15 Real Life Cases That Prove Twins Are Linked Supernaturally

If you know a set of twins, you’ve inevitably asked them whether or not they can read each other’s minds. Or feel pain if the other one does. Maybe you’ve creepily witnessed them speaking in unison, or better yet, communicating with each other from different rooms in the same house. Studies involving twins have been conducted for years, mainly at the Annual Twin Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. The experiments conducted there have led to breakthroughs in genetic marking, diseases, and human development. Some doctors genuinely believe that studying twins holds the key to unlocking medical breakthroughs beyond their wildest dreams. But twins, in general, tend to be followed by the unexplained. Whether it’s leading the same lives having never have met, or even one twin giving birth to another, some genuinely believe that there is more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. Could the paranormal be linked in with twins who suffer from the same type of insanity? Or demons possessing two separate humans. Either way, the thought of doubles can sure send tingles up spines. Here are 15 cases that could prove the link between doubles and the paranormal.

15 Jim Lewis And Jim Springer


Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were put up for adoption in 1940. To begin their weird and strange saga, the name Jim was given to both twins separately by their respective parents. But the parallels do not end there. Both men had childhood dogs named Toy, and were both married twice. First to a woman named Linda, then to a woman named Betty. Their son’s names? James Allan and James Allan. Over time, they both worked for different Sheriffs, serving as their deputy. They smoked and drank the same brands of cigarettes and beer, and even drove the exact same car. The most astonishing part of their tale? The twins didn’t meet until they were 39 years old. Their case is often cited as one of the most unadulterated instances of paranormal activity and telepathy within identical twins.

14 Ashlee Spinks And Andrea Springer


Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Springer were two fraternal, pregnant 21-year-old twins who decided to break the news to each other six months into their pregnancies... They both were having twins. And not only were they both having twins, they were both due on the exact same day. Spinks travelled down to Georgia from Indianapolis for the event, and the twin sisters gave birth to four boys just hours apart from each other. Spinks gave birth to fraternal twins, while Springer gave birth to identical twins. Neither of the sisters used fertility drugs, which is what makes this case so intriguing. In fact, their doctor said that the odds of this phenomenon happening naturally were one in a million. Could a family be cursed with twins? If so, we will have to wait until the four boys are old enough to find out.

13 Some Can Take Dedication ‘To The Grave’


Some can take dedication ‘to the grave'; such is the case of two seventy-two-year-old twins from Finland. The first twin was biking on a fairly busy road when he was suddenly and unexpectedly struck and killed by a large truck. Roughly two hours later, his twin brother was crossing the same street on his bicycle and was, by pure coincidence, hit by a different large truck and killed. The accidents happened within 1.5 kilometres of each other. The lead police officer on the case made sure to note that while the road where they were killed is a busy road, accidents aren’t entirely common. In fact, it is completely unlikely that the second brother even knew of his twin's death, as the doctors hadn’t even alerted the family by the time of the second brother's death. While most twins claim telepathic connection, these twins had such a connection to the dead that the grim reaper decided they would leave this world in the same way they entered… together.

12 Maria Jones-Eliot


Maria Jones-Eliot certainly wins the award for most resilient mother. 23 weeks into her pregnancy with twin girls, her water broke. She was told by doctors that the likelihood of both of her girls surviving, let alone one of them surviving, was incredibly unlikely. “The doctors told me there was very little hope of them surviving as they were so premature,” she told The Mirror. Despite the harrowing birth circumstances, Jones-Eliot’s daughter Amy was born on June 1, 2012. She weighed just over a pound and was four months premature. Miraculously, Kate, Amy’s twin sister, remained in the womb. Allowing her to gestate for three more months, Kate was born healthy and happy on August 26, 2012. This puts an 87-day difference between the twins’ birthdays. Twins born prematurely are already at a huge risk, being that most twins’ systems behave like premature babies’, even if they are carried to full term. Today Kate and Amy are both healthy toddlers. The fact that either of them survived is a miracle… or is it paranormal?

11 Ursula And Sabina Eriksson


The story of Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson is one of the most bone-chilling pieces of evidence that twins are linked to the paranormal. Throughout their whole lives, the twins had never exhibited any history of mental health issues. In fact, both seemed to live happy and normal lives with their families. For no known reason, the sisters were on a bus in Ireland when they were kicked off for disrupting the other passengers. Instead of finding another ride, they began walking down the middle of a busy highway, finally running into a film crew filming a reality show. With everything caught on camera, Ursula threw herself under a moving bus and Sabina plainly allowed herself to be hit by a car. Both sisters survived the accidents and proceeded to attack police officers watching the debacle. However, once detained, Sabina convinced authorities she was completely sane, and they believed her. Letting her go the next day proved to be a mistake, as she went on to murder an innocent man before launching herself from a bridge. But she survived that too. Neither sister had drugs or alcohol in their systems. Therefore, scientists believe that they suffered from a form of temporary insanity, caused by one twin being ‘infected’ by the other. Twins making crazy contagious? Or some paranormal phenomenon?

