15 Secret Places On Earth That Still Remain A Mystery

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun and the only planet (that we know of) that harbors life. Earth is home to not only us humans, but over 8 million different species, and those are just the ones that we know about. There are so many species of both plants and animals that have yet to be discovered by man. From massive blue oceans to rainforests as far as the eye can see, there are so many beautiful and mysterious places that people have yet to find. There is so much here on earth that we simply just cannot understand, and it is impossible to learn about it all.

Many places remain mysteries to us because we just cannot wrap our minds around how some of it came to be. From forests that are said to make the weak-minded give in to negative thoughts, to waterfalls that are mysterious colors, to underwater cities, Earth truly is a remarkably mysterious place. With mysterious places that we cannot understand come theories and legends that people make up to try to make sense of what exactly it is that they are seeing. People like to blame paranormal forces and aliens for the things that they can't understand. We are all intrigued by the unknown and it is in our human nature to want to learn and explore things like this. So, this is a list of 15 places on earth that still remain a mystery to us today and the legends behind them.

15 Area 51

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Area 51, a military base 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, was acquired by the U.S Air force in 1955. Area 51’s real name is Homey Airport, and it likely supports the development of experimental aircraft. The reason that people refer to it as Area 51 is because during the Vietnam war, the CIA used that name when referring to the base. It is still unknown why they used that name when they tell the public that its true name is Homey Airport. Tourists who go anywhere near the site are met with signs warning them that deathly consequences will follow if they trespass onto the base and there is security everywhere. Although the base's true purpose is publicly unknown, rumor has it that they harbor a UFO that had crashed nearby long ago and the alien life that was on board the UFO at the time. All of these claims, however, have so far been unfounded.

14 The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle, a triangle of ocean sitting between Florida, The Bermudas, and Puerto Rico, is said to gobble up planes and boats that pass over it. There have been several reports of planes and boats going missing or crashing when passing through the triangle, and no one really knows why. Although the triangle is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes for ports in the Americas and planes are constantly flying over it, people still believe that the few disappearances that have happened occurred because of some paranormal or extraterrestrial force. There, of course, is no concrete proof that this is true, but there also have been no other explanations as to why these accidents happened in the triangle.

The theory first came to be in 1950 when Flight 19 went missing over The Bermuda Triangle. This is because the pilot of the plane was heard saying that that the color of the water kept changing. He then said that nothing seemed right and that he wasn’t sure where they were anymore. The plane and the five men on board were never found, and ever since then, people have not looked at that area of water in the same way.

13 The Richest Village In China

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The richest village in China, Huaxi, was originally a poor farming community. Now, all of the citizens of Huaxi are said to be very wealthy, although none of them are allowed to speak to the press, so a lot is still unknown about these people and the village that they live in. Huaxi, home to only 2000 registered residents, is now a multi-billion dollar conglomerate for steel and shipping markets and the people who live there are said to work seven days a week with no weekends. This means that they do not ever get a day off from work. There is also talk that the people who live there receive free healthcare and schooling. Besides the constant working, this village sounds like a pretty great place to be, but no one will ever really know, since these people have to remain quiet about their lives in the village.

12 Stonehenge

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Located in England is a large structure of rocks set up in a circle, each rock weighing in at 25 tons a piece and standing at 13 feet tall. Stonehenge has no known purpose and no one really knows how the rocks were moved there, seeing as how they are so big. The structure dates all the way back to 3100 BC and there is some speculation that it could have been used as a burial ground. However, that does not answer the question as to how people from so long ago were able to move such heavy items without heavy equipment to assist them. Stonehenge has become a pretty big tourist site; people from all over the world like to come see this huge mysterious structure. This site remains a mystery to this day. No one will ever really know how this place came to be, but it is definitely a site to see.

11 Skeleton Lake, India

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Skeleton Lake is located in Roopkund, Uttrakhand, India in the isolated corners of the Himalayas. In 1942, a couple of British guards found skeletons that belonged to more than 200 people frozen in the lake, which is how the lake came to be known as Skeleton Lake (a creepy name, for sure). Researchers found that the skeletons date all the way back to 850 AD, and they all had odd cracks in their skulls. When researchers got hold of some of the skeletons, some of them, surprisingly, still had some skin attached from being frozen that whole time.There was a lot of talk about how all of these people passed away, but scientists believe that a freak hail storm had wiped out the entire community. No one will ever really know what happened, and Skeleton Lake will always remain a mystery to us. It is said that some skeletons can still be seen there when the water is low enough.

10 Yonaguni Pyramid, Japan

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In the 1980s, a pair of divers were shocked when they discovered what appeared to be a man-made structure underwater that contained staircase-like terraces. Some people believe that it is just a natural phenomena, but others believe that it may be a sunken city, although it appears to resemble a pyramid. Yonaguni has since become a huge tourist attraction, and people from all over the world go there just to dive in and see the amazing structure for themselves. However, no one has claimed it to be an ancient artifact and nobody's doing anything to try to preserve it, because there are people that believe that it could have been a natural occurrence. The mystery of the Yonaguni Pyramid is truly intriguing, and if you're someone who is into diving, then it is definitely something to add to your bucket list of places to go see.

9 Nazca, Peru

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In the desert region of South Peru, while flying overhead, people have discovered what is now known as the Nazca Lines, which are geoglyphs etched into the sand. They are believed to have been created somewhere between 300 and 800 AD. These lines are said to have been drawn by the Nazca people and they resemble images of things like monkeys, spiders, snakes, and hummingbirds. The lines can be seen both from the ground and overhead. All in all, there are 300 different images and they are made up with over 10 thousand different lines. No one knows why the lines were created or how they managed to do it so well, but it certainly is a neat sight to see. This place is mysterious because not only do we not know why they were put there, but we also cannot figure out how the lines have remained in the sand for such a long time.

