15 Pieces Of Tech Only The Filthy Rich Would Buy

Technology— not only something we need in today’s day and age but also something everyone desperately wants. Every new piece of tech that comes out is advertised in a way that makes each individual believe they absolutely need it in their life.

There are certain types of technology such as, the newest iPhone or Android which everyone strives for and does eventually end up paying for (even though they are extremely expensive). This is not because they don’t already have a phone, or because their current device is defective, but merely because they want the latest gadget in their pocket.

On the other side of the consumer spectrum is also a ton of ridiculously expensive types of technology in the world which people may or may not even know of (probably because they cost too much to realistically advertise to the public). These products are so expensive that even if people did know about them, it's very unlikely the average person would be able to afford them, even after selling their organs. It goes without saying that these products are nowhere near being necessities; this is pure and luxurious opportunity.

Let's take a look at ridiculously expensive pieces of tech that are completely unnecessary, but totally cool to look at.

15 Alpha Fuzion Sauna Body Pod 


The Alpha Fuzion is basically a sauna system which provides a wide range of enjoyable benefits to the individual using it. These aren’t technically beneficial for the body, but can definitely be a guilty pleasure. This piece of technology has many features included such as: dry sauna heat (adjustable up to 180 degrees), vibrating back massage, soft heating system for the back, bed and cushions are stain resistant, natural essential aromas throughout the capsule, built-in stereo system with speakers and headphones, cooling facial air fans, and 12 pre-set programs with one additional custom program. Don't stress over its cost, though, this product will surely relieve whatever pain your bank account feels.

Cost: $15, 995.00

14 Neorest 750H Dual Flush Toilet


There's no need to explain the purpose of this product. You know very well (hopefully) what this is. But it's one unlike any other, that's for sure. This is the Neorest 750H toilet; it uses its UV light to break down any dirt and filth in the bowl. It then rinses it clean with water. It has a heated seat, deodorizer, and warm water sprays to make the user as comfortable as possible during his or her time on the throne. This particular toilet features many things that will enhance one’s bathroom experience. And how much does this luxury accessory cost, you ask? Only several thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, that's the price for a warm bottom, and feeling "cleaner and more alive".

Cost: $10,200

13 Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Speakers


There's nothing quite like listening to great music at deafening volumes— ah, the sound of your eardrums screaming for silence. How about the beautiful sound of car engines roaring as you watch the latest Fast and Furious? Of course you need good quality speakers to get the right experience. You'll want the best of the best. How much does the best cost? Well, that's the tough part. These particular speakers are insanely expensive and their cost varies depending on the color you choose (bronze, silver, or gold).

But why pay a fortune on speakers? Well, this speaker can do what no other speaker is able to do. You'll have to Google the precise specifications, however— for all of you sound aficionados, it does something impressive with the bass and treble and has a special artsy design. But why is it so expensive? It's made of actual GOLD. And there aren't many produced, either. Which makes you filthy rich and super cool if you purchase them. There are 99 pairs in bronze, 5 in sterling silver, and only 1 in 100kg of solid 18k gold.

Cost: Bronze $64,000 - Silver $300,000 - Gold $5 million

12 RJ X Super Mario Bros. Watch


Everyone, knows about the Super Mario video game franchise. Mario was all the hype back in the mid-80s and 90s. Well, now, there’s a Super Mario watch that sells for the same price as a car. The funny thing is, you would guess you can play the game through this watch or something, right? Wrong. For this expensive price, the watch just shows off Mario with a mushroom beside him and a few other game artifacts. This gadget was released in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary. Basically, the game was released back when people actually used watches to tell time. Whereas now they're mostly used for accessories and our phones are essentially our watches, among other things.