10 Sanju Bhagat


A man from India, Sanju Bhagat, looked nine months pregnant for most of his adult life. A mass in his stomach had grown so uncomfortably large, he could barely breathe. He became so breathless that he was rushed to the hospital to have the tumor removed in emergency surgery. The doctor operating was prepared to find a mass, instead, once he cut into Bhagat's stomach, gallons of fluid poured out. Dr. Ajay Mehta stated, "To my surprise and horror, I could shake hands with somebody inside," he said. "It was a bit shocking for me." Once inside Bhagat’s stomach, it was clear he had never had a tumor, but instead a mutated body. Bhagat’s twin brother had found a way to live inside him, using his body’s blood to continue to grow. The phenomenon, called 'fetus in fetu' is incredibly rare, and less than 90 cases have been reported. Most times, both twins won’t survive birth, or the ‘parasite twin’ will be removed right after birth. But Bhagat’s twin lived in him for 36 years. Apparently, he had very long fingernails. This is certainly evidence of the paranormal within twins. Literally within twins.

9 Married To My Twin


An ‘unspeakable bond’ is often a common trait given to twins. Most believe it is linked to them feeling the pain of the other, or even being able to communicate without speaking. But in the case of one set of twins, they were inexplicably brought together by a bond almost too strong. A case appeared before the British court in 2008, of a couple who had gotten married only to later find out that they were twins. The two described their relationship as having an “inevitable attraction.” The court eventually annulled their marriage, deeming it illegal due to laws of incest. The identities of their parents and biological past had been kept secret from them. The court viewed it as evidence that children should have more rights in finding out their pasts from adoption agencies, in order to avoid similar situations in the future. The situation is incredibly rare, but also raises question to the twins’ paranormal abilities. Even despite the theory that people are attracted to those similar to themselves, how can a connection be so strong that it draws together two complete strangers who turned out to be twins?

8 Jennifer And June Gibbons


Jennifer and June Gibbons were born to loving parents in Wales. They were strange from early on, becoming what doctors label, ‘selective mutes,’ choosing to only speak to one another in a secret, made-up language. By age 11, they would refuse to be in a room with their parents or other siblings. They would take turns following each other down the street, stopping and freezing if anyone looked at them. They were violent— Jennifer attempting to strangle June with a telephone cord, and June throwing Jennifer off a bridge in an effort to drown her. They were eventually committed to a mental hospital after attempted arson. The twins were brought to the infamous Broadmoor. There they would take turns in disturbing acts, like not breathing until the other one did. One day, one twin would spend indulging in food while the other starved, and vice versa. Nurses sometimes found them frozen on different ends of the hospital… in the same position. This went on for 11 years before they were to be transferred to a lower security facility in Wales. Before leaving, they told a journalist friend of theirs that only one of them would survive the trip. Jennifer said ‘they had decided’ it would be her. Like clockwork, Jennifer arrived at the new facility unresponsive, having died from a lethal inflammation of the heart. Oddly enough, June has gone on to live a fairly normal life after the passing of her twin.

7 Oskar Stohr And Jack Yufe


Some twins state that they feel an undeniable connection to their counterpart no matter where they are in the world. This is how it was for Oskar Stohr and Jack Yufe. When they were just infants, the boys were separated. Their parents, a Jewish Trinidadian father, and a German Catholic mother had given birth to the boys in Spain. Upon splitting, each parent took a twin. Yufe was raised in Jewish culture in Trinidad, and Stohr was raised as a Catholic in Germany, and soon became an avid card-bearing member of the Hitler Youth movement. The boys exchanged letters until they were twenty-one, when they finally met in Germany. Stohr ripped off his brother’s Jewish luggage tags immediately upon his arrival and treated him with such disdain that Yufe left, and the boys wouldn’t see each other again for the next 25 years until they agreed to participate in the Minnesota Twin Study. That is where strange similarities cropped up left and right. They showed up wearing the exact same outfit, they read books from back to front, they flushed toilets before and after use, and wrapped rubber bands around their wrists. The closeness of the twins’ habits could never be explained. Neither could their relationship.

