15 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Consume 'Mary Jane'

'Mary Jane' use is becoming more and more common. It’s tolerated in several European countries, and its legality in several states in the U.S.

No matter what you call it, 'Mary Jane' use is becoming more and more common. It’s tolerated in several European countries, and its legality in several states in the U.S. While legalizing 'Mary Jane' is a really big issue, we’re not getting into that here. What we’re actually getting into is how 'Mary Jane' impacts our mind and body. Believe it or not, this substance can do a lot more than get us high.

This is something that we need to talk about with a good degree of nuance. Unlike a lot of substances that aren’t legal, 'Mary Jane' comes with a long list of ways that we can actually get healthier from it. Unfortunately, it also comes with a long list of drawbacks. If you’re a person who uses this substance a lot, or just curious about what 'Mary Jane' could potentially do to our bodies, it’s important to look at all the facts. We can’t just say that it is an absolute good or is totally horrible for us, because like many things, 'Mary Jane' has its set of pros and cons. Here are 15 things that 'Mary Jane' can do to our bodies.

15 The Munchies

As you know, weed can make you really hungry. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, and it’s the stuff that gets you high to begin with. It happens to do a lot, and you’ll be hearing about THC throughout this list. However, the important thing you need to know about THC right now is that marijuana stimulates your appetite. This is part of the reason why THC is often used on patients with cancer or AIDS: because the treatments for those diseases tend to decimate your appetite.

14 Stomach Pain Relief

You might think that all of those munchies might end up wreaking absolute havoc on your digestive system, but you’d be wrong about that. It turns out marijuana can actually make your stomach issues go away. It reduces nausea and stomach problems, which is great news for people who have those issues. If you’re a person who’s been trying to find a cure for stomach issues like nausea and haven’t really found anything that works for you, marijuana might actually do the trick.

13 Burning Dry Mouth

It’s not all fun and games with marijuana, though. If you’re a person who smokes marijuana, you might think that you won’t be dealing with the same issues that cigarette smokers deal with, but you’d be very wrong about that. There are a lot of things smoking marijuana can do, but the one you need to be aware of for the moment is that it can end up making you feel like your throat is burning. If you’re dealing with that symptom, you might want to lay off of the stuff for awhile to give your throat and mouth time to recover.

12 Slower Reaction Time

There’s a reason why you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence of any substance. You might think that marijuana, for all of its faults, might make you more reliable under pressure, but that’s definitely not the case. Marijuana actually makes your reaction times are a lot slower. People who use marijuana regularly know that, but many people who don’t smoke it on a regular basis might think that marijuana clears your mind and makes it so your reflexes are faster. Needless to say: don’t smoke weed and drive.

11 Glaucoma Relief

Taking marijuana might be relieving symptoms that you might not have ever thought of. It turns out that marijuana has an effect on glaucoma and can even make it go away. See, marijuana can lower the pressure around the eyes, which relieves the symptoms of glaucoma, to the point where the symptoms can even go away for a short time. Unfortunately, this cure isn’t a permanent thing, but it’s definitely something that can really help if this is an issue that you or someone you know is dealing with.

10 Pain Relief

We all knew this, but considering this is one of marijuana’s biggest and most well known effects, we’d be remiss not to bring it up. The effects of marijuana on pain are actually pretty impressive, to the point where many people think that weed is illegal because it would put the pharmaceutical industry out of business. That’s neither here nor there, but the important thing that you need to know is that marijuana is thought to ease pain and inflammation, and can even be helpful for controlling spasms and even seizures.

9 Impaired Judgement

Anyone who has ever been high knows that being high affects your judgement, but this is also something worth talking about. The thing that makes you do dumb things while high on weed is THC, which alters the way you process information. Sure, you might not want to jump off a building because you think you can fly, but you might be more likely to shoot a text to an ex that you really shouldn’t be talking to anymore. This is why when you’re high, you need to be more aware of what you’re doing, not less.

