15 Sexiest Cars In 2017 Only The Rich Can Afford

We all look forward to the auto show every year because we get to see what the automakers have in store for us with regard to innovative vehicles and ones that just simply look super cool. 2017 is supposed to be a great year for cars, and there’s something out there for everyone. Whether you're looking for a sexy car or one that has a little more than just a sexy look, then you've come to the right place. What we have in store for you is a list of cars that are not just cool innovative, but they are sexy as hell.

Here, you will find out the highlights of the cars coming out in 2017, ones that you are sure going to want to take home for yourself. Take a moment and browse through these cars and see the streamlined visions for this year. These are the coolest rulebreakers in the industry right now, and you will find it hard not to want to grab one for yourself. With some great innovations, these cars are fast and are bringing big changes to the auto industry. We're talking about electric Jaguars and hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars; it doesn’t get much cooler than that. They are some of the most interesting cars that we've seen on the market these days, so get your wish lists out and start saving up for these gorgeous cars. Here are some of the sexiest cars coming out in 2017.

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15 Tesla Model X Crossover

What a great-looking SUV! Talk about a cool-looking vehicle... and seriously who wouldn’t want an SUV that has doors that open like a Lamborghini? That’s sexy AF! If electric cars are what floats your boat, then you are sure to love this SUV. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and we can’t help but be pleased that it can go up to speeds of 155mph. The SUV can go from zero to 60 in about 3.8 seconds. Deposits of $5000 are already being put down on the vehicle to hold them. It’s an amazing car, and people are going crazy over it. “Another way to think of it: even after tax breaks, our car is still fairly expensive, so people who are well off are essentially paying for the R&D of the mass-market car. This is not true if you were Ferrari: Ferrari results in more Ferraris. The money we’re making – or not making – is going toward designing and developing the affordable car. I wish I could give you it sooner: we’re doing it as soon as we can. We need the Gigafactory available to make an affordable, long-range electric car.”

14 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

Talk about a hot car; the Ferrari brand has been pumping out sexy cars for many years. It has the same v-8 engine as older models but with a sleek new look. It made its debut at the Paris auto show this year, and it got rave reviews. It has lots of great features such as “rear-wheel drive GTC4 Lusso T, Ferrari's turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 delivers 442 kW at 7500 rpm and 760 Nm of torque between 3000 and 5250 rpm, giving it 65kW less but 63Nm more than the naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V12 engine fitted to the standard four-wheel drive GTC4 Lusso.” It gets a new engine, and customers get the choice between two different models of two engines. If you like the speed aspect, then you're sure to love the fact that it goes from zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 335km/hr.

13 Aston Martin DB11

The Ashton Martin DB11 is a British brand that hit the showroom in January, a stunning and sleek car that is sure to make anyone happy. This brand of car is one that is known to have a long shelf life. Most of the cars in the Aston Martin brand have been virtually unchanged for decades. The car is home to an all-aluminum chassis that is larger, stronger, and lighter than it has ever been before. The Aston Martin is sexy and edgy, a design that has sharp lines that are going to turn heads. Not only is it comfortable because of the leather seating but it also has some pretty impressive electronic hardware. It has a “tablet-style multimedia screen on top of the dash and its rotary controller in the center console, touch sensitive air conditioning controls, and its fully digital instrument display.”

12 Lamborghini Aventador S

Hello, Lamborghini! Talk about a hot car that no doubt turns heads everywhere that it goes. The Lamborghini is hailed as one of the fastest cars in the world, and the Aventador does not disappoint. This car has a more dramatic style than ever before, not to mention more power and a bit of extra technology. This car is all about the ego and Drive.com tells us why: “Importantly, the brand has also added a new "Ego" drive mode to the car that allows drivers to tailor powertrain, suspension and stability control systems to their preferences, instead of making do with pre-set street, sport and track settings that may not suit all conditions.” The Lamborghini can get up to 100km/h in about 2.9 seconds, which is just crazy to think about. You may have to crack open the piggy bank for this model, however, as it's priced at $788,914.

11 Jaguar i-Pace

The all-electric Jaguar i-Pace is not only sleek and sexy, but it’s environmentally friendly as well. We’ve never seen a sexier concept car, and this one is sure to bring about happy faces this year. This two-motor car goes from 0-62mph in about four seconds. It may be an electric car, but it’s also a high-performance one as well because it’s all-wheel drive, and it has an electric motor on each axle. This SUV is spacious with five seats and a 90kWh battery. Jaguar states that the new concept car combines “a supercar silhouette with sports car performance and the versatility of a five-seater premium SUV.” The car has the same footprint as a BMW 3-series but is just a bit taller. If you're looking for a new car that not only looks cool but also has a style that is all class and is good for the environment, then look no further than the Jaguar i-Pace.

10 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

The Alfa Romeo has always been a gorgeous car; just look at the lines on it. This particular vehicle has been one of the most anticipated cars coming out this year. The Italian brand has a habit of reviving passion when it comes to going for long drives. It’s considered to be a luxury vehicle by many, and the big question is, is it worth it? It's priced at approximately $140,000, and people are saying it’s well worth the price. It’s a car with character, and it’s super fast as well. It’s one of the most powerful vehicles in its class and among the fastest. If that isn’t good enough, it's also the most fuel-efficient and is lightest vehicle in its class, which gives you that luxurious feeling that makes driving long periods very comfortable. It has features such as a chassis made from hot-formed steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum and torque that generates between 2500 and 5500 rpm.