6 Christopher And Andrew Watson


Some twins experience a closeness that might seem strange to outsiders, but to them, feels normal. Such is the case of Christopher and Andrew Watson. The twins had experienced what has been referred to as ‘a bond that transversed consciousness’. It was often said that if Christopher was having trouble at school, Andrew would give him just the right textbook… and vice versa if Andrew was being bullied, Christopher would show up at his side. All without saying a word to one another. Everything intensified when the boys were in a horrific car accident at age 16. They were driving down a country road when a truck hit them head on. Andrew was wearing a seatbelt, Christopher was not, and was subsequently launched from the car, landing twenty feet from the crash site. After a harrowing brain surgery, Christopher was in a coma, while Andrew remained unscathed. When Andrew would visit his brother, Christopher’s vital signs would immediately lower and stabilize. Alternatively, at home Andrew would end up sleeping in the same contorted position as his comatose brother. Sadly Christopher passed away, but their connection is still one of the most interesting cases of twin telepathy.

5 Richard And Damien Powles


Richard and Damien Powles are a perfect example of how twins can not only communicate with their counterpart without direct communication but also literally feel what they are feeling. Richard and Damien signed up for a television show in 2003 to test the abilities between the two. In the experiment, Richard was put in a soundproof room with nothing but a bucket of ice water. Damien, on the other hand, was in a room further away hooked up to a set of polygraph machines. Richard was instructed to put his hands in the bucket of water. Once he did, he drew a sharp intake of breath. All the way in the other room, Damien was recorded as having a similar intake of breath— at the very moment his brother plunged his hands in. Another experiment was run, where Richard was asked to open a cardboard box containing a ‘surprise’. Instead, it contained a rubber snake that scared him. At that exact moment, Damien experienced a rise in his pulse, just as if he had opened the box himself. Spooky.

4 Robert And Stephen Spahalski


Sometimes the pain and mirroring of the other twin can go too far… as is the case of the Spahalski brothers. Identical twins Robert and Stephen Spahalski grew up stealing and going on light crime sprees, always trying to outdo one another. Stephen killed a shop owner “simply because he deserved it” and began his stint in jail. Meanwhile, Robert took a much darker path. He became heavily addicted to cocaine and soon became violent. Robert ended up taking more than just one life, including strangling a prostitute with an electrical cord, and choking his girlfriend to death. Stephen, who had been convicted of manslaughter as a teenager, would later return to jail on a number of charges throughout the years. For a period of time both of the Spahalski twins carried out their sentences in the same jail. When a police officer showed Stephen an article of what his brother had done, he reportedly just said, “ I thought I was the only murderer in the family.” Apparently, bad blood runs strong in these twins.

3 Sunny And Gina Han


While twins oftentimes are super close, that closeness can get to them. With the Han sisters, just that took place. Sunny and Gina Han were identical twins from South Korea who had all of the makings to be successful young women. The two were actually co-valedictorians of their high school in Orange County, California (they had moved there when they were 12). But along the way, something went wrong. The girls experienced money loss, and Sunny was jailed after she stole a friend's credit card and went on a shopping spree. Similarly, Gina stole $40,000 from friends and family, and Sunny actually pressed charges against her for grand theft and burglary. This is when Gina decided that she would kill her sister. In a fit of rage and with the help of two teenage boys, Gina tied her sister to a bathtub in Irvine, California and planned to shoot her. 911 was eventually called and Sunny was saved. But even in court, Gina sobbed and insisted that Sunny was her “flesh and blood”, but it did nothing to convince the jury, who ended up convicting her. Sometimes a sibling bond is not enough to transcend an attempted murder.

2 Twins In Lincolnshire, England


Ever have those days of seeing double? A school in Lincolnshire, England has had more than enough of twins. In fact, the school has beat the previous Guinness Book of World Records record of twelve sets of twins in a school, by having twenty sets of twins in the school back in 2012. Extraordinarily, six sets of identical twins began school at De Aston School in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire that September. The school, which only has 907 students, was astonished with the 40 children that make up its twin population. The odds of something like this happening? 400,000 to one. But even more, the odds of having six sets in one year… 175,000 to one. The school is confused about the occurrence and the teachers, certainly, have trouble telling them apart. Most of the girls choose to wear their hair different from one another, but the teachers have even looked into making them all wear name badges just to be sure to tell them apart. Whatever it is, something fishy is in the water up in Lincolnshire.

1 Terry And Linda Jamison


Terry and Linda Jamison are known worldwide as being two of the most curious twins in our modern day times. They have been touting themselves as “The Psychic Twins” for decades and are the most documented and well-known psychics in history. Have realized their abilities at a young age, Terry and Linda have been performers and entertainers almost their entire lives. They have written numerous books about their conversations with famous people such as Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, and Whitney Houston… all after their deaths. The twins were the only psychics to predict the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. They also predicted the Lufthansa plane crash, the Paris bombings, hurricanes Sandy, Isaac, and Irene, as well as many of the mass shootings in the past ten years. Now they can be found on YouTube as the fastest growing channel of all time, where they give advice, readings, and predictions to famous YouTubers. Any way you look at it, these twins are surely connected to some supernatural force allowing them to see all of our futures.

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