Cost: $18,950

11 Racing Simulator


Love racing? Try this realistic racing simulator! While this is obviously a much safer outlet for racing enthusiasts, it costs a ton. This piece of tech weighs 2,100 pounds and is able to hold a driver that weighs up to 300 pounds. This beautiful invention is able to twist and turn as if you are in an actual race car. The two-paddle gear shifters, accelerator, brake, and clutch are all taken from a real race car. It is truly an amazing product for those who have a passion for race car driving; you get the speed and, presumably, the adrenaline rush of racing, minus the danger! And talk about a great gift. Can you say 'best girlfriend/daughter/sister ever'? So hey, if you've got about $200K lying around, this is a great pick.

Cost: $185,000

10 Vizio 120" R-Series 4K TV


Do people even use their TV anymore? There is usually one or two– maybe even a few in each household. However, most people, especially millennials, rely more on their mac/PC for everything including watching the latest The Walking Dead episode. So what is really the point of this Vizio Reference series? Well, there isn't much need to argue that the threat of zombies is just not quite the same on a small screen. So, this particular ultra HD TV fills up the whole wall with beautiful 4K resolution. It is said to show the best picture contrast, color, and 800 nits of brightness. Currently, this is pretty much the best TV money can buy. You've got size, clarity, apps, what else you could ask for in a TV? Forget about having to leave the comfort of your home to go to the movie theater, you've got one in your living room. It only costs more than the average person's annual salary. No big deal.

Cost: $129,999.99

9 MWE Emperor 200 Workstation PC


Would you spend $49K for an independent, comfortable, work station? Think about it, you'll feel like you never left your bed and you'll still be totally productive. It contains all the features you can dream of: touch screen, HEPA air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, even a 360-degree programmable rotating podium. Sounds like a dream, right? Being able to work in such a place could very possibly bring out the most and best work out of each individual. Well, it literally is only a dream for pretty much everyone. The price of this private suite of an office is practically a year’s salary; and for some people not even that. Is this really the price to pay for the most comfortable work station ever? Is it really worth it? Really?

Cost: $49,000

8 Leica M Monochrom (Type 246)


It's no secret that Instagram is extremely popular these days; probably one of the most popular apps today. If you use Instagram, it means you need dreamy pictures; and don't even get us started with the selfie epidemic. Most people will just use their own smart phones, while many bloggers will actually opt for a higher end camera, and it's all in the name of Insta. Now, this specific camera, the Leica M Monochrom (Type 246), not only costs a ridiculous amount for the body alone, but it only shoots black and white pictures; hence the 'monochrome'. This camera is clearly not for everyone, not only because it shoots only in greyscale, but also because of the fact that it costs roughly what the young photographer would pay in tuition for a year. What has the world (or should we say technology) come to? Why does it cost so much to shoot in black and white? We'll stick to our filters, thanks.

Cost: $7,450 (body only)

7 Aero System One iPhone Dock/Speaker


People may only pay a couple hundred dollars for the newest smartphone. But, this iPhone dock/speaker system costs as much as the phone itself (full price, that is). It is described as a powerful sound-system that can adapt all digital formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA, and more. It offers the possibility to connect with laptops, CD players, DVD players, smartphones, hard-disk files and even a vinyl turn table. It has an elegant, slim design, and provides two directional speakers. The question is, do you really need this fancy a dock? The price is described as the ‘most affordable’. While it is not as costly as some of the other gadgets on this list, when you consider the product's main purpose, it's a tad overpriced. Does anyone even still have a functioning vinyl turn table?

Cost: $1,115

6 Kohler’s Numi Toilet


Here we go again with the toilet wonders. Although this toilet is not as pricey as the previous one, it is still an absurd amount to spend on a toilet. The part that's amazing is that it's fully automated, so you never have to actually touch the toilet— with your hands, that is (ha!). With its touch screen remote, you control all its features. From the undeniable heated seat to a heater for your feet, to color-changing lights, to an integrated bidet, and finally to even music. Now, this is a truly wonderful bathroom experience. It even has a motion-activated sensor which allows the cover to open and close without needing any physical application. There's a catch, though. The remote control is separate, with its own insane price point. But hey, it's self-cleaning, which should be a given if someone is paying this much for a toilet, but a great perk nonetheless; cleaning the toilet has got to be the most dreadful part of the Sunday cleaning routine.

