• 15 Shocking Unsolved Mysteries About Area 51

    Area 51 is one of the most ironic places in the world – it’s the most well-known secret. The military base located near Groom Lake, Nevada originally got its famous name from a document during the Vietnam War. Aside from that, not much else is really known about it. There are so many rumours and conspiracies about what really happens within the base, but there hasn’t been a lot of concrete or solid proof. The government keeps tight-lipped about Area 51, people online claim it to be a place of evil-doings, and former employees and people who live near the area insist that there really is something unusual going on.

    Top secret experiments, deviant technology, and special arrangements between species are just a few of the unsolved cases of what may occur at Area 51. Even the site was meant to be a secret until in 1988 when a Russian satellite took a photo of the base and released it to different media publications, the reason for this being unknown. Later the CIA tried to cover it up, but documents were released of that, too. If that doesn’t awaken the Mulder in you, read the other 15 mysteries below and decide for yourself.

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    Overhead Lights
    via thehuffingtonpost.com

    The majority of unsolved cases are simply because of mysterious lights. There are thousands upon thousands of sightings of strange lights the air above the base. According to officials, they’re merely planes or special secret military planes that haven’t been made official yet. However, according to people who’ve claimed to see these lights, there’s no way that’s possible. These lights travel in unusual patterns like zigzags, changing direction at 90-degree angles in no time, shooting off into the distance, or simply just too erratic to be planes.

    When something like this is said to be a weather balloon or a reflection of flashlights, not everyone’s going to buy it. This is where the rumours start. Of course, it’s understandable that some information is kept secret to keep the public from rioting out of fear, but sometimes honesty is just the best policy.

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    The “Secret Plane” Crash
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    In 1955, newspapers in the United States reported a “secret plane” that crashed in Area 51 during a “secret” flight. 14 people were on the plane when it hit the ground, many were believed to be scientists and military officials heading from California to Groom Lake. With very little information reported on the situation, it’s unclear exactly who was on that plane, and for what purpose. Of all places for a plane to crash, why would it happen so close to its destination? There isn’t information on why it went down, either, leaving many people with questions.

    Coincidentally, 1955 is the same year that the Vietnam War started. Whether there’s a connection between the two events is unknown. Since the Vietnam War started on the 1st of November and the plane crashed on the 18th, there’s a chance it could have been related, but at this point who’s to say?

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    Another Plane Crash
    via findagrave.com

    According to reports, Area 51 may also test aircraft from other countries. In 1984, the Vice Commander of the Air Force Systems Command, Lieutenant General Robert Bond died while flying a Soviet plane. The accident occurred in the mountains close to Groom Lake which was often used by ranchers, hunters, and miners. However, once the accident happened they were banned from the area on account of “National Security.” As usual, officials only gave brief comments such as describing the vehicle as a special aircraft.

    After the crash, guards were posted on the road leading to Area 51. They wouldn’t say much to reporters, but personnel with radios were ordered to lay low until further notice. It’s also unclear why yet another aircraft crashed in the area because there’s not a lot of information on it, nor why the Lieutenant was driving the craft in the first place. Besides, if it wasn’t such a huge deal, why would people who regularly use the area be banned from the area even after the clean up?

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    Bob Lazar’s Testimony
    via YouTube.com

    When you picture aliens, do they have a huge head, giant black eyes, and a severely thin body? That typical image of aliens is thanks to none other than Bob Lazar. Lazar claimed to be employed at Area 51 where he would work with “captured” alien spacecrafts as a physicist. He would sketch his sightings in the facility to prove to people that aliens existed. Many who spoke to him have said he told tales of experiments on aliens, blueprints of unusual technology, and that he even experienced a tour of the inside of a UFO.

    Sadly, there’s a catch to this story. After an investigation on Lazar, it was found that his background was a little peculiar and his memory was rather fuzzy. He claimed that the government wiped his memory, and he himself said he couldn’t prove everything that he said. On the bright side, he did bring a lot of attention to Area 51 and hopefully leads the way to figuring out what mysteries lie within.

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    Glenn Campbell’s Findings
    via YouTube.com

    Today, Glenn Campbell may be laying low with an average, ordinary job, but at one point, he spent his days in Rachel, the closest a human settlement will ever get to Area 51. Campbell left his home and job behind in Boston for a trailer in Nevada to investigate as best as he could. Armed with a pair of binoculars, he would regularly get as close to the base as he could, pushing as many boundaries as he could before getting arrested.

