15 Pics That Make Us Never Want To Get On A Boat

Boats are amazing. There’s no denying that. They can take us all over the world all while being inside a luxurious, moving hotel. You can see everything from a boat and there’s no better escape and way to see the world. People have their own boats they use for recreation and sport, and you can also rent them when you’re on vacation. Some people use boats to vacation on. These boats can be so big sometimes, they actually have pools of their own on them, even though you could easily swim in the surrounding water. Boats are already amazing, and with tech continuously evolving, we’re excited to see what the future of boats looks like.

Aside from boats being amazing and incredible, there are plenty of reasons why you might never find us on a boat. Whether it’s a terrible boating accident or something scary lurking underneath the water, not everyone feels comfortable being restrained on a boat. Of course, we’re not trying to scare you away from boats, but this list will definitely give you something to think about next time you find yourself cruising around. Most of the time, boats are pretty safe, but there are certainly times that boats can be life-threatening. What do you think is the scariest picture on the list? Do you have any scary boat stories? For now, here are 15 Scary Pictures That Will Make You Never Want To Get On A Boat.

15 Barely Making It Out

Cruises are safe — most of the time. There have been way fewer people who have been injured on a cruise than those who have gone on them and had a great time. Regardless, a photograph like this will definitely keep us from getting on a boat anytime soon. The cruise was fine and everyone on it made it out okay. They were just experiencing some terrible waves in the middle of a storm. That’s what’s so scary about boats. It’s really us versus Mother Nature in a territory we know nothing about! We barely have a grasp on what’s inside the ocean and what potential threats lie deep below. We’ve only discovered a small percentage of the ocean and no one really knows what exactly goes on in dark waters. One thing we know for sure is that the weather can be so nasty and unpredictable, which can be quite detrimental in open waters.

14 Who's Lurking On The Ship? 

A dock worker was exploring an empty ship that was out of commission one day when he snapped this creepy photograph. He was using the flash as a light source when he tried to figure out what was on the boat that was causing so much noise. What he ended up capturing was this disturbing shadowy figure that appears as though it’s holding an ax! As if travelling on a boat wasn’t scary enough knowing all of the elements it has to fight against to stay afloat, now we have to worry about what paranormal threats might be waiting for us if we get on a cruises ship! Some people have stated that it’s likely just a homeless person setting up camp on a boat and carrying around an ax to protect himself from other homeless people who want a warm place to sleep. Either way, we’re not getting on that boat!

13 A Sunken Ship That Looks Like A Giant Fish

Sometimes, when a boat sinks, the only thing to do with it is to leave it there. Cleanup for these ships can be absolutely massive. Also, in the past, before it was easy to record history with the touch of a button, ships went missing at sea and haven’t been found until recently. There are sunken ships all over the world, and this photograph shows one of them. In this case, it appears as though nature has begun to take over the ship and it appears more like a sea creature than anything else. The person swimming next to this boat also helps to scale the size and makes us realize how absolutely massive this shipwreck really is!

12 An Underwater Waterfall 

The photograph above looks like an underwater waterfall, but of course, that’s not what it actually is. We don't live in SpongeBob’s world. This is an ocean cliff and the way the currents go, above water, it really does look as though there was a waterfall right beneath the surface! Although these aren’t dangerous and are really only scary to look at opposed to being inside of, it still makes us scared to get on a boat because it looks like it can swallow us whole! The ocean is so massive and unexplored, that a photograph like this really puts into perspective how deep and terrifying the waters that surround us can be. Would you be able to handle going over an underwater waterfall on a boat?

11 The Underbelly Of An Iceberg

Icebergs are some of the most misleading ocean objects found in the ocean. They sometimes seem like they’re small on top, but you really never know how truly big an iceberg could be until you’re underwater and swimming around it. What you’re looking at in the photograph above is the belly of an iceberg. How is the guy diving next to it not freaking out? Not to mention the water has to be extremely cold for it to be freezing the iceberg like it is! It’s an absolutely massive piece of ice and we really can’t believe that something so huge is just floating around in the ocean out there, waiting to put huge holes in cruise ships floating around the ocean.

10 Don't Rock The Boat

The girls in the photograph above went on an exotic excursion in Bora Bora where they were given the chance to swim with sharks. Although they were in a safe and controlled environment where their lives weren’t completely in danger, who’s to say that their toes or fingers were safe? You can say all you want that these sharks were super friendly and would never hurt a human, but we still can’t help but get a little sick when we look at the sharks swimming around them. What happens when it’s feeding time and they’re a little grumpy? What if one of the people swimming with them is a jerk and decides to annoy or mess with the sharks? These are still wild animals we’re dealing with, and it’s scary to think of what could happen in a situation like this.