8 Aokigahara, Japan

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Aokigahara, Japan, located in the foot of Mount Fuji, houses a forest that people from all over the world come to see. Many horror and thriller movies have been centered around this forest, and the legend behind it makes us wonder why exactly anyone would want to visit it. The Forest has gotten a pretty grim nickname over the years because of the events that have taken place there. Known as, Suic*de Forest, it (not surprisingly) has one of the highest rates of su*cide in the entire world. In fact police have posted signs up everywhere reminding visitors that their lives are precious and that they should call the cops if they need help. Legend has it that the forest is haunted by spirits that persuade the weak-minded into taking their own lives. Not only is this place mysterious, but it is definitely creepy, and I would not want to be the person who goes there to find out for herself whether or not the legend is true.

7 Easter Island

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Located in the Southeastern Pacific is one of the most remote settlements in the world, with a population of just 5,761 people. It is a volcanic island in Polynesia that is best known for its 900 monumental statues called the moai. The statues were said to have been created by the island's inhabitants dating all the back to anywhere from the 13th to the 16th century. The statues are of carved human figures that appear to have very large heads, and no one exactly knows how the people made them back then, or why they made them. Most of the statues were carved from solidified volcanic ash and sit on top of large stone platforms.The largest statue weighs a total of 82 tons! These statutes must have taken a lot of time and hard work to create, but since it was so long ago, we will never really know.

6 Socotra Island, Yemen

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150 miles east of the horn of Africa sits Socotra Island. This island is especially mysterious and is said to be the most alien-looking place on earth. Almost all of the plants and animals on this island are not found anywhere else on the earth. The island houses its very own species of both plant and animal life and no one really knows how or why. One of the trees that inhabits the island is known as the dragon's blood tree. It resembles the shape of an umbrella and leaks red sap, which is why the locals chose to give it such an odd name. Since it is such an interesting island with plant and wildlife that most of us have never seen before in our entire lives, it is one of the most beautiful and intriguing places on the face of the earth. The population on this island is, 44 thousand people.

5 Pitcairn Island, Southern Pacific Ocean

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The Pitcairn Island is especially mysterious, and is home to only 50 people; the island has not seen a newborn baby in several years. They have one general store on the island, which is only open three days a week and diesel powered generators provide the island with power from the hours of 8 am to 1 pm, and again at 5 pm to 10 pm. There was talk of putting in some wind mills, but after realizing that it would have been too expensive, the plan was discarded.

It is only accessible by a longboat from New Zealand, which is 3000 miles away. The island has come to be a popular tourist attraction, and it is how the 50 residents make about 80% of their income. Ten times a year, passengers from a cruise will get the chance to spend their day on the island and they are offered holiday visits that range anywhere from three to ten days. Children under the age of 16, however, require clearance to be able to visit the island.

4 Blood Falls, Antarctica

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Blood Falls, Antarctica, a beautiful sight to see, is home to a waterfall that is blood -red in color, staining the pure white snow around it. The falls were discovered in 1911 by an Australian geologist, Griffith Taylor, who originally thought that the falls' distinct color was due to the red algae found in the water. We later learned that the color came to be from the high amounts of iron oxides in the water. The high amounts of iron in the water have, however, been the perfect breeding ground for a rare ecosystem of autotrophic bacteria that you won't find anywhere else, and because there is no oxygen, scientists remain puzzled as to how they are surviving. There is a theory that a subglacial pool had been sealed off millions of years ago, creating a sort of “time capsule,” and that is where these bacteria come from. Even more puzzling is the interaction between the iron and sulfur cycles, which remains a mystery to this day.

3 Magnetic Hill

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Magnetic Hill, located in New Brunswick, has become a very popular tourist attraction since it was discovered in the 1930s. There is a sign placed at the bottom of the hill that instructs motorists to stop their vehicles at the white line at the bottom of the hill, come to a complete stop, put the car into neutral, and take their feet off of the brakes and gas without touching the steering wheel. Their cars will then roll up the hill. Some people thought that this may have been some type of optical illusion and that perhaps there really was no incline, but this has been proven to be wrong. Today, people who visit the road must pay a fee in order to drive to the end of the road. It is also said that water, instead of running downhill as it should, runs up the hill as well.

2 Orchard Park, New York

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Located behind a small waterfall in shale creek is a what seems to be a mysterious flame behind the water, known as the Eternal Flame Falls. Behind this waterfall is a small crack in the surface that has allowed for a small amount of natural gases to leak out. One day a hiker got the brilliant idea to take a lighter to the gas and start a fire. Occasionally, the waterfall does put out the flame if the wind blows in the right direction, but every time that this happens, a new hiker comes along and relights it. The gas is said to originate from the shale 1300 feet below the surface and thanks to tectonic activity, faults in the shale have been created, allowing the gas to seep through. Although it is a very pretty sight to see, it is definitely not a safe or smart thing to be doing.

1 Superstition Mountains

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Superstition Mountains in Phoenix Arizona is the site where Jacob Waltz discovered a gold mine. Jacob, however, died shortly after finding it. Jacob only told someone the gold mine's location when he was on his deathbed. Julia Thomas, a caretaker who had been caring for Jacob before his passing, is who he chose to tell, although the exact location still seems to remain a mystery. Now referred to as The Lost Dutchman's Gold, many people have gone looking for it with no so such luck. In fact, everyone who was gone looking for the gold mine to this day has turned up either missing or dead. This is arguably one the most mysterious places on earth, since we know so little about it. Today there is a museum that tourists can visit to learn about the legend and to see artifacts that are on display of the Lost Dutchman.

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