    Over time, he formed his own small group of investigators including a skilled figurine maker. The more light Campbell shed, the more people he hosted, including UFO seekers, abductees, people looking for answers, the works. Campbell left that life behind him, but thanks to him, that area of Nevada’s now a popular tourist spot. So where’s the mystery in this? It’s asking what’s been left of that group in Nevada looking for the truth.

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    Boyd Bushman’s Experience
    via VidShaker.com

    Former Area 51 engineer Boyd Bushman was known for making a deathbed confession about his time at the military base. He claimed seeing aliens working amongst them and developments with anti-gravity technology and faster than light travel methods. He claimed there are two groups of aliens: cattle, and those who steal the cattle. Both act differently, and Earth has different relations with them.

    Bushman appears on camera showcasing his photo of an alien and claiming it to be the ghost of a dead alien. He said the camera used to take the picture was given to an alien who took snapshots for him, returning it when they were done. These claims and photos have been said to be fake and were at one point proven to be a dummy.

    This particular mystery brings up some interesting questions. Sure, anyone can purchase a fake extraterrestrial toy, take blurry photos of it, and pass it off as real, but how could that be if the pictures were taken years prior? Also, why would Bushman wait until his deathbed to share all the information with the public? Obviously, there are reasons, like job security and the power given to deathbed confessions, but wouldn’t there be more effective ways of sharing this?

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    Clean Canadians
    via MetroNews.com

    Just because Area 51 is located in the United States doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect people outside the country. Canada’s Paul Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence, said he was present for a previous Canadian Chief of Emergency Measures' deathbed confession.

    Hellyer was told that the confessor was allowed by the CIA to visit Area 51 to tour a UFO simply by asking. The man was flown in to make notes and potentially help Canada in the case of a UFO crashing in Canada. The only catch was that he had to sign a waiver to keep everything secret, even to his own wife.

    It isn’t the first time Hellyer spoke publicly of aliens. He has spoken about sighting reports, Earth receiving visits from four species of aliens, and the government trying to cover up any existence of aliens.

    Keep in mind Hellyer’s not a UFOlogist, but he has been through three different levels of government. If he’s publicly speaking about aliens and UFOs despite his stance in government and not being subject to severe consequences that others do, there must be some truth to what he’s saying.

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    Special Engineering
    via shutterstock.com

    There are many claims that the CIA is testing human and alien DNA, and possibly working on a human hybrid. While that does sound completely absurd, there is something that may be a little less crazy. According to former whistleblowers, there are cases of reverse engineering being done.

    Simply, any wreckage from crashes are being kept to learn how these technologies are made and how they work. As well, any survivors are used to help humans better understand it and work with humans to accomplish that.

    Some, like Bill Uhouse, swear by it. Uhouse himself claims that he worked with a grey alien by the name of “J-Rod” during his time in the field. J-Rod would teach humans how to use the technology using a device that allowed for telepathic communication.

    There are also talks about the government allowing aliens to build their own research facilities underground on Earth. These were to be used to build bio-genetics and creating human-alien hybrids. This was made possible by allowing a certain amount of people to go “missing” and serve as test subjects.

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    Weather Control
    via wallpaperscraft.com

    Right on the official Area 51 page for the Las Vegas tourist website, it casually mentions weather related experiments “might” be under works. However, many are saying that weather control is, in fact, being developed at Area 51. Its intentions are all over the place; some say it’s to help keep the planet somewhat levelled, others say it’s the cause of global warming, and many even argue to use it as a weapon.

    Weather control has recently blown up as a hot topic, but it isn’t necessarily new in concept. In a National Science Foundation report, Project Cirrus was created in the 1940s as a means of researching methods of weather control. This was to determine if controlling the forces of nature – specifically clouds and rain - was possible, and if so, as a weapon. Later, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration carried out Project STORMFURY between 1962-1983. Scientists tried to once again control clouds to slow down hurricane winds. Adding Area 51 to this list wouldn’t be unusual because of how secretive and secluded this site is.

