15 Shocking Times Technology Betrayed Us All

It's 2017, we have come very far from the mini ipod and the flip phone. It's amazing how advanced technology has come in such a short amount of time. It seems like yesterday we were all yelling at a family member to get off the phone so that we could connect to our dial up internet. We have cell phones, GPS, internet, drones, cameras and so much more; the business of technology is endless. Every day there is something new, something bigger, something better and we can't seem to get enough.

It seems like a blessing every time we can find the nearest gas station with the click of a button or set up our next date with writing a few words. Is it really though? At what price does all this technological advancement cost? Everything is instant, everything is easy and everything has completely changed due to this new age technology. Would we even know how to function without it? It has become our lifelines, our right-hand man and our addiction. When was the last time you saw someone genuinely watching a concert without filming it? When was the last time you were completely without any of these gadgets? We've gotten use to this type of technology as a part of life and embrace it with open arms. It's time to look at the downside to all of this and delve into the 15 ways technology has betrayed us all...

15 Browsing history 1, you 0

If you took a look at your browsing history this instant, what would you find? Some of the stuff you look up can make you look like a total weirdo, huge pervert or mass murderer, even if you aren't. The selection of your browsing choice can stem from boredom, urges, interest or intrigue. Some of the things you have browsed, you would definitely want to keep private and not reveal to the world that you were googling what it means when your poop is green and so on. Ta da! There is a trick to making all of the embarrassment and shame go away, it's called delete. Deleting your browsing history eliminates everything you once searched in the blink of an eye. It saves marriages, reputation and alleviates the stress of "oh crap, I hope they don't see that."

14 Hacked dating sites

There is about every possible dating site available for everyone today. From gluten free singles to passionate nudists, we've seen it all. There is absolutely no shame in exploring and enjoying the whole world of online dating. It has brought people together in ways that wouldn't be so easy without these sites. Unfortunately, not all sites can lead to a happy ending. As easy as it is to get a site up and running, it is just as easy for tech savvy brainiacs to hack their way into them. Sites like Ashley Madison, the notorious golden ticket to cheating felt the pain of hackers last year. Its users' lives were turned upside down when their accounts were exposed. When these users signed up, little did they think that the next thing they'd be signing was their walking papers.

13 A dash of reality

This latest device seems to have emerged now more than ever over the past few years due to proof, protection and an unjust law enforcement system. Dash cams are mini cameras placed in people's cars that help to monitor police behaviour as well as keep an overall eye out while you're on the road. Dash cams have helped capture police brutality and wrongful treatment towards citizens. If you're a crooked cop, these cams are not your friend. As frustrating and sad as it may be, despite having proof in the pudding thanks to these cameras, justice isn't always served. Public outcry and rage have become more prevalent due to what videos were being released and highlighting how brutal and unfair the police can be.

12 The cameras are always watching

It's amazing how human behaviour changes so quickly when they think someone is watching. The eyes lie in the hidden cameras that you have no idea are even there. Secret cameras have helped capture thieves, dishonesty, danger and bad behaviour. It exposes the absolute truth and is not such a bad thing, depending on who you are and what you are doing. Thanks to these hiding eyes those horrible babysitters abusing children are caught. The robber at the convenience store faces justice and the world is feeling a little more safe. Unfortunately, hidden cameras can also be placed where they have no business being. These cameras have no place in changing rooms or bathrooms per say. In a perfect world, everyone would be honest and there would be peace on earth with no need for these cameras, but we all know that is certainly not the case.

11 The direction of direction

I think if we all had to throw ourselves back in time, we would really struggle with trying to use a gold old fashion printed map. Our animal instinct in finding our way around is almost non existent anymore due to technological advancements in telling you where to go. As relieving as it is to have a robotic voice telling you to turn left at the next exit, it has its downsides, like everything does. Some GPS devices have been known to unfortunately point you in the wrong direction. After swerving and u-turning a bunch of times without seeming to get any closer to your destination, you clue in to the fact that this robot really effed you. It is always a good idea to double check your address and face the reality that you've been driving 2 hours in the wrong direction. Yes, let that rage loud.

10  10. The screenshot

I think we've all been kicking ourselves at one point due to the infamous screenshot. What you think would stay private forever is instantly captured and out of your hands and control. Whether it was a steamy nude pic or a trash talking text conversation you were involved in, the screenshot has caught us all off guard. The lesson here is don't put anything out there that can potentially harm, embarrass or ruin your freaking life. If you can't resist trying to impress your partner and desperately need to send your latest nude, don't include your face at least. It's less incriminating and if you break up, you can always deny, deny, deny! That route is always a good one, but the best is to just own your conversation and/or nude and keep your chin up.

