15 Mysterious Things Found Buried Underground

Earth is an incredible place. There are so many things that we still have yet to learn about this place that we call home and so many more discoveries are yet to be made. A lot can be learned from doing a little digging. For example, we would have never known about dinosaurs had archaeologists not dug up their bones, and the same can be said about many other fossilized things, such as plants and organisms. Things can be well-preserved when they are frozen in ice, or buried deep beneath the earth. Sometimes we discover some very strange and intriguing things completely by accident. We could be gardening in our own backyards, or we could be digging for buried treasure.

Whatever the case may be, when we come across certain things, like skeletons or weird mummified creatures, it can be pretty horrifying and strange. In this article, we will show you 15 things that were found buried underground and how they were discovered. Some of these pictures could be considered scary and are not for the faint of heart, but if you are someone who finds the thought of discovering a variety of mysterious things underground intriguing, then this article is for you. So sit back and enjoy this list, but try not to get too freaked out.


15 Eerie Claw Of An Upland Moa

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In 1986, archaeologists were digging deep inside a cave when they came across something so big and scary looking that they were worried what it might have belonged to, so they took it back to their lab for further examination. They found a strange enormous claw, and they couldn't identify the animal at all. This is where they discovered that the claw belonged to an ancient historic bird known as the Upland Moa. The claw was relatively well-preserved for having been buried in a cave for such a long period. Judging by the size of this claw, that was one huge and frightening bird that we are glad is extinct. That claw looks like something straight out of a horror movie and, we can only imagine how scary the rest of the animal was. Could you imagine if that thing was still alive today? Judging by the looks of it, it would probably strong enough to pick up humans with those horrifying claws, and who knows what the thing ate.

14 Creepy Headless Vikings

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In England, some railroad workers were digging to put in some new railroad tracks when they uncovered dozens of skeletons, all of which had been beheaded. The workers were of course freaked out by this and called for someone to come get them. Some archaeologists took the bones and began to examine them one by one. Upon examination, all the cuts appeared to be clean and from the front of the body. So their original thought – that this had happened as a result of war or some other conflict – was wrong. They discovered that the skeletons belonged to some vikings, but no one ever found out what happened to them or how their bodies got there. This is definitely creepy. Could you imagine just casually coming across dozens of beheaded bodies? Talk about scary. We can't help but wonder what horrible situation resulted in such a scene.

13 Inexplicable Skull On A Stick

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This next one is not for the faint of heart. We are unsure exactly of when this next one was found, but we do know that it took place in Sweden when archaeologists were digging in what was a dried up lake, like they usually do, and they came across a bunch of skulls. Seems pretty typical, right? Well, these were no ordinary skulls that they came across. Each skull that they found was impaled on a stake. The skulls were dated back to eight thousand years ago, but they were unable to make sense of why there were only skulls there, and more importantly, why there were impaled. This is one that will always remain a mystery and it is something that is sure to freak anyone out. Can you imagine how horrified the archaeologists must have been? Sometimes, digging things up brings about more questions than answers.

12 The Terrifying Grauballe Man

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In the UK, a group of researchers were doing some digging when they uncovered a mummified body. This body was so intact when they found it that it still had fingernails, toenails, and even its hair. The researchers who discovered the body believe it to be a human sacrifice. This is because his neck was dressed with large wound wrapping and for the area that he was found in, it was not that uncommon. We have since learned that back then people thought that human sacrifices were necessary in order to get a good harvest that year. Looking at that theory now, one might think, “How on earth could anyone give up their own life so easily like that?” However, at this time, they thought that if they did not sacrifice themselves or another human being then they would not be provided with the proper amount of food. We can only imagine how scared the researchers must have been stumbling upon this.

11 The Strange And Eerie Mexico Fairy

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This next find is definitely creepy, and it left a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what the heck it really was. In Mexico, someone had come across what looked like maybe it could have been the skeleton of an infant, but upon closer examination they realized that it was much more strange than that. The skeleton was only six inches in length and all of its bones were identical to a human, except for one little thing. The skeleton had what appeared to be wings. This is where it got its nickname: The Mexican Fairy. Scientists who examined this “fairy” did indeed confirm with an X-ray that they have an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child, but the bones were all hollow like those of a bird. This puzzled scientists, and they still do not know to this day what it actually was, making this story that much more creepy.

10 Three Fingered, Big Toed, Mystery

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Upon first look, this may just look like a very old curled up skeleton, but if you thought that then you would be wrong. Take a closer look, because this is no average skeleton. It actually only has three toes on each foot, which are oddly large and three fingers on each hand. It was mummified, but it has been confirmed by scientists that it was not human. So, what is this mummified corpse? It seems as though no one will ever really get the answer to that question, but some people claim that it is an alien. Obviously that claim is unfounded, but it is the only theory out there for this creature at the moment. Now that you know the story behind this corpse you are probably just as freaked out as we were when we discovered the very odd truth behind this mysterious thing. It is amazing how there is still so much that we do not know when it comes to different species.

9 Mysterious Mastodon Vertebrae

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Two little boys who lived in Detroit were trying to build a dam in a body of water close to their homes when they saw what they thought looked like a really cool rock. The boys picked the “rock” up and rushed it home to show their parents what they had found, but the parents weren't so sure that it was actually a rock. Their parents were sure that this was actually a bone of some type that they had found, so they took it to some archaeologists to get answers as to what their boys had found. When the archaeologists got back to them they learned that it was indeed a bone dated back about thirteen thousand years ago, and that it was a Mastodon’s vertebrae. The news of this sounded cool to both the boys and their parents, but the parents were still a little freaked out that their boys were holding an old bone.


