15 Reasons Why We Should Believe Aliens Are Out There

A wise man once said that there are two possible scenarios when it comes to the existence of alien life. Unfortunately for us, both of them are equally as terrifying. First, there is the possibility that we are not alone in this universe. A genuine chance, but one that is incredibly frightening because we are faced with the prospect of ending up becoming a civilization that could perish like the native Indians in many countries did when the Europeans came around. And that is not something we are looking forward to.

Nevertheless, the other possibility is equally as scary because it entails the idea that we are alone in the universe. Sure, that might seem nice to some people now. But just imagine being a human in a future where we have developed interstellar travel, which is also a big probability. Imagine traveling from star to star but never finding anything. How scary is it that our Earth could be the only planet able to sustain life? Yeah, this might just be an even more terrifying prospect than the first when we think about it. And that is one of the reasons we have set out to convince you that if you were a betting person, you should put your money on aliens being out there. And here are 15 reasons why.

15 The Universe Is Huge

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This is the easiest thing to say to anyone who claims that there are no aliens out there. Why would we be the only anomaly in this infinite thing? The universe is constantly expanding, and it will keep doing it until it ceases to exist. We are just a tiny drop of water in an entire ocean. Why would we be the only tiny drop of water that has a life in it? When we put it this way, it is almost ludicrous to claim that humans and the other animals on Earth are the only lifeforms out there.

This idea also shows a good deal of how we can be very narcissistic as a species. It is a very human thing to believe that we are the special ones and there is no one out there like us.

14 Mars Probably Harbored Life

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Here is one of the most interesting things about our solar system. The sun is constantly changing, as are the other planets in our system. Ours might be the prime real estate for life these days, but that doesn’t mean it was always like this. Everyone probably knows that if we go back a few billion years, our planet was an inhospitable ball of dirt constantly bombarded by meteors and storms. This also means that the other planets were different. According to a team of scientists, there is the possibility that Mars was covered in water more than 4 billion years ago. And that is one of the reasons why many scientists are raring to dig on Mars in the hope of finding the remains of these extinct life forms. Would you sign up for a mission like this?

13 Life Develops Quickly

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Now, we might have been a little flexible with the term quickly. But when the timeline is planetary evolution, a few billion years are not that long. Yeah, that makes you wonder how meaningful we could be with a lifespan of around 80 years. Pessimism aside, the development of life on Earth is something that scientists date to about 3.4 billion years ago. Back then, life was just a bunch of bacteria, but as we found out through studies, this is how most life develops. You have to start small before you can become big.

If you put this together with the idea that when we look at different stars, we have a “lag,” there is a possibility that while our scientists see an inhospitable planet from here, it could very well be filled with life at the same moment. We just have to wait a few billion years to see it from here.

12 There Are A Lot Of Planets Like Earth

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It is a very human thing to believe that we are special snowflakes that were presented by God with the most special planet there is. And we really cannot find a better way to explain how all the dots came to connect so we could live on this beautiful planet, but that doesn’t mean we are the only ones. According to several studies, scientists now believe that there are more than 200 billion habitable planets in our galaxy. Yes, we are talking more than 200 billion habitable planets in the Milky Way alone.

Can you imagine how many more are out there? After hearing something like this, how could someone still believe that there is even a possibility that we are alone in this universe? There are probably countless alien lifeforms out there. We just have to go and find them.

11 The Pentagon Was Looking For UFOs

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When it comes to the myths around alien life, there are few things as controversial as the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects flying around in our skies. UFOs have been a topic of controversy for as long as we can remember. There are the folks who camp out in several different places, looking at the stars and chasing UFOs. Meanwhile, there are the nonbelievers who laugh at these people claiming that there is no way UFOs could be flying about and we knew nothing about them.

Well, if you are a believer, a New York Times story that came out this year could be all the proof you need to corroborate that UFOs are really out there. Yes, apparently the Pentagon has been spending almost $22 million per year on a project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

10 The Europa Moon

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Here is an interesting fact for people who don’t believe in alien life. There is a good chance that there is alien life in our solar system. Yes, it is not a rule that only planets can harbor life. It is not just because Earth is the only ball of rock floating about in the dark vacuum of space that we know can sustain life that something needs to be the size of a planet to harbor living organisms.

There is a recipe for life that could make it appear and prosper regardless of the adverse circumstances it may face. And the main ingredient for that recipe is water. And water is abundant in our solar system. For example, Jupiter’s moon, Europa is believed to have an ocean even bigger than the ones we have on Earth.

9 Europa’s Cousin

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There is something about moons in the outer solar system that makes them interesting regarding how they could be able to sustain life. Europa is not the only moon that has an abundant ocean beneath its surface. Saturn’s moon, Enceladus is also a place where life could prosper. As a matter of fact, we don’t know much about these moons, but there is the possibility that under the thick crust of ice on their surfaces, there could be booming civilizations or primal organisms living their lives day-to-day. They probably don’t see any light and have to find a way to deal with constant underwater shifts and geyser explosions if the moon’s core is hot, but they could still be living down there. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the odds are that life here would not be intelligent in our parameters.

