15 Things That Happen To You When You Stop Doing The Deed

We’ve all experienced the fear that we might never get under the covers with another person again. There are so many myths and old wives’ tales about what might happen if you don’t do it enough, or if you do it too much. We worry about things shrivelling up and falling off, getting smaller or bigger, and generally about just dying alone. But some of our fears might actually ring true, as we’re about to see.

Who you go about bumping uglies with is your own business, no matter what gender, race, or age you are (well, up to a point of legality). But the important thing is that you carry on doing it (safely), because if you don’t, a wide range of things happen to your body that you might not enjoy. You might think that the number one problem with not doing the deed is, well, not getting to do the deed anymore. But that's actually not the case.

There are in fact a number of things that happen to your body over time if you are no longer getting any. Some of them might be positive, but the vast majority are definitely negative. After all, we were made to procreate. That’s why it’s no wonder our bodies are naturally designed to carry on doing it for as long as possible. Here’s what happens when you stop doing the deed– you might be so shocked you need to jump into bed at the next possible opportunity to prevent all this from happening.

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15 You Get Ill More

A roll in the hay can be more than just a good time– it can actually help to make you healthier overall. The Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania played host to some researchers who were looking into one of the most fun studies of all time. They measured the health of people who were having a good time once or twice a week, compared to the health of those who weren’t getting it on at all. They found some very interesting results. Immunoglobin A, which helps to defend your body against viruses, was found in 30% higher quantities in those who were doing the deed on the regular. This means that they were far less likely to suffer from a cold or the flu, and would be better placed to fight it off if they did fall ill. The reason for this is probably the fact that you are exposed to more germs when you are bumping uglies, leading your body to defend against them.

14 Your Libido Drops

Not everyone is the same, and some people might not experience this problem at all. But there is a chance that you could see your libido drop if you are not doing the deed anymore. This is kind of natural if you think about it, the less you do it, the less you remember how great it is, and the scarier it is to get back on the horse. This means that you eventually stop thinking about it at all, and may even lose interest altogether. Some people report that this doesn’t happen to them, and they still want to do it just as much as they did 10 years before even if they have been abstaining for all of that time. But if you think about it, it kind of seems like they have it worse. How awful would it be to have a high libido for that whole time and never get anything out of it?

13 You Have More Wet Dreams

Whether you consider this a positive or a negative side effect is probably down to personal preference. When you stop doing the deed, you are likely to start dreaming about doing it more often. This applies to both men and women, and it’s possible for both genders to orgasm in their sleep. This can sometimes be your body’s way of getting you those chemicals that you need and gently trying to nudge you towards going out and continuing the species. You might end up enjoying these more than trying to seek out the real thing, or you might find them to be an uncomfortable and embarrassing annoyance. It all comes down to the reasons behind your dry spell and how you feel about doing the dirty in general. If you feel that you shouldn’t be having these wet dreams, remember that they are only natural. All of it is natural, in fact, and there’s no reason to avoid getting it on for moral purposes so long as you practice safety.

12 You Lose Bladder Control


Women who aren’t doing it on a regular basis might end up having some problems with their pelvic floor muscles. When you do get jiggy with it, you get a full workout of those muscles, which are important for things like childbirth. Something else they are important for is controlling your bladder. You know when you’re desperate for the toilet but have to hold it in until you can get to one? Well, you might not always have the power to do this. If those muscles get weak through lack of use, you might find that you lose control of your bladder. There are solutions for this, such as liners which prevent accidents from happening, but it’s far better to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can strengthen these muscles with pelvic exercises too. It’s recommended that you speak to a doctor if you want to have some idea of the way to strengthen them the most effectively.

11 You Get Insecure

Not every couple needs to be rolling into bed together on a regular basis. Some are happier to sleep side by side than to sleep together. But the longer you abstain, the more likely it is that one or both of you will become insecure in the relationship. You might start to feel that your personal connection is weakening. This is natural because skin to skin contact helps us to feel closer to people, right from the time that we are born. You might start to feel more attracted to other people, or be suspicious that your partner is sleeping with someone else. If they aren’t getting it from you, they must be getting it from someone else, right? Not necessarily, but a good balance under the covers which suits both parties is very important to a healthy relationship. If you constantly want more than your partner does, it could be that you are just not a good match.

10 You Have Less UTIs

For ladies in particular, here’s a reason to celebrate a dry spell. While you may lose out on some of the benefits, you will avoid some of the less pleasant side effects of doing the deed. One of these is urinary tract infections, or UTIs. They occur when bacteria gets pushed around to the wrong places inside of you, something that could happen to anyone at any time. In fact, 80% of all UTIs happen within 24 hours of getting it on. You will know when it happens because of the pain you experience while going to the toilet. Both genders can also enjoy the reduced risk of other conditions, such as STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Practicing safety can help with those, but the only thing to help reduce UTIs is to practice abstinence. Once you see the rest of the items on this list, however, you might feel that the occasional UTI is a small price to pay.

9 You Experience Atrophy

Atrophy is a really terrifying word, especially when it is applied in any way to your genitals. Ladies, you might want to have a strong drink before you read on to the next part of this paragraph. Ready? When you hit menopause, your body doesn't produce as much estrogen as it used to. That’s the reason behind most of the symptoms that you experience. There are more estrogen receptors in your downstairs area than anywhere else in the body. Now, hopefully you can start to see the problem which is going to arise. If you aren’t using it, then the walls inside you will start to dry out and become much thinner. This means they are more likely to *gulp* tear. No one wants to go to the doctor to help repair a tear, much less experience one when the dry spell finally cracks. Avoid this by making sure that those walls are getting wet as often as possible, no matter your age.

8 You Get Smaller

Men can actually lose some of their size if they don’t use their junk. It sounds like an incredible myth that you would never really believe past the age of 13, but it’s true. If you aren’t getting hard on a regular basis, then the muscles which work in that area won’t be getting any exercise. As a result, the tissue can become less elastic and even shrink, while the muscle itself is not getting any bigger either. You could lose up to 2 centimetres of length this way. Now, before you get excited, it’s important to note that this doesn't work the other way around— you can't make yourself any longer by getting hard as often as possible. But if you are a bit shy about your length, just know that letting things go won’t help you in any way. Keep exercising those muscles if you want them to retain their size, just as you would with your biceps.

7 You Experience ED

Not only could you be getting smaller, but you might also be losing any usage you have left. If you have never experienced erectile dysfunction, or ED, then you are one of the lucky ones. But if you don’t use it, you are going to lose it. Because the muscle does require frequent exercise, failing to use it may mean that the muscles stop working for you when you need them. It’s bad enough trying to break a dry spell as it is, but you definitely don’t want to add ED on top of that. So if you want to keep going for as long as you can with no problems, then you had better make sure that you keep working out– even if you are doing so on your own. Most men naturally get hard 3 to 5 times during the night, so you may be able to avoid ED even during a dry spell, but it’s not worth the risk.

6 You Become Anxious

You can get a lot more anxious when you aren’t doing the deed on a regular basis, and you may also find it more difficult to deal with situations which induce anxiety. The chemicals that tell your brain to feel happy and relaxed are released in large quantities when you are getting it on. But when you aren’t doing that anymore, you are getting less of those chemicals. This can mean that not having a partner can actually directly lead to you being more stressed. Note to high school kids: no, that does not mean that your boyfriend’s claim that you need to get into bed together so he can relax is valid. If both parties aren’t comfortable, it’s likely that at least one of them will be experiencing greater levels of stress afterwards rather than less. Anyway, studies show that if you’re in a dry spell, you might not deal with anxiety so well.

5 It’s Harder To Get Back On The Horse

For both genders, a dry spell can make it more difficult to get back on the horse. Men in particular might find it harder to get, well, hard. Women can also have difficulty with lubrication. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that you become more anxious about getting back into the saddle, and this plays into your emotional state in the moment. The other is that your organs all need a bit of a workout now and then to keep them in good working order. The more regular you are, the better you will function. But if you have been having a dry spell, you might need a bit of help to get things going. Don’t worry– there are products on the market which can help move things along. You shouldn’t let anxiety about this stop you from ending a dry spell when the time is right.

4 You’re Less Intelligent

The old school of thought was that you would get smarter if you weren’t wasting all of your time in the bedroom. Science, however, has proven that this simply isn’t the case. The more you get it on, the more you will boost the growth of neurons in your brain’s hippocampus. To dumb it down for those of you who aren’t currently getting any: Brain. Get. Stronger. You might not see a sudden and shocking increase in your ability to solve Sudoku or answer general knowledge questions, but it will make it easier for you to learn new things. Finding a regular partner won’t turn you into a rocket scientist, but it might just give you enough extra brain power to think on your feet and keep them impressed. Handy, isn’t it? While you won’t end up dumb as a rock just because you aren’t doing the deed, it’s a good idea to keep your brain boosted as much as possible.

3 You Become Depressed

You can actually become depressed if you aren’t getting any. Of course, you might feel low because you aren’t being intimate with anyone, especially if all of your friends are loved up. You might even start to feel unwanted or unloved. But there’s another reason that you might end up getting depressed, and it has to do with the chemicals that are released during climax. Our bodies have been designed to encourage us to carry on the species, and so it’s natural that we get a chemical reward when we try making a baby. The endorphins that are released give us a natural high, and we also get a boost of opioids as well. Not only that, but women will experience a natural high for another reason. There are compounds in semen such as melatonin, serotonin, and oxytocin. These can help boost the mood, which means that going at it without protection makes for a happier woman. That is, unless something unexpected comes along thanks to the lack of safety.

2 You're At Greater Risk For Prostate Cancer

It seems pretty harsh that life could slap you with cancer on top of the insult of a dry spell, but it’s true. When men are not doing the deed as often anymore, they're at a higher risk for developing prostate cancer. This was proven by a study presented to the American Urological Association. They found that men who get it on regularly have a 20% lower risk for prostate cancer. 20% is huge, so that’s a very big reason to make sure that you are sowing your oats whenever you can. One of the reasons that has been suggested for the drop in risk is that you remove harmful substances from the prostate by ejaculating them. The more you do it, the less of those harmful substances remain. You can’t prevent cancer completely by doing this, but it’s nice to know that there is a benefit beyond what you can experience in the moment. If you take steps to avoid cancer elsewhere in your life, then it makes sense to do this as well.

1 Your Walls Weaken

We mentioned already that getting your leg over is a good way to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. This is good for your bladder control, but also for other things, like actually enjoying yourself when your dry spell ends. These muscles are often referred to as the Kegel muscles because of Dr. Kegel, a man who discovered that flexing your pelvic muscles on a daily basis can strengthen them over time. What did he discover after getting women to do these exercises over the course of several months? That they were able to increase the sensation and the enjoyment that they got when they were doing the deed. They were also more interested in doing it more often because it felt so much better. You can exercise them yourself if you want to feel the effects, or you can simply hop into bed with a partner to give them the kind of workout that they need.

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