9 Audi A5

A gorgeous car that speaks volumes because of the sexy and versatile look that the car presents, the Audi A5 has been sharpened from previous models, and they've added more safety technology as well as two new engines. A lot of people can’t get past the great look of the car, however, and often buy it off of looks alone, but there are many great reasons why this is a great car for the season. “The A5 packs a 252-horsepower turbocharged unit, with four cylinders and 2.0 liters of displacement, while the S6 dials up 354 horses from a turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6. Standard smartphone integration and an available Virtual Cockpit are among the top options.” If you're looking for a new car that speaks of luxury and style, then you can’t go wrong with the Audi A5.

8 2017 BMW 5-Series

A great car that’s not only powerful but sexy as well, it hit the showrooms in March of this year. They built the car with more power and less fuel consumption, which makes for an incredible vehicle. The BMW 5-series has been equipped with some of the best safety functions around. It’s not a cheap vehicle, of course, rounding up to about $93,000 for this year, a $10,000 increase from last year's model. It’s a lighter car with 7’s air suspension, which offers a sportier vibe to the car. “It also picks up the gimmicky gesture control commands, where front-seat passengers can control the volume, answer or hang up a phone call, or view around the car on the 360-degree camera by reading pre-determined hand movements. But the multi-media screen is up there among the benchmarks, with crystal clear resolution, and it now has touch screen operation (as well as through the iDrive) that allows the ability to customize its layout with app-style tiles.”

7 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo banged it out of the park again with the Stelvio -- another great-looking car with a ton of features that any person would fall in love with. It’s considered to be one of the more premium models of SUVs around. The SUV features a 505-horsepower engine, and that’s just the beginning. It can climb from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, which is very sexy indeed. “The stylish Stelvio will sport standard all-wheel drive, for extra capability, plus offer SUV-style performance enhancers such as a torque-vectoring differential.” The driver can be confident about driving the car because of all the safety features that it offers. It’s ready for every condition that you'll find on the road. “The system continuously monitors road conditions to deliver ideal torque distribution in every situation.” As if the features aren’t enough reason to get the vehicle, it looks sexy as hell as well.

6 Citroen C3

This is not your average SUV. Not only does it have an unusual look but it’s pretty cool as well. If you want a vehicle that stands out from the rest, then this hot little number will keep you from being considered another soccer mom. They brought out the Citroen C3 after they had poor sales from a previous SUV model, and they wanted to bring in something that looked a lot better. It comes in 36 different colors, so the sky's the limit in options for anyone interested in the stunning car. Some of the cool features of the car include two-tier headlights, a double grille, and a floating roof line. The great style comes from the “air bump” door panels that essentially protect the car from everyday bumps and bruises. We have to say, it’s one of the cooler-looking SUV’s we’ve seen in awhile.

5 Lexus LS

They're hoping to offer people more luxury and agility with the Lexus LS. I didn’t realize that the Lexus could get more luxurious. There hasn’t been a lot said about the Lexus LS yet, but they're hoping to cause quite a storm. We can see from the pictures that the car offers a bold new look that's very eye-catching indeed. “It will feature visionary technology and will be built on an extended version of Lexus’s new global architecture for luxury vehicles (GA-L) rear-wheel drive platform. Shared with the forthcoming LC luxury coupe, this will help the new LS deliver a more dynamic driving experience.” It will be interesting to see how this new luxury car is received once it hits the showroom.

4 Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel

The super sleek design is not the only great thing about the Porsche Panamera 4S. Can you say, "Hello sexy!"? The Porsche has always been known to pump out some awesome looking cars. It has a new chassis with some super-charged engines. If you're interested in diesel models, then you'll be happy to hear that they've launched a model with a diesel engine. “It’s the first time Panamera has ever been offered with an eight-cylinder derv monster and the first time you’ve been able to buy a diesel Panamera with all-wheel drive. Despite all the ‘diesel gate’ outrage it’s expected to be the biggest seller from this initial round of new Panamera variants in Europe.” Personally, I think it’s a great-looking car that would be hard to pass up if you're looking for a sports car that can perform.

3 Honda Civic Type R Prototype

If you love a good spoiler and you're a Honda fan, then you're sure to love the new prototype that they have for the Civic Type R. It’s another hatchback model that was showcased in Paris this year at the auto show. It has aerodynamics that's sure to please and a style that's very sporty indeed. Australians are very excited to get a look at the model and are anxious to make purchases. According to Drive.com, "while Australia missed out on the previous generation Type R, the new variant is slated for sale in Australia after it has been officially revealed in production guise in 2017. The new version is expected to be powered by the same 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the previous model, which was capable of producing 228 kW and 400Nm.”

2 Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover is not only a sexy vehicle but one that is badass as well. The British SUV is in its fifth generation, and it's only getting better. This year, it features some new technology as well as a new powertrain. It was released with many others at the Paris auto show. It’s for the modern family with connected remote folding seats and “weight-saving aluminum construction.” It has seven seats on it, which is shocking because of its size, and it's priced at $81,590. It’s a lighter model and has a four-cylinder engine, a first for a Land Rover. “The new base engine, a 2.0-litre turbo diesel from Jaguar Land Rover's (JLR) Ingenium family, produces 132kW and 430Nm of torque, with fuel consumption as low as 6.3 L/100km and capable of accelerating the Discovery Td4 from 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.”


The LDV T60 UTE is a Chinese-made truck that has a short bed. It was released to the public at the Guangzhou motor show this year and got rave reviews. The truck has some great safety features and some seriously sexy style. If you like the look of the short cab, then you're sure to love this design. It can be ordered in a single cab or double cab and can be equipped with six airbags, parking sensors, a driver fatigue monitoring system, and a 360-degree camera. It comes in manual or automatic and you have the choice of diesel or petrol power. “The brand has not confirmed powertrain details for the new model, but has previously stated it will come with a choice of either a 2.8-litre turbo diesel four cylinder or 2.0-litre turbo petrol motors. Full specifications including Australian prices will be available closer to the model's local launch,” according to Drive.com

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