15 Photos Of The Strangest Objects Found On Mars So Far

Where would we be in this world without all of the alien hunters who spend their time digging through the images produced by the Mars rovers in the dark hours of the night, to tell us about the possib

Where would we be in this world without all of the alien hunters who spend their time digging through the images produced by the Mars rovers in the dark hours of the night, to tell us about the possibility that aliens are living on Mars? Indeed, it would feel like a piece of the Internet was missing without all of the viral stories of crazy Mars finds. We won’t spoil the fun, but these alien hunters mean serious business and while the scientific world dismisses many of these objects as mere rocks, conspiracy theorists believe there is much more to the story. One such theory is that NASA may actually be covering up an entire alien civilization! Not only do scientists insist these are just rocks, however, but they also believe that many of these alien hunters are simply exhibiting a classic case of the psychological phenomenon “pareidolia”, which causes people to see faces in various objects.

In support of the alien hunters out there, we have wrangled up some of their best finds for your amusement. Are you an alien hunter at heart or do you side with the scientists who think that these images are just rocks?

15 The Classic "Face on Mars"

You knew we were going to discuss the "Face on Mars" that shocked the world back in 1976. It's a classic at this point, so how could we not? Indeed, it became so famous that it has now made its way into television, movies and books. This was an interesting one because it wasn’t initially dismissed by all scientists like many others on this list. In fact, it was thought, by a few at least, that the Face on Mars could potentially be an alien relic. Although NASA was pretty quick to state that the face was created by shadows and light, the public continued to say that it was from an alien civilization. In 1998, more detailed images were taken of the Face on Mars and it was confirmed for a second time that it was just an optical illusion.

14 "Marshenge"


Hailed as “Marshenge,” alien hunters tracked down a series of stones that were arranged in a circle just like the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Of course, the alien hunters went wild with the speculation that the rocks could have been arranged by aliens or that Stonehenge could have possibly been built by aliens here on Earth! However, experts have chimed in on the matter, claiming that rocks can form in circles due to natural processes. Nigel Watson who authored UFO Investigations Manual, provided more detail on these “natural processes,” saying, “At present it is a huge leap of the imagination to compare Marshenge with the likes of Stonehenge, for example, we do not know the scale of these objects or what they look like in any detail. Up close they could prove to be random stones cast up by marsquakes - the equivalent of earthquakes - in its distant past.” It’s a cool idea, at least...

13 A Spoon (And Other Cutlery)


Out of all the things we are going to bring attention to today, the “floating” spoon, believed to be about 10cm long, has to be the most random. It might also give further credibility to the idea that tiny Martian women are, indeed, living on Mars (more on that to come) and that they eat from spoons. And, just as a floating spoon on Mars would, it blew up the Internet. While experts claim that this is just a rock formation created by the strong Martian winds, alien hunters and conspiracy theorists believe that there is more to the story. NASA is firm, saying, "There is no spoon. This weird Mars feature is likely a ventifact — a rock shaped by wind." To add further speculation to the story, the spoon was soon followed up with additional images of cutlery, including an additional spoon, a cheese grater and a pair of chopsticks!

12 A "Perfect" Pyramid

An image of pyramid on Mars, taken on May 7, 2015, has been spotted. While the majority of people out there think that this is simply a rock that happens to be shaped like a pyramid, alien conspiracists believe that it could be a sign of an ancient civilization. The YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible, disagrees, saying its "near perfect design and shape" means that the pyramid is "the result of intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow."

The Huffington Post did a little further research and actually reached out to NASA. NASA’s response was that “It is probably a volcanic rock (like most rocks that we’ve seen with rovers on Mars), and just like many volcanic rocks on the Earth, many volcanic rocks on Mars break and cleave in very sharp, angular ways. This one happens to have cleaved into a pyramidal shape, which is actually not too uncommon among hard, dense volcanic rocks on the Earth either.” The keyword here, of course, is “probably.” Keep in mind that NASA believes this "pyramid" to be the size of a pop can.

