15 Strange And Stupid Moments On Tumblr

Tumblr is a strange website, where microbloggers share their thoughts and passions with the entire world. Over the last few years, the site's popularity has soared, but sometimes, it can get downright weird.

When people unleash their deepest thoughts and ideas it can get strange. The hilarious responses to certain posts are gold and some images even manage to go viral, becoming famous and instantly recognizable around the world.

Many images make you wonder what is wrong with this universe, while others are just fascinating enough to make you come up with deep thoughts and theories. These thought-provoking photos get darker the further you browse through the website. Tumblr also hosts many different photographers and artists who seek to express themselves and it is seen as a way for people to showcase their work and give it the exposure they deserve.


15 Amazon Fast Delivery

Have you ever wondered what happens when you choose one-day delivery during your Amazon order? We think this is a pretty accurate representation of what happens behind the scenes at Amazon's warehouses. The story behind this photo is unknown, but the person in the box is a genius. The result turned out to be funnier than it should have.

While it looks friendly, some people thought differently and depicted the friendly monster as someone you would not want to see in your house at night. The weird things Tumblr users talk about is just mindblowing.

14 Cartoon Haters


This hilariously looking screenshot from the Powerpuff Girls has stormed the internet. The photo depicts Buttercup, one of the main characters, angrily looking at the camera and resembling the familiar features of an infamous dictator. The photo popped up in the browsing section of Tumblr and it has been reblogged over 400,000 times.

While some may find this slightly offensive, it was sure satirized by Tumblr users, which only made it more comical. The shocking image was also featured on various entertainment websites over the last few years.

13 Pasta Bath

This is NOT what she meant when she said she loves spaghetti. One of the weirdest photos on Tumblr has been rediscovered after various posts have brought it back to the surface, accompanied by funny captions.

Bathing in pasta is pretty uncommon, and not on the bucket list of most people. Tumblr is full of weird images with WTF moments popping up as you are browsing through the glorious website. The story behind this photo is unknown, but users didn't fail to give it a caption and debate about it for hours.

12 Strange Fish


This photo brings back flashbacks, but no worse than what this fish has seen during his time underwater. His reaction is priceless and the discussion on this topic is hilarious. On top of that, the ocean blue color of the fish is quite impressive. The blue parrotfish which was found by a female fisherman around the Caribbean became an internet sensation due to its mesmerizing color.

The priceless expression of the fish in the photo is pretty funny and people caught on to the post and started quoting each other in the most creative of ways. Many have said the fish looks like Dory from Finding Nemo, which is not far from reality as it resembles the real life version of the cartoon.

11 "Do Dogs Even Know They Are Dogs?"

This revelation is strange and hilarious at the same time. It's clear one Tumblr user was having existential thoughts in the middle of the night about this subject matter.

It seems like the website appears to be a safe space, where users can share their thoughts surrounding a variety of issues. Are dogs as self-aware as we are? People have been debating on this ridiculous question for ages, yet no one could find a proper answer due to the fact that nobody bothered to further research this 'dog' question.

10 Strange Vegetarians


Oh, we truly don't know what happened here, but what we do know is that the image gets weirder the more you look at it. What is the story behind this photo? Little information is known about it, but at a first glance it seems like two middle-aged people using vegetables as instruments, and the caption does not fail to express our feelings regarding this photo, making you truly amazed by how different we all are.

Whether it was an advertisement or two contestants in a talent show, take this photo out of context and you have got yourself something to wonder about for hours.

9 Double Standards For Search Engines

Who said women aren't funny? This picture totally proves everyone wrong with this ingenious comeback, which sure managed to shock the majority of us. The screenshot discusses how the search engine Google, must be a woman, because of the predictive ability to finish your sentence in the search bar.

Another Tumblr user chimes in and says that Bing (another search engine) must be a man because it thinks it is superior but is actually horrible. The feminist undertones here are hilarious, and we love the fact this plays on the 'men vs. women' debate.


8 Weird Bruises


Ouch, that must have hurt. This post has shocked many people, and it shows just how interesting the human body is, especially when you can see it through skin and flesh. This imprint is a result of a serious accident, which the victim survived.

What's crazy is how insanely detailed the bruise is, displaying the various bones and muscles around the area due to the brutal impact with the vehicle. While the victim is lucky to have survived, he sure has something to show off to his friends and family. It's also interesting that Tumblr users picked up on this image and have really focused in on it.

7 Existential Crisis

What's worse than an impossible question? This random raid on our brain has sure given us something to think about for a while. These unanswerable questions seem straightforward, but once you try to answer them, your mind refuses to cooperate. Simple concepts make us wonder about the existence of life and the universe.

What truly makes these questions impossible is the inability to explain certain concepts because you can't tell them apart. Trying to imagine a new color shows just how limited our imagination truly is and that we are limited in terms of our capabilities.

6 Catastrophic


'Gifs' are a great way to express your feelings and emotions to people you love, but what can be said about this one makes zero sense. The gif above is creepy AF.

It is a badly done 3D animation with a funny-looking character, and it gives us nightmares at night. This gif is super popular on the microblogging site and makes us question everything regarding the Internet.

5 Revelations

Mirrors are strange objects, which have been used for ages as a source of inspiration for books and movies. From the "Magic Mirror" in Snow White to the famous "Mirror of Erised" from Harry Potter, mirrors are the base inspiration for most writers and directors, due to the simple fact that they are so incomprehensible to the average human.

The Tumblr post above goes into the realm of existential introspection, and these posts are seemingly the most popular. They make us question our existence in this universe and make us wonder if there's another dimension in an alternative universe.

4 Snail Humanoid


Some things are supposed to never be discussed, but Tumblr defies these rules and opens the floor to the peanut gallery. Walking snails is something we would not want to take for a walk around our block, and it's better they stay the way they are. The common thread of questioning existential things seems to be present again in this piece.

The imagination of the person who came up with this post is remarkable, even though it is unexpected and weird. It once again proves that Tumblr has no boundaries and it may just be the reason why it is not appreciated by the majority of people, who prefer Facebook or Instagram for sharing their thoughts, feelings, and photos.

3 New hairstyle

Who doesn't remember back in the old days when video games looked absolutely terrifying, though fun? This haircut truly snaps us back to the times when video game characters look pixelated and generic.

This haircut is absolutely absurd, to say the least, and there's no doubt that his hair is filled with a lot of hairspray and gel. The final result is utterly embarrassing and kind of stupid if we can be honest. We just wonder who would want this sort of look?

2 Revelation


Who hasn't heard of the famous cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants, airing on Nickelodeon? The kid-friendly show has some powerful and deep morals behind it only few can get, one of those being a very powerful metaphor not many understood, until now.

As some may know, Patrick, SpongeBob's best friend, lives under a rock, which serves as his house. The character itself is pretty silly, and he's never really able to correctly answer questions. Years after the series first launched people started taking notice of the correlation between Patrick's house and his state of mind. They didn't hesitate to publicly discuss it, the conclusion was... enriching.

1 Out of control

We are all familiar with various stories being told through different social media websites. These stories often reference unknown or anonymous sources. They also aim to be viral hits as people start reblogging them, allowing the stories to be viewed by millions of people around the world.

Funny interpretations of these stories are all over Tumblr, and they are extremely funny and surprising. This one above involved John Lennon when he was a young boy in school. Clearly, the story isn't real but it's funny certain people will believe this is true.


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