8 Old Evidence

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One of the interesting things about the possible existence of aliens is the idea that some of them might have already visited us. We already approached the topic of UFOs and how the American government was conducting a large-scale surveillance program to detect these flying objects when they enter our airspace. And while the New York Times piece proves that there are at least a few very concerning footages of UFOs that are real, there have been ancient accounts of humans coming into contact with extraterrestrial objects.

Even when we look at some ancient paintings, like The Madonna with Saint Giovannino, we can see glimpses of figures that look a lot like what people describe UFOs as. Hell, some people even say that there are accounts of UFO sightings in the Bible. Yes, just go and research it, the supposed account is in the Book of Ezekiel.

7 Weird Skulls

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We talked about the two terrifying prospects when it comes to alien life, and we agreed that being alone is way scarier than having other alien species living in the same universe as us. Nevertheless, we also told you about the fact that if we do find alien life, we better be the ones doing the finding. Otherwise, we could end up being the natives in the old native-European conflicts. And we certainly do not want that.

Unfortunately for us, there were some disturbing findings in archaeological digs and studies that could lead a betting person to believe that aliens have already visited our planet. And some may have even died here. For example, these elongated skulls that look like a mix of a human and Ridley Scott’s Alien, were found in the city of Paracas, Peru.

6 UFO Sightings

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If the recently released video by the New York Times and the fact that the Pentagon was using millions of dollars to survey the skies for aliens were not enough, you should probably also take into account the unmeasurable amount of eyewitness UFO sightings.

Don’t get us wrong. We understand that the vast majority of these must have been hoaxes or people seeing things where there was nothing to see. But there were apparently more than 100,000 recorded UFO sightings around the world in the past century. To believe that every single one of those was a lie or someone seeing something that wasn’t there is almost as crazy as saying that all of them were true. Then again, this implies that aliens are coming to visit us before we visit them. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect recipe for disaster for humankind.

5 Why Haven’t We Found Anyone?

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This is the big question nonbelievers pose when discussing the possibility of aliens being out there with someone who does believe. After all, if there were something out there, we would have probably had some concrete proof by now, wouldn’t we?

Fortunately for those who believe, there are several explanations for why we haven’t found anything, even if there is alien life out there. The best explanation here is that there might not be any intelligent life out there right now. Civilizations could have risen and fallen without us even realizing anything. And there is also the fact that for us to meet a new civilization, they would need to be more evolved than we are in order to develop interstellar travel. For example, there could be humans in Andromeda, and we are just not able to communicate with each other because we can’t travel there.

4 Saturn’s Titan

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Saturn’s largest moon, Titan is arguably the most interesting stellar body in our solar system aside from Earth. From the little scientists have been able to tell due to observations and a few flybys, Titan is the closest thing we have in our solar system to a stellar body having a similar atmosphere to Earth. And when we are saying similar, we are being very generous.

Titan is an interesting prospect, but it is fundamentally different from our planet in many ways. The biggest of these just happens to involve the most crucial ingredient for life. Unlike our lakes, the lakes on Titan are made of liquid methane and not water. So even if there is life there, it would be very different from what we see down here.

3 We Are Not Looking At The Right Place

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Back to the question of why haven’t we found anything out there despite our somewhat advanced technology, there is the possibility that we could just be looking in the wrong direction. Yes, this could be happening. The universe is an infinitely large place. Even with our technology today, there is only so much ground (or space) we can cover with signals and radio waves. Not just transmitting, a lot of what our scientists do is listen to see if they can pick up any kind of alien signals. But the scope they can search for is very limited. That being said, it could be possible that the aliens are just pranking us and changing the direction of their signals as soon as they realize we are trying to listen to them. That would be funny, and as far as we know, could be happening.

2 We Have A Big Net In Orbit

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This might not have happened on purpose, but the International Space Station actually became quite the interesting place for discoveries. When it was first thought out, and the countries joined together on this venture, a lot of what they thought to do was bring stuff from Earth and study how it would react in a different environment like space. But the thing is that the space station is in orbit, and it gets hit with a lot of the stuff that disintegrates before making it down to our lower atmosphere. Comet dust, and things like that. According to an article on the Express, when collecting some of these particles of comet dust that got stuck on the windows and the hull of the space station, some of the scientists found that the samples could contain biogenic substances that could prove the existence of life outside of Earth.

1 The Interstellar Asteroid

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We are not quite sure how often interstellar asteroids pass through our solar system or even close to Earth. But one that happened to fly by this year had a lot of people wondering what it could really be. First, there is the odd fact that the asteroid has a cylindrical shape. This is quite unusual for an asteroid, but it is prevalent in our concept of spaceships we would use for interstellar space travel. Yeah, look at the picture of this thing and then compare it to every single sci-fi movie you have ever watched. Does it look like a big rock or a big ship?

This mere fact sparked hundreds of conversations online and perhaps even in the scientific community. You will not find a lack of podcasts and blogs talking about how this is asteroid could be a probe sent from an advanced civilization to survey our solar system, very much in the way we do with our probes. We are just not able to send them out to other stars yet.

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