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    Film Studio
    via historyrundown.com

    Alright, so it may be more of a conspiracy theory than a mystery, but many believe that the first moon landing was filmed – and of course, the stage would be at Area 51. Rumors of the staged historic moment are endless. They include faulty acting, the missing Apollo 11 flag, issues with shadows, and tonnes of other “facts” that disprove the Apollo 11 mission. Once again, because there isn’t any access to Area 51 and its link to aliens, it only makes sense people would try to connect the two.

    Details like directors, actors, and mishaps all differ person to person, but there are a few facts that the majority of disbelievers seem to agree on. One of these is that there’s a soundstage at Area 51 to complete the project, and the other being that if Area 51 really had aliens, then there wouldn’t be a need to fake a moon landing.

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    The Classic Roswell Crash
    via TheWeek.com

    There is one event that most people agree on, it’s that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash is the number one most important event in all of Area 51’s history. When a rancher and his son went to check on their sheep after a thunderstorm, they discovered unusual pieces of metal debris, leading up to a deep trench on their land. The rancher went to the authorities, and long story short, the government told the public it was merely a weather balloon.

    Along the way, the pieces were taken to Roswell to be tested. There were a number of leaked photos, sketches, and other eye-witness accounts of what can only be described as alien bodies. This was the turning point in Area 51 history because of how much of an impact it had on the public. It also affected the way people look at Area 51 and aliens because of all the content that was released from the incident, yet the government still denies everything. We still to this day don’t know the official story of what happened.

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    Toxic Waste Dumping
    via shutterstock.com

    Sure, there can be UFOs and aliens deep within the walls of Area 51, but what about toxic waste? 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl suggested that may be the case, and there may be a few more people who can back that up.

    Last year a former security guard for Area 51 claimed for years that the toxic fumes at the facility was to blame for his respiratory problems. According to him, he needs a device to force air into his lungs in case he stops breathing in his sleep. His long battle would help other employees at the site be able to claim compensation for their health problems, too.

    What kind of toxic material would cause people to develop problems such as that? According to the former employee, it was the material used in coating the vehicles. Why would it be such a battle to help these employees pay their bills? If Area 51’s so secretive, shouldn’t they be able to cover their workers?

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    NASA’s Coming Clean
    via nasa.gov

    Since it took up until the 2000s for the government to admit that Area 51 was real, it should be expected that the government would keep all things related to aliens and UFOs pretty low-key. So when NASA confirmed that aliens were real but not located in Area 51, it did raise a few eyebrows.

    Administrator Major Charles Bolden mentioned that he thought humans would find extraterrestrial beings, but they wouldn’t be in Area 51, to children in Britain. He assured them that the site participates only in normal research activities and he never saw any aliens there. He attributed the belief of UFOs being hosted there because of all the work on aircrafts.

    Considering that schoolchildren are highly impressionable and will soak anything up, of course, Bolden would tell them that there isn’t anything out of this world there. The question is also why NASA would talk so openly about it compared to the rest of the US government?

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    A Secondary Plot?
    via clui.org

    It would make sense that because Area 51 was supposed to be a secret that there would be highly confidential information there. Thanks to the slip ups and the poor cover-up jobs, the alien was out of the bag, and it soon became a tourist attraction (as best as it can be). With all the attention from the public, it would only make sense that there would be another secret base where otherworldly organisms and technology would be kept.

    Many are saying that in Dulce, New Mexico, a new facility was built. It’s one of the most restricted places on Earth – more than Area 51. That’s where all the major work is said to take place, and considering what the public knows about it, that may be the case. After all, if Area 51 failed at serving its purpose, what would be the point of having it as the main facility at all?

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    Area 51 Itself
    via Inverse.com

    It’s cheesy, but it’s true. Since Area 51 isn’t open to the public and no one really has any solid proof that can be 100% confirmed, it’s still a mystery as to what really goes on behind the barbed wire. Television hosts and documentary makers have been trying to get in for years with no luck. There’s a slim chance of anyone who isn't authorized personnel getting in, meaning we may never know what to believe.

    Blurry pictures of alien bodies, aerial shots of the property, and a handful of testimonies from previous employees isn’t solid enough evidence that there are aliens or space shuttles on the base. Rumours are always circulating about events the government and the military claim are “test runs” or “weather balloons.” At one point in the early 2000s, there were rumours that Area 51 wasn’t real and a woman was paid off to say she saw things at the military base.

    One thing is for sure: something unusual is happening, whether it’s extraterrestrial or not.

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