15Any Change In Weather Can Be Dangerous 

via: abc.net.au

It is no mystery why most self-driving car companies have been operating out of states known for their beautiful weather. On a sunny day, self-driving cars like the one Google is currently developing appear to operate just fine. However, it has yet to be tested during snow and tests during

heavy rains indicated some safety concerns. It is unknown how the car will react to slippery roads or be able to determine lane lines when they are covered in snow. For those fortunate to be in a state with good weather, self-driving cars could be coming soon but not in the way one might think. The city of Tempe, Arizona has been testing out driverless cars through the ride-hailing app Uber. The car can operate driverless but all trips currently include two engineers in the front seat as safety drivers just in case the need for human control arises. At that point, what is even the point of having a self-driving car?

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