15 Strange Images Of Life In The Future

Trying to imagine what the future looks like is almost impossible. We can predict what we think might happen based on the sciences and technologies we already have. However, the future is completely unpredictable. Who knows when we might face a natural disaster, terrifying disease, or extraterrestrial threat that could change everything we think we know to be true? On a lighter note, there’s also a chance we might discover easier space travel, a cure for the worst illnesses to hit the human population, or an entirely new energy source. The chances of all of these things happen are small, but that’s still based off statistics and predictions we already know.

If you showed a picture of our world to someone who lived 1,000 years ago, there’s a good chance they’d be startled at what they saw. Massive buildings, fast cars, and airplanes haven’t been around forever, but to us, they’re completely normal. Our world is always changing, and because of that, we’ll always have new and interesting inventions and designs that change what we believe to be true. The next photographs on the list might seem strange or absurd to you, but there’s a chance they’ll be a normal life for our children and their children.

These photographs are predictions from artists and designers, so they’re not real, however, they are based off certain beliefs that do hold some reality in our everyday lives already.

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15 Cruises Might Become Airborne

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Cruises are amazing. You get to float on a boat for weeks at a time, stopping at the most interesting and beautiful tourist spots on the way. What if you could take the benefit of a cruise and raise it miles into the sky to create an air cruise? Imagine the possibility of where you could travel and what you could see! You could literally take a cruise around the world in less than a week! It would open the opportunity for travel and ease some of the worries of planning international vacations. The largest problem is that air travel is not safe enough yet for us to do that. Having a pool on the airplane is nearly impossible as well, as it would be extremely heavy. As our technologies continue to advance and we look for ways to improve vacations, something like this can’t be completely ruled out just yet.

14 Homes Might Get Smaller

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One worry we have about the future is that overpopulation might become a threat. We already see how tiny apartments can get in our largest cities in the U.S., as well as large cities all around the world. As we continue to reproduce, we’re going to need to make room for the future generations. If the population isn’t controlled, there’s a chance we’d end up living in a tiny pod like the one pictured above! Having big farm houses and secluded cabins will always be an option for some. For many, however, living in the city is crucial for employment opportunities or just staying close to family members. Although population control has been a disputed threat, as people still die, unintentionally making room for more people, with our artificial hearts and flying ambulances, our lifetime expectancy might grow. Do you think you’d ever be able to live in a tiny pod in a big city?

13 Buildings Might Get Bigger

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A lot of times, old houses get torn down and replaced with new ones that have better technologies and safer structures. As we continue to advance in our abilities to make structures that last, there’s a chance we’ll go from tearing down and replacing to simply adding on. The result might look something like the massive building you see above. Most of the time, many buildings are owned by many people, however, in a time when our middle class is shrinking and the top one percent’s wealth continues to grow, there’s a chance in the future, only a few people will own and control everything. Obviously, this would be terrifying, but in the chance that it did occur, a sight like this might be common. Perhaps we’re looking at the next Trump tower in the photograph above. Or perhaps it will be Amazon’s main headquarters. The possibilities are endless and slightly terrifying.

12 We Might Have Robo Cops

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The best part about having a staff of robots is that you don’t have to pay them, feed them, give them time off, or spend time training them. You also don’t have to worry about them accidentally shooting someone unarmed, causing a controversy like the ones we see in our lives today. Having a robot cop, like the one you see in the photograph above, would be great for police stations all around the world. It’d be absolutely terrifying for the citizens of those areas, however. A robot cop isn’t going to sympathize with you for speeding on the way to your mother’s funeral. It’s not going to be scared to shoot you because it likely won’t be too harmed if it gets shot back.

11 The Divide Might Become Bigger

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The divide between our classes now is rather large. The middle class is shrinking, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. If we continue down this path of capitalist greed, it’s likely things will stay that way. This would mean rich people would be the only ones who had access to the advanced technologies, like artificial hearts and easier transportation methods. Some believe the ludicrous myth that immigrants are taking our jobs, but in reality, we’re already getting replaced by robots. The future only holds more of that potential. This would leave the poor outside and separated from the wealthy world of technology. Some people might not be able to afford a fancy apartment pod like the one we saw before, resulting in them having to live in an entirely separate and less advanced society. Some might see this as a bad thing; others perfectly fine with living in the outside world. Where would you want to live in this photograph?

10 The Future Of Health?

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Taking someone else’s heart and putting it inside the body of an entirely new person may sound like something out of a sci-fi, especially if you lived over 100 years ago. However, that is a very real process that happens in our world all the time. We have to keep that in mind when looking at a futuristic organ like the one above. There’s a good chance in the next few decades that we’ll have the capability to create artificial organs to replace the ones already in our body. Some see this as exciting and hopeful in the future of medicine. Others fear what might happen when we begin mixing our natural born bodies with advanced technology. If we start at our hearts, when will it stop? Is there a chance that we could have artificial brains one day? What would then separate a person from a robot at that point?

9 Air Transportation Might Be More Common

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Our transportation is constantly changing. We used to get around with just our feet, then we started using horses. Eventually, trains dominated our country, but we’ve moved on to more easily accessible and environmentally friendly ways to get from point A to point B. Every year new cars are created, and airlines are always doing their best to create safer and more advanced jets. It seems, however, that we’ve limited ourselves to the road when it comes to traveling small distances. You wouldn’t take a plane to go to the grocery store, but in order to avoid rush hour, that would be ideal. The future potentially holds a time when we can lift our cars off the road and fly through the sky in order to get to our next destination. Think of the life expectancy of humans if we could have artificial organs and ambulances that fly! Back to the Future was right about some things, why not this?