9 Cyber bullying

The epidemic of bullying has risen immensely over the years and technology plays a huge role in making it so easy to do. The safety felt from sitting behind a computer, not in front of someone's face erases the confrontational element and real-ness of the situation when it comes to bullying someone else. People tend to forget that they are targeting living human beings with feelings and families and problems of their own. Today, it is almost impossible to voice an opinion without a multitude of people discrediting you or breaking you down. Bully's literally are ripping people apart daily, ruining people's lives, increasing suicide because of the way it has become so easy to access someone via this technology. Stricter laws and consequence against this is a must.

8 A meme ruined my life

Memes have become one of the greatest, most relatable and hilarious things that have emerged lately. If you don't know what a meme is, it's pretty much a picture with words on it, usually with a humoristic undertone. As much as they make you chuckle, sometimes they feature actual people. Their pictures have been taken off the internet and transformed, sometimes changing the person's life forever. Some of these meme victims have profited off their photo going viral, others are pretty pissed. Imagine waking up tomorrow and your photo has circulated all over the internet and you are recognized in the streets and an overnight celebrity of some sort. Pretty crazy ey?

7 It's making us broke

Stop everything you are doing, run out and get the latest iPhone. Stand in a massive line over night so that you can be the proud owner of something with so many pixels and speed and memory yada yada yada. Our phones are no longer to just make a call, they have become our lifelines. It seems like there is continually something bigger and better and you just can't keep up. These products don't come cheap, constantly dropping hundreds on products can make your pockets cry. The products break, possibly on purpose in order for you to go out and keep purchasing their products.

6 The bad side to business

We are slowly and surely getting replaced by machinery and transitioning into the robotic world. Lately, it seems like there is no use for the physical human body anymore. We can literally order almost anything online, eliminating any social interaction. Factories barely hire people; machines work ten times faster and better. These technological replacements enhance the loss of jobs. If you are lucky enough to keep your job and not be replaced, it is vital that you are fully aware and are able to operate yourself with this technology in the workplace. Not knowing how to use a computer or basic software will land you without a job and falling behind in the way our businesses are developing today.

5 Dangerous devices

If you have stumbled across images of new age devices literally exploding in people's faces, then you are aware just how painful and damaging some of these devices can be. Whether it be a vape pen or a mobile, there have been far too many cases to be completely comfortable holding them near your face. If it malfunctions or is defective, BAM! Burns and permanent injury are now your new look. Sure you can sue to help calm your outrage down, but you're still stuck with the physical damage these unpredictable and potentially dangerous devices can cause. Time to use speakerphone or quit vaping.

4 Autocorrect oh no!

The whole purpose of these technological advancements is to make your life easier. Most phones these days are equipped with autocorrect, which is a lifesaver in most cases. Sadly, not everything can be perfect and autocorrect is one of those things. We have all realized our silly automated typos after we click send and then have to scramble to exclaim: "damn autocorrect, sorry!" Whether it's embarrassing or lands you in the dog house, we've all been there. I think we can all agree that that suburban mom didn't want to really tell her kid she had a cockattack instead of a cockatoo bird!

3 1-2-3 Relationships

My oh my has the dating world ever changed in the past few decades or what? Back in the day, people would have to actually gasp! go up to a person and talk to them! Imagine? Actually getting to know someone for who they are, courting and wooing them and possible genuinely liking someone for who they really are? Crazy idea right? All jokes aside, technology has taken the romance out of dating. A simple swipe left or right decides your fate. Your online blurb about how much you love cars and long walks on the beach determine your success in the dating world of today. Let's bring the realness back to the dating scene and know people authentically and genuinely again.

2 Loss of privacy

Have you ever lost your phone and that instant panicky feeling kicks in? Your brain instantly goes to hoping someone doesn't find it, crack the code and completely ruin your life. Devices track where, when and how long you've been at certain places making it pretty easy for someone to track you down if they wanted to. Usually people store their banking information electronically making any fraudster's dream come true. There is instant access to photos of your friends and family and your identity is up for grabs with every click and swipe. It's scary and it's real; protect your privacy as much as you can because you don't want trouble.

1 What is reality?

Imagine walking down the street and letting everybody know how delicious your pizza was for lunch? Or that you are blocking out the haters because 2017 is YOUR year? Well, that's what this constant state of being in virtual reality entails. It doesn't reveal what real life actually is. You are not going to get praise points for hitting the gym and lifting x amount of weight all the time. You will have to face the reality that you will have a bad hair day and acne face sometimes that Photoshop will just not fix in real life. It's time to step back into real life and actually experience the world we are in and not just see and live in it through a glass screen.

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