11 An Alien Skull (Perhaps Bigfoot)

via:Sky Valley Chronicle

One of the more recent objects to emerge from NASA’s images of Mars as of June 2016 (via The Curiosity Rover) is what alien hunters have called an “alien skull.” But this is no ordinary alien skull - this one looks like Bigfoot. This observation comes yet again from the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible. Under their video, they wrote, “Strange artifact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature, could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?” While NSA has yet to comment on these images (no surprise there), what do you make of them? Do you think that the channel is looking to get a few extra hits with another clickbait type of title, or do you think it is possible that there is alien life on Mars?

10 Barack Obama's Face


This one is slightly old news, but we had to include it just for a laugh. Barack Obama’s  head - really? Indeed, UFO experts zoomed in on a rock that appears to look, strangely, like Barack Obama. This image came from NASA’s Spirit Rover, which has been stuck on Mars as of 2009 and has been inactive since 2010 (RIP). The image is from 2005 and it is thought that the rock could be part of a statue. Yet again, this rock/statue was originally found by Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Blog. He said that “From the way it’s standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down.” However, another alien hunter then took the image and “cleaned” it up in a computer program (a.k.a. digitally altered it), claiming to have found Obama’s face.

9 A Scorpion

While we will discuss more of the mammals, insects and crustaceans to appear on Mars later on, everyone loves a good scorpion, so we thought we would focus on this one specifically. In the image, the scorpion is sitting on top of a large rock. Again, this one is believed by the experts to just be a rock with the tail simply a result of the camera pixelating.

In this same image, Scott Waring, the famous alien hunter, pointed out what he has called “huts.” He believes that Martian women (such as the famous “dark lady” that was found on Mars) live in them. He believes that we have simply all been brainwashed by the government and that “we have been programed by them to think they are correct.” What do you think - do you side with Waring on this one?

8 A Jelly Donut

via:JPL - NASA

Everyone loves a good jelly donut - even Martians, apparently! Whoever spotted this one must have been particularly hungry. This image not only went viral but it was also controversial. It was reported that someone was so upset that NASA had allowed red fungus to grow on Mars that they filed a lawsuit against them!

The jelly donut-like rock was caught by the Mars rover Opportunity. This one was particularly interesting, however, because it also had a red tinge to it in the center, just like a jelly donut. It caused a stir after the rock mysteriously appeared in a photo after it had been revealed that the exact same rock wasn’t in the same image taken four days earlier. A lot of people went wild with speculation, as you can imagine, before NASA finally admitted that one of the wheels from the Opportunity rover simply kicked it up.

7 Star Destroyer From Star Wars


When conspiracy theorists reported that they saw the Star Destroyer from Star Wars on Mars in 2015, it finally prompted someone from NASA to actually respond - finally! Normally, they stay mum on the topic, further adding to the speculation that NASA may actually be trying to cover up some kind of alien civilization on Mars. However, according to one of the scientists who works on the Mars Curiosity project, “One of the best things we found is that Mars could support life, (but) if anything we think it's microbial life that's possible at this time.” Scientists have spoken out about why people tend to see objects on Mars. In short, it is thought to be due to a mind trick, although it is scientifically referred to as pareidolia. Pareidolia causes people to see familiar things such as faces in strange places. It is quite common in humans because it allows people to recognize faces in a crowd; it is also thought to have an evolutionary basis because it allowed early humans to pick up on various threats in their environment, which ultimately helped them to evolve.

6 A Lot Of Dinosaur-Related Objects

via:The Inquisitr

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The alien hunters have uncovered a lot of dinosaur-related images from the rover over the years, including a dinosaur skull, a dinosaur bone, a dinosaur spine and even a dinosaur egg! The most recent dinosaur-related image to surface was a fossilized skull, which went viral. This was provided by the YouTube Channel The Paranormal Crucible, who didn’t just point out the skull but also identified teeth and a nasal cavity in the image. That said, they also said the “skull” bears similarity to a wild horse (but, because dinos are much cooler, we will go with that). While this YouTube channel has said that they have manipulated NASA’s images in the past by drawing faces on them, they said they didn’t touch this image. "I have not added anything to this image apart from colourisation, it’s all there in the raw image, amazing." What do you think? Do you see teeth in this image?