8 Remains Of A Terrifying Attack

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In 2010, there was a group of researchers in Spain who were examining an area that had not been examined before when they stumbled across a grizzly scene. After doing a little digging they found the remains of an entire family: the mom, the dad, and their two children. At first the researchers were unsure of what had happened to this family, but upon closer inspection they found a bunch of markings on the bones that gave them the answer that they had been looking for. It turns out that evidence suggested that the family had been consumed, and the tooth marks resembled those of a human. Therefore, this led to the assumption that this family was a victim of a cann*balistic attack. This definitely freaked the researchers out, and of course when we learned about it we were pretty freaked out too. Cannibalism is something you see in the movies, but you never expect it to actually happen in real life.

7 Creepy Fireplace Findings

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A man named David Martin was cleaning out a fireplace in his home in Surrey England when he made a very strange discovery. It started out with him seeing something that looked red, and so he dug it up. To his surprise, he actually found a bird’s foot attached to the red container that he had spotted. Upon opening the container out of sheer curiosity he discovered a rolled up piece of paper that had some sort of encrypted message on it. It is believed that the bird was making its way behind enemy lines Surrey, which was Britain's decryption center during WWII. The bird never made it, however. It landed in David’s chimney, where it stayed for 70 years until David found it while cleaning it out during a restoration project. It is still unclear to this day what was said in the note, but one thing is for sure. This was definitely one very creepy find.

6 The Mystery Of Ten Million Dollars Worth Of Coins

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A couple from Sierra Nevada, California were walking along their property with their dog and a metal detector when they stumbled across a metal canister buried slightly under the ground. They carefully opened the canister and discovered that it contained very well-preserved $20 coins from 1890s. The couple then continued to dig, and they managed to find a total of eight more canisters. All of the coins they found had a total face value of $27,980, and they were actually worth over ten million dollars. Talk about a great find. I am pretty sure that this is the dream of every person who uses a metal detector. This couple lucked out big time. That is the kind of thing that people dream about coming across to solve any and all financial issues that they have ever had. Hopefully they were able to make good use of their newfound fortune. However, we are still wondering why all that money was buried there.

5 Eerie Church Bells

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In 2013, a man from the Czech Republic was digging up his back yard to lay down some new piping when he ran into two very large metal objects. After removing the objects from the ground and cleaning them up, he realized that they were a pair of old church bells. After having them examined, the man had learned that the church bells were about 400 years old and that they had actually been stolen from a nearby church. Apparently, the man who had stolen them had buried them, thinking that he could retrieve them after the coast was clear. The man never did make it back to uncover the church bells, and they were forgotten about until this guy dug them up in his backyard. That is a pretty unexpected find that could freak some people out, because church bells being buried in your backyard cannot be a good sign.

4 Horrifying WWII Bombs

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Apparently, there are thousands of homes in Orlando, Florida that were built on top of an old WWII bombing range. There was supposed to be a cleaning crew to take care of all the bombs, but it has been said that there were so many bombs and rockets that many got left behind. One day, while people were digging to put in a new house, they were shocked when they came across an old bomb. Scared of what could happen, they called their local authorities, who then had the right people come and safely remove it. It is said that there are still thousands of bombs and rockets under Orlando that have yet to be uncovered and it really calls into question the safety of that community, and why anyone would build somewhere before the field was totally cleared. This is definitely something that would make me pack up and move in a heartbeat.

3 Mysteriously Buried Dino 246 GTS Ferrari

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This next find is probably the biggest mystery of all, but it was definitely a very cool find. One day in 1978, two boys were digging in a yard for fun when they came across something that seemed suspicious. The boys then continued the dig until they realized what it was that they were looking at: A Dino 245 GTS Ferrari. Apparently the car had been stolen a long time ago and the thieves were thought to have been insurance scammers. They were supposed to burn the car and collect on the insurance, but instead they decided that the car was just too precious to burn. They then decided to bury it until it was safe to uncover it, but for reasons that we may never know, they never did make it back to take the car. This is a crazy find; I mean, could you imagine finding a vintage sports car buried in your backyard?

2 A Mountain Of Loaded Guns

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This next find has nothing to do with corpses or odd animals like most of the other things on our list do, but this is still just as weird. A man who has remained anonymous was digging out an area of his yard to make a pond when he came across a large bag about 3 feet down. Intrigued by the bag, the man continued to dig until the entire bag was exposed. He then took the bag out and opened it. Much to his surprise, it was filled with dozens of loaded guns. These were not just handguns either, but rather very powerful automatic guns, all of which were loaded. The man immediately called the cops who came and confiscated the guns, but not before roping off the section of yard that he had been digging in so that they could further investigate the find. It turns out that the original owner of the guns is dead, but we are unsure as to why the guns were buried.


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In May of 2013, a 39-year-old man in the Czech Republic decided that he wanted to dig some pesky tree stumps up and out of his yard, when he came across something very frightening. Buried underground, in this man’s backyard, was hundreds of TNT explosives and hand grenades. They were said to be from WWII, but that does not make the find any less scary. The man called his local authorities, and they came in with the bomb squad and had all the explosives safely removed without any of them detonating, which they very well could have. This man is very lucky that nothing happened to him while he was digging, because one wrong move could have very easily ended his life and possibly many others. How was he to know that there hundreds of live explosives under his backyard? I guess that luck was just really on his side that day.


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