9 The Ocean Is Bottomless

Blue holes are basically bottomless pits in the middle of the ocean and sometimes in the middle of the land. If you take your boat over a blue hole, it’s not like you’re going to get sucked inside. Even if you fell off the boat and didn’t really know how to swim, blue holes aren’t more threatening than normal water. What makes this picture make us not want to get on a boat is the fact that we just know so little about the ocean. We can’t even make it to the bottom of a blue hole and explore what might be hiding down there. There are so many mysteries underneath the blue streams that make the idea of going on a boat sometimes scary.

8 Don't Fall Overboard! 

A photograph like this can really put the size of some ocean creatures into perspective. Of course, this whale is made to look a little bit bigger because it’s closer to the camera than the boat is. However, if we had to choose to be someone who falls off the boat or someone who never got on the boat at all, we’d always choose our seats. The ocean is a beautiful place and we would never want to encourage you not to explore it yourself, regardless of how much we’re talking about how scary boats can be. However, you can always enjoy the view from the comfort of your home with a photograph instead of worrying about falling off and getting sucked under by the weight of a massive whale!

7 Not Going To Make It Back Up

The photograph above is a WWII German U-boat being sunk by a submarine. It’s crazy to think that we use boats like these to fight each other with. We have boats attacking boats and all of the remains are just sitting in the bottom of the ocean. Well, not all the remains. Those that do get cleaned up cost taxpayers millions in cleanup fees and it’s not safe to always bring up sunken ships from the bottom of the ocean. A photograph like this is a reminder of how dangerous some boats can be to us and the environment. Boat travel can seriously contaminate the ocean, and that’s pretty scary. This photograph also reminds us how helpless we can be once the ocean starts to take over. There’s really no way you can fight back when your boat is going under like this.

6 They Could Swallow Your Boat In One Bite

Whale watching is an incredible way to see a large creature you can only get a glimpse of in the ocean. The best way to do it is by using a boat so you can get as close as possible to the whales. The small boat next to the whales like this is probably the last way we’d want to get a view of these beasts! Imagine if they were any closer and started splashing around next to the boat! There’s no way that you’d stand a chance on a small boat like that next to these huge sea creatures. If we got the chance to see some whales, we might jump on the opportunity, but it most likely wouldn't be on a dinky little boat like this one. The land is probably still the best and safest option when getting close to a creature like these.

5 Scary View

The photograph above is the last thing you’d ever want to see while on a boat. Once you see an image like this, there is really no coming back. The ocean can really swallow a boat like a tasty snack with no way of ever spitting it back out. There are a lot of terrifying sights out in the world and we love to include them on The Richest. This is definitely one of the most chilling pictures we’ve seen, however. It’s so anxiety-inducing and the angle really makes us feel like we’re on the boat staring into the mouth of the ocean. Hopefully, none of us ever have to see that!

4 Paddle Faster!

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like sitting on a boat relaxing to the sound of the water around you. That’s true until you realize that the water is making noise because you’re being stalked by a shark! The picture above is absolutely heart-stopping. Everything looks peaceful and serene, the shark stalking closely behind really ruins it. Even though there aren’t as many reported deaths by sharks as you’d think, it’s still terrifying to find yourself so close to one in the water with so little protection around you. A photograph like this is certainly anxiety-inducing and is definitely enough to keep us off a boat!

3 Shipwrecks

The Costa Concordia was a cruise ship that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea killing over thirty people. There are still some people who might have died on the ship not accounted for as they were never marked as being on the ship. Seeing a picture of a boat like this is absolutely horrifying. You would think that something so big would be able to stay afloat no matter what the circumstances. Unfortunately, it ended up sinking and tipping over after it hit a rock close to the coast. It went off track a little bit and the captain ducked out early, causing the boat to crash. The captain ended up serving a prison sentence for manslaughter since it was his negligence that caused those people to lose their lives when they were just seeking out a relaxing vacation on a cruise ship.

2 The Cruise Is Over

This is yet another photograph of the Costa Concordia. We included another picture because it’s such a terrifying example of what can happen to a cruise ship gone wrong. If you were alone in the ocean and this thing pulled up next to you, you’d probably lose it. This ship is so massive that even the largest sea creature, that we know of at least, doesn’t compare. And still, somehow, this massive boat can sink just by hitting a rock! Most of the people on the boat survived, but the lives that were lost are reminders of the true horror of the sea. Boats are incredible and amazing manmade creations that allow us to travel the world. However, they’re also absolutely terrifying if something goes wrong, and a picture like this will keep us far from one for the time being.

1 You Never Know When You're Going To Run Into One Of These... And What Might Be Inside

One of the most important purposes of boats is to transport cargo from country to country. Although we have faster and safer ways to transport certain things, boats are still a cost-efficient way to ship cargo boxes like the one floating above. The thing is, these cargo boxes get dumped into the ocean more often than we’d like to imagine. Sometimes, the entire boat might sink and lose its cargo boxes. Other times, perhaps, it gets lost in transporting them or the cargo falls off the boat in a bad storm. Either way, running into one of these in the middle of the ocean can be horrifying. You never know what might be inside.

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