5 A Zoo

via:Pics about space

Over the years, alien hunters have caught a lot of Martian animals on Mars on different occasions. An iguana, a squirrel, a rat, a bear and rabbits are just a few of the animals that have been spotted. The most recent animal (or crustacean) was a crab, brought to our attention by the YouTube channel Mars Alive. This one was particularly interesting because it was spotted in video footage as opposed to a static image. In the video, the “crab-like creature” is eaten by a bug. Again, the footage was taken by the Curiosity Rover when it was drilling to the Martian earth for samples. The famous UFO hunter Scott Waring, also agrees that it points to alien life, saying, "To top it off, the small creature walks just a little way, before something even bigger stretches out from below a rock and snags it.” Other people, however, have suggested it was just the drill that caused rocks to move. What do you think?

4 A Secret Martian City

In June of 2016, Scott Waring claimed that NASA was covering up evidence of an ancient city on Mars. He said that they specifically made the image “thumbnail” size, preventing people from actually being able to see the picture properly. The photo was also black and white. Waring said, "NASA had to release the photo to the public to says 'we didn't hide it, we released it to the public” and that “This way they won't get caught for hiding evidence later. But we know that trick, and we are onto them.” Now that we have your interest, let’s discuss the image in question. It reportedly has buildings with windows and doors “along the ridge of a hillside” which Waring found after he enlarged the picture. Waring added that "For those who don't understand digital sizes, this thing is so small that it could be an app icon on your cell phone. Fingernail size..." That said, Waring also admitted that the picture could have been pixelated rocks. What do you think?

3 A Dark Lady With Ample Bosom


A dark lady was spotted looking out onto the surface of Mars, an image that sent social media buzzing in the summer of 2015. How do we know this is a lady and not a man, you ask? Well, she has breasts, for one. You can also see long hair. She is a very tiny woman, however, only between 8 and 10 cm tall or the equivalent of a vodka shot. UFO Sightings Daily said that he cannot tell if it is statute or a living being (yes, we’re not kidding). According to Waring, “a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being.” Waring also believes that the lady is watching The Mars Rover from a distance. An astronomer from SETI has commented on the picture, squashing everyone’s dreams, and saying it is simply a rock. “The fact that so many people are adept at playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with rover photos is a testament to our brain’s ability to pick out creatures in the visual landscape.” However, he said, “it’s a poor strategy in the hunt for extraterrestrial life.”

2 Aliens

Conspiracy theorists have found quite a few pieces of evidence that suggest aliens could already be on Mars, even if NASA isn’t admitting it. One such example is an alien skeleton that they found, which even bears a striking resemblance to the stereotypical “little green men.” Next, a viral video surfaced in June 2016 that even had what looked to be a humanoid type of alien poking out from behind a rock! This one came from Paranormal Crucible, who have been criticized for manipulating images in the past. This time, however, that wasn’t the case. "I have colorized the image and added eyes to the head so it’s easier to see, but everything is there in the original image, whatever it is it looks humanoid, reminds me of the Atacama Alien, about the same size too, this one is around 6 inches." Scott Warling of UFO Sightings Daily blog believes that these creatures are actually still living on Mars, but just in low numbers.

1 Methane Gas: The First Hint At Alien Life

via:Energy Routes

While methane gas isn’t an object, this is a particularly striking discovery, thanks once again to the Curiosity rover. Curiosity was actually the very first robotic rover to be able to drill into the Martian landscape, which led it to water. This was a hallmark discovery because it suggested that Mars could support life, at least in the ancient past. Most recently, however, Curiosity has also found “burps” of methane gas on Mars as well! Methane gas is significant because it is produced as a waste by living things. NASA said that “We don’t want to eliminate anything, and potentially it could indicate life or evidence of ancient methane trapped which could show ancient life.” With more tests, it will actually be possible to tell whether the methane gas came from a biological organism. While methane gas also comes from asteroid strikes, no signs of such an event have been reported.


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15 Photos Of The Strangest Objects Found On Mars So Far