8 Red Eyes

This seems like kind of a silly thing to list as a major effect of marijuana, especially in the face of some of the symptoms that are coming up later. However, this sign is one of the classics, and it’s definitely something you need to be aware of, especially if you’re high and don’t want anyone to know. When you smoke weed, your eyes get bloodshot, which makes them look red. They look red because the blood vessels in your eyes are dilating. This is one of the first signs people look for when they’re trying to determine when someone is high. If you see your eyes getting really bloodshot, keep some eye drops handy. Don’t go crazy with them, but keep them on hand.

7 Accelerated Heartbeat

Marijuana has a profound effect on your heart. This is another one that’s the result of THC, by the way. It moves through your lungs and into your bloodstream, which takes the chemical to the rest of your body. THC has the power to make your heartbeat increase by 20-50 beats per minute, which is quite a lot. On top of that, that effect can hang around for as long as three hours. Needless to say, if you’ve got heart issues, you might want to stay away from marijuana, because that faster heartbeat for that long can raise your risk of a heart attack, which is definitely not something you want.

6 Bronchitis

You might think that marijuana is a lot better for you than cigarettes when it comes down to it, but you’d be wrong about that. Marijuana smoke contains toxic chemicals just like cigarette smoke does, including ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. This is a big deal, because people think that smoking marijuana is totally great for you all the time, when that’s not the case. We’re going to get into this in a bit, but what you need to know right now is that smoking marijuana can make you cough and wheeze, and it’ll put you at risk of bronchitis and other lung infections.

5 Lung Issues

Getting further into these lung issues for a bit: marijuana can do a lot more than cause some run of the mill infections. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, much like regular cigarette smoke does. Smoking marijuana has the potential to elevate your risk of developing lung cancer. The jury is still very much out on this, though, so don’t panic just yet. Different studies have ended up with different results, so more research needs to be done on this topic before we can conclusively say that marijuana causes lung cancer. That being said, carcinogens are not good for you, so I’d tread carefully either way.

4 It Might Help Cancer Get Better

Despite the downsides, marijuana use actually has some major benefits. One of those is that marijuana can actually help slow or even stop the spread of cancer in your body. The reason is because cannabinoids can block the flow of blood to tumors. The same thing that makes you giddy and makes you make bad decisions at time is also the thing that could make a tumor shrink. The science isn’t in yet, though: the studies that have discovered this are pre-clinical. That means that this isn’t quite proven yet, but that it’s leaning this way scientifically.

3 Dopamine

Let’s talk about dopamine for a bit. THC triggers your brain to release huge amounts of dopamine, which tends to boil down to the “happy hormone.” The reason why you get high in the first place when you take marijuana is because of dopamine, actually. It’s not exactly a happy hormone, but it does tend to make you feel good. Dopamine heightens your senses and your perception of time. On the flip side, you still have that slower reflexes thing to deal with, so those heightened senses might actually be a drawback.

2 Mood Issues

This doesn’t happen when you’re taking marijuana, but it does become an issue afterwards. When you come down from the high, you might end up feeling drained or even depressed. Some people can get anxiety when they take marijuana, and others might even get addicted (about 9%, according to the NIDA). Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, loss of appetite and insomnia. It can get a lot worse, too, because taking too much of the stuff, or taking it in concentrations that are too high can lead to hallucinations and even delusions. The NIDA believes that there might even be a link between marijuana use and mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

1 Don’t smoke around your kids

No matter how good you feel the stuff is for you, you definitely don’t want to smoke around your children. New research has surfaced that shows that kids who are around secondhand marijuana smoke have to deal with the same level of sickness that kids who are around secondhand cigarette smoke do. On top of that, weed takes a huge toll on a child’s thinking skills and memory. If you’re pregnant and you smoke weed, your unborn baby is at risk of having marijuana affect their brain before they’re even born. The baby might be prone to memory issues, trouble concentrating, and problems with problem solving. Needless to say, weed has a lot of benefits, but it also has a lot of drawbacks, and that needs to be considered.

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15 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Consume 'Mary Jane'