Cost: toilet $7.000 - remote $900

5 Exo Gauntlet 2.5

Honestly, this is a waste of time, effort, and hard-earned money. This piece of technology is basically an articulated mechanical gauntlet with a power assist function. What it’s used for? Essentially just to crush things with the push of a button. So, if you ever wanted to feel like the Hulk, this baby will do the trick. Somewhat. It can crush a hard plastic cup or an empty can; without a doubt people have attempted crushing other materials. Could be fun to experiment. It only costs $5K. Or you could opt for its predecessor, the Exo Gauntlet 2.0 at $4,500. Either way, this is one of those gadgets you probably have fun with for about a week, and then toss in a box for it to never be used or seen again.

Cost: $5.200

4 Smart Cloud


This. Is. Awesome. How cool would it be to have in your own bedroom? Okay, maybe not everyone would like this, but it is a crazy concept and deserves praise. This product is a lamp which not only looks like a cloud, but it also lights up and sounds as a cloud would during a thunderstorm. Its sound system mimics the sound of thunder but you can also see lightning effects. It uses a Philips LED light to simulate the visual effects of a real thunderstorm, uses a remote control and bluetooth connectivity to give you the option to play music through your device (basically, it also functions as a real speaker). Now, would you pay over $3000 for a lamp? Fear not, they offer a lamp only version that's only about $1,000. But who would want to pay that much for just the lamp. It's not the same without the sound, right?

Cost: $3,360

3 Luvaglio Laptop


A laptop more expensive than Apple’s macbook? Is that even possible? Well, yes it is. This Luvaglio laptop is one that only millionaires would be able to afford. Literally. What makes it so pricey is that it is encased in a designer fabric, comes with an incorporated screen cleaner, solid-state storage, as well as a blue-ray player. Clearly, many of the features of this particular laptop are common in other laptops as well. The bulk of the cost accounts for the luxurious design and detailing. This is ultimately a luxury product for those who want to show off their laptop. Not so much for the everyday use. Maybe if the performance was somehow enhanced it would do better. Either way, it's pretty to look at, and it's not like people haven't spent their money on less useful products before.

Cost: $1 Million

2 The Skier-Controlled Tow Boat


This is an unmanned water skiing boat that is controlled fully by the skier. So all you water ski lovers, this is the product for you! This boat comes with a six-button control panel which helps the skier control movements while they are skiing. The boat can hold up to six gallons of gas and it'll shut off automatically when the skier lets go of the handle. Don't be fooled by its size, though; it's just as tough as an ordinary boat you would have pull you. It's actually made of fiberglass and molded plastic materials, so go nuts. Like all other upgrading technology, unfortunately, this luxury invention is not for the average folks. As you expected, this boat is priced quite high.

Cost: $17,000

1 U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 


Warning: Millionaires Only. As for the rest, you can look, but don't get your hopes up.

This five person submarine allows you to see the ocean floor, explore ocean life and, if you want, swim with the fishes. Experience of a lifetime, right? Now, are you ready for the heart attack? It’s only for those who can afford to spend $2.7 million on it. Seems like all the fun, cool experiences using technology are worth tons and tons of money. Understandably. This submarine keeps all explorers safe inside and allows conversation using a 3 1/4” thick acrylic pressure sphere; which we know in scuba diving is just not possible. It features two independent life support systems that give you information on depth, temperature, internal pressure, and a host of other necessary data. It's unfortunate that an opportunity like this can only be enjoyed by a few. This would be a very fun and cool experience for many people. Maybe some millionaire can make the crazy purchase and offer rides at a reasonable cost? Any takers out there?

Cost: $2.7 Million

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