are Always Late To The Party

With tech brands, the battle nowadays isn't only about which smartphone or other gadget is more durable, it's also about what new features the product will bring. Tech brands are always butting heads when it comes to the new feature they are flaunting and their respective fanbase gets into heated arguments when it comes to this. For Apple, though, things are different as they are always late to introduce new features.

If there's one tech marvel that Apple pioneered it's with virtual assistants. However, Siri isn't exactly the best one in the market, currently. Apple loves releasing products with features that have been around for a long time already. For example, the wireless charging feature for their upcoming smartphones has already been done by others such as Samsung and Nokia. What Apple fans are getting aren't exactly "new features" anymore.

5 They Have To Live With Dongles

It's no secret that Apple isn't too generous when it comes to what peripheral products can connect with their devices. Oddly enough, even users are having a hard time making full use of their line of Apple gadgets as well. If a person is Apple-centric and they want to fully utilize the capabilities of their gadgets, then they should aim at connecting these products with each other and several other gadgets as well. That is easier said than done though.

Unofficially called 'dongles', Apple has a line of connector wires that do several things. One dongle, for instance, allows a user to connect a wired headset to the iPhone 7. Some of these wires are more important. If users want to buy all 23 dongles, they'd have to spend more than $800 for all of it. That's more than the price of some smartphones. Apple's wireless approach to some products is actually hurting users even more.

4 They're Using The Gadgets As A Status Symbol

Let's face it, Apple's products are not the best in the business. Regardless of what they do, other tech brands just manage to one-up them in several aspects. Samsung — Apple's bitter rival — for example, is the leading brand when it comes to smartphones. Their Galaxy S8 series tops Apple's iPhone 8 and upcoming iPhone X. They're a clear winner, always, so why the love for Apple?

Their products are expensive, lackluster, fragile, and weak. Perhaps one of the reasons why people still worship Apple products is because it's more of a status symbol rather than a high-end gadget. If you have the latest Apple product, you're with the "in crowd", and are one of the popular kids. It's what society has associated with Apple and their expensive line of products. Don't get us wrong, Apple products are good, but they are good to an extent.

3 They Have To Deal With Major Issues

It's common for gadgets to have issues nowadays. It seems more and more like the manufacturers are getting reckless with the products they ship out. Shortly after a product's release, user reports of an issue will be flooding in left and right. For Apple users, they have to make do with some pretty ridiculous hardware issues for the latest iPhone releases.

It all started with the iPhone 6. It's very common for us to place our smartphones in our pockets. iPhone 6 owners learned a very tough lesson when they discovered that the smartphone bent under minimal pressure, like being placed inside the pocket of tight jeans. Now, the latest major hardware issue that Apple users have to put up with is the swelling battery of the iPhone 8 Plus. We don't know what the future holds for Apple, but if they keep this up, their fanbase will definitely dwindle.

2 They Camp Out For Stuff

It's almost every year that Apple releases a new gadget and their fans go nuts over these releases. Apple products, like the iPod, Mac, and iPad, don't have stellar release days. But when it comes to the iPhone, things are very different. Apple owners love their iPhones. They love them so much, they're willing to go to extreme measures to assure they get one on launch day.

We've all watched a news report about this before. Countless Apple fans camping outside an Apple retailer to get the latest iPhone during the day it launches. The fans brave the cold concrete floor, bring tents, food, and drinks, just to get a smartphone they can easily get if they wait a few days or so. Their dedication to the iPhone is nothing short of amazing. Still, we can't think of a good reason why they would do this rather than just wait it out for a couple of days.

1 They Pay A LOT

Gadgets are mostly expensive. They're made with precision, hard work, and above all else, they are made with love. The best smartphones on the market sell for $500 and above, and anything beyond $900 is just too lavish for many. Throughout the years, Apple has been mostly criticized for one thing; their products are really expensive and the price keeps going higher each year.

The iPhone X is the most expensive standard edition smartphone to date. It's 32 GB model sells for $1,000! That's not the only product that Apple has a hefty price tag on. There's a reason why people associate Apple with being rich and that's because of the insane prices they place for their products. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there, but despite this, Apple users would rather spend a ton of money on a product that's not all that impressive after all.

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