8 Manmade Objects Will Become Part Of Nature

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In contemporary times, we’re constantly finding abandoned buildings, cars, and other things left behind by past generations. The future will certainly be no different in that regard. However, instead of finding drawings on cave walls or buried bones, the future generations are likely to find more advanced machinery and equipment that was abandoned for no longer serving any purpose! Think of the Chernobyl disaster. We monitor the behavior to ensure another disaster won’t follow, but there might be a time that we put our money and efforts into other projects, leaving the nuclear disaster site behind. After being alone and forgotten for several hundred years, nature will begin to take over and form metal/plant hybrids like the one above. Even though we might forget about certain structures and buildings, nature never will. It’s a sad sight to think of something that was crafted by hardworkers’ hands to be left behind, but it’s hopeful in reminding us that nature will always be around.

7 California Might Not Exist

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The image in the photograph above depicts Las Vegas in the future. If you’ve been to Vegas before, you know that it certainly doesn’t sit on a coast like it does in the image. However, as we already know, California is disappearing. There’s a good chance it might not be there thousands of years from now, resulting in the potential of having an entirely new coast for our country. Hopefully, that’s not the case, but it’s hard to know exactly what the fate of our coasts may be! Who knows where water might dry up as well, creating new farmable land in an area that used to be water. Much of the Midwest used to be covered by the Great Lakes, which are now shrinking. Although it seems like land is the one thing that’s certain, the geography of our planet will surely be different in 1,000+ years.

6 Robots Might Not Be Our Friends

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Right now, our computers, phones, tablets, and TVs all work for us. They don’t always do exactly what we want, but for the most part, they exist to serve. What would happen, then, if we created a computer so smart, so much more intelligent than humans, that it realizes it no longer needs us to survive. Many might ask what reason a computer would have for controlling the world, and that’s hard to answer. However, it’s still a fear that many have when it comes to technology and the electronic devices we use. If we lived in a time when robots could control us and we had no way to fight back, and a single person or small group of people were able to control those robots, they could rule the world! While technology like artificial organs and flying cars could have the potential to improve our length and quality of life, we never know if it might turn on us.

5 We've Been Predicting The Future For A Long Time

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Trying to envision what the future may look like has been something humans have pondered forever. Think of the greatest stories told like 2001: A Space Odyssey, 1984, and The War of the Worlds. All of these stories predicted that around our time, we’d be living in many different worlds than what we are today. The image above was a future prediction made in the 60s, and you can imagine that we aren’t necessarily about to build a structure like that today. From the compact apartments that we see now, it doesn’t seem too absurd that a structure like this is in our future, however. It seems like a lot of people wouldn’t be able to live in a structure like this. Having little access to a yard and sunlight can cause depression and other health issues, resulting in a less productive and overall happy environment. However, if the land is shrinking, more people are being born, and our life expectancy is longer, we’ll have to live somewhere!

4 We'll Continue To Have Advancements In Architecture

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The image above looks like a mansion made for an evil villain of a superhero movie. Living basically inside a cliff would be an incredible opportunity. It’s closed off and secluded from the rest of the world, and you’d be guaranteed great views. The only issue is that it’d be pretty hard to get to and from. The reason why we don’t have more buildings like this is because of the danger it poses. Before building on a cliff, you have to make sure it’s not at risk for crumbling or being victim to a natural disaster. There also has to be a reasonable way to get to and from the location. However, we’ve already built plenty of structures inside of cliffs, mountains, and hillsides, just not as large or in as risky a spot as the photograph above. This futuristic picture is probably the closest to our reality on the list.

3 A Futuristic Stadium

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Sports aren’t going anywhere in our future. People love watching players battle it out on the field so that they can feel proud to be a part of a certain culture. That is something that has always been true to mankind and will continue to happen throughout our lives and the lives of our grandchildren. However, how we play, watch, and celebrate sports is certainly changing and will continue to do so. Soon, stadiums will no longer be just stadiums. As we continue to add on to them and create a culture that revolves around sports, stadiums will become destination spots like the ones above. Games will no longer get rained or snowed out as they’ll all be played in domes like the ones above! The richest attendees and the celebrities who love to frequent games will have the best view of all, in their own dome right above the field.

2 Luxury Will Only Get More Luxurious

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In our capitalist society, we put an emphasis on the finer things in life. There’s nothing wrong with that, as it helps us progress towards newer and more advanced technologies. The problem is the dynamic it creates among businesses seeking out our attention so that we feed them the money we worked so hard to get. In the future, a vacation pod, like the one above, might become a reality. Instead of visiting a foreign area and really enjoying the culture and individuality of the area, we might just travel from vacation dome to vacation dome. It already seems to be happening, as chain resorts and luxury hotels are popping up in destination spots all over the world. It’s a great way to feel comfortable in a new environment and to be able to experience the culture. However, turning a real civilization into nothing more than a place to let your kids run wild and drink fancy cocktails is damaging to the actual people who live in the area and the economy around it. Capitalism may seem great at first, but it’s a virus slowly turning our world into a mega mall.

1 We Will Continue To Abandon The Old For The New

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Some of us like to look at the things we already have and figure out how to make them better than ever. Others like to imagine getting rid of the old and starting fresh with something brand new. Both perspectives are normal and acceptable, and both will exist for eternity. Unfortunately, with the mindset of the second, a lot will get left behind in our future. That’s the saddest part when it comes to potentially creating artificial intelligence. If we were able to create a robot that could be our friend and hold interesting conversations with, what happens when the next version comes along? Will we switch the power off and use the next like we do with our laptops and smartphones? Will that robot be able to comprehend what has happened and feel emotion? Or was it all just a program meant to end at some point anyways? After looking at the list, do you feel excited about the advancements